Monday Blues: Spring ’16, Week 12

Big Order - 1006

It’s the beginning of the end. Three shows come to a close this week, and as a cherry on top, there’s no new episode of Endride to cover. That’s perfectly fine with me. That just means I have less terrible anime to watch.

Big Order Ep. 10 (Finale)

Big Order - 1004

As you’ll recall, Sena is the one truly responsible for the Great Destruction. She wanted to dominate the world and turn it into a reality where her family could be together forever. But she couldn’t control her power, and the rest is history. Well, not really. They keep saying that a lot of people died, and the world was destroyed, but the anime never really shows us any of this. In fact, society seems to be functioning in pretty much the same way that it does now. Oh well. In comes the gallant oniichan. Not wanting his dear imouto to bear the guilt of destroying the world, he took not only Sena’s powers, but her sins and memories as well. Isn’t that just dandy? Anime oniichans are practically saints. They can do no wrong (except fucking their step-sisters), and they will go to any lengths to protect their imoutos. Well, most of them. Hundred will show us the other side of the coin, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Anyways, Sena no longer wants to trouble her brother, and that’s why she’s cooperating with Gennai. By opening the gate to the mental world, everyone will be able to create their own happy, little world or something. We’ve discussed this last week, so I don’t need to get into it again. Needless to say, Eiji doesn’t want any part of this, but she “rejects” him and he gets thrown over the edge. Game over? Nope. Rin shows up and gives our hero a pep talk. She also kisses him, and this fill him with great determination! With their Orders combined, they’re ready to fight Gennai and his henchmen head-on. At this point, the episode literally loses all color. Seriously, everything is suddenly in black and white due to the gate opening up or something. At least, I think that’s the reason, but it wouldn’t surprised me if Asread just said fuck it and stopped trying.

I don’t want to recap the final battle, because it isn’t very interesting. Just know that Eiji and Rin manage to overcome their foes together, and now it’s Gennai’s turn to be thrown over the edge. Even in his final moments, however, he smiles and hopes that Eiji can make his sister happy. Uh, okay. But oh no, the gate has been opened, and here comes the god of the mental world! No, you didn’t read that wrong. A hand reaches out from the gate, and you disintegrate if you come into contact with it. This same hand now threatens to destroy the physical world! Suddenly, Eiji remembers something Daisy had told him in the very first episode: she’s sealed away most of his power, so he currently only has access to a minuscule fraction! So at his request, Daisy unlocks the rest of his potential. He then sets about dominating even the god of the mental world. Wow. Such power. And with it, he creates a world in which his sister can be happy. The gate is closed, the god of the mental world disappears, the world is remade, and… well, I assume Sena’s terminal illness has been cured. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be much of a happy ending.

I assume Gennai is still dead. I assume, in fact, their mom is dead as well along with Sena’s actual father. Before the whole Great Destruction brouhaha, she had included her parents in her wish, but things are different now. Yes, the true perfect world for Sena is one where she can fuck her stepbrother with impunity. I get your drift, anime. Also, it’s the girl’s birthday. Her 14th birthday. So when you saw her naked in a previous episode, you were looking at a naked 13-year-old girl. Don’t ever change, anime. Last but not least, I hear that the manga is still ongoing. With this ending, however, you can thank your lucky stars that we won’t see another adaptation. See? Someone out there does care about us. Sayonara, Big Order.

Big Order - 1001Big Order - 1002Big Order - 1003Big Order - 1005

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd Season Ep. 12 (Finale)

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd Season - 1205

The second season just kinda ends. Nothing major is really resolved. The oh-so-powerful Orphelia barely even makes an appearance in this week’s episode. Julis fills Ayato in on the details regarding her former BFF, but at the moment, they need to take down Gustave. Who’s Gustave? Oh, it’s that old man we’ve only just met in last week’s episode. Nevertheless, he’s the final encounter in this sorry and utterly forgettable second season. Ayato and his girls hatch a plan to take the old man down, but he spawns a hydra to lay waste to Julis’s tiny country. Like the mythological creature that it is based upon, the hydra’s many heads can regenerate themselves no matter how many times Ayato cuts them off. In the end, however, Ayato distracts the beast long enough for Julis to destroy it once and for all. Elsewhere, Kirin (by the way, she’s also a 13-year-old girl) knocks Gustave out in one quick move. Yawn. So much for exciting finales.

It turns out Claudia’s parents are responsible for this whole incident, but I don’t really care anymore. I don’t think I ever had a reason to care. Near the end of the episode, the Chairman claims that he’s finally located Ayato’s sister, which we know is a lie. Then Ayato meets Magnum Opus, the evil, cackling scientist responsible for Orphelia’s current state. She says she can cure his sister, but she’ll obviously want something in return. Ayato knows she can’t be trusted, but he can’t resist. After all, he’s gotta save his onee-chan. This obsession with sisters in anime is ridiculous. All of this happens in quick succession, by the way. This leads me to think A-1 Pictures didn’t plan out this second season whatsoever.

Much like Big Order, the show’s pacing is haphazard. On the other hand, the door is still left wide open for a potential sequel. After all, there’s still that big Festa to compete in. Not only that, our hero has potentially made a deal with the devil just to save his sister. How will Julis react when she finds out? But more importantly, is there anyone left in the audience to care? Has the second season done well enough to justify a third season? Again, it really feels as though A-1 Pictures stopped caring midway through this adaptation. The first season at least ended with a big fight against a powerful opponent, necessitating our hero to evolve his fighting ability in order to survive. In this one, Ayato goes off to some foreign country, gets his ass kicked by Orphelia, then kills a hydra. Meh. His evolution actually occurred weeks ago, so there’s not even that. Needless to say, I won’t lose any sleep if A-1 Pictures calls it quits here.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd Season - 1201Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd Season - 1202Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd Season - 1203Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd Season - 1204

Hundred Ep. 12 (Finale)

Hundred - 1204

In the end, Vitaly is nothing more than a scorned lover. Her attack on Little Garden is just an attempt to get back at Judai. But like most villains, he’s always one step ahead of the game. Thanks to all that crappy singing, Liza has awaken. As such, she shields her brother from Vitaly’s bullets. Judai fires one shot in return, and the evil villainess is down for the count. Very exciting. Nevertheless, Vitaly’s Replicants, i.e. the core-less Savages, are still on a rampage. Not only that, they’ve been designed to emit some sort of sound wave that disables our Slayers. Oh no, what are we to do?! Yep, more crappy singing. Drown out the terrible noise with terrible J-POP. That’s a strategy straight from Liza herself. She starts teleporting around Little Garden as a naked, shimmering loli. First, she kisses Karen’s forehead, which somehow cures the girl’s worthless legs but only temporarily. I mean, you can’t have a moe wheelchair-bound imouto if you give the girl her legs back. She and Sakura start singing, which enables the Slayers to fight again. They start defeating the Replicants one-by-one. A big one, however, manages to survive, and threatens to kill Krovanh, thereby causing Nesat to go berserk. If you can’t recognize these names, I don’t blame you. Anyways, you just have to kill Nesat to end this threat, right? Not under Hayato’s watch! No cute girl dies if the harem lead has anything to say about it. Liza kisses him directly on the lips, and with an empowered libido, his message of friendship manages to reach Nesat. All’s well that ends well.

And yeah, the series is over. Judai is still out there, planning something nefarious. He’s one of those evil oniichans that you see from time to time. Also, the world is still under attack from Savages. But I’m not even sure Hundred has an ending, so we may as well stop here. And in typical harem fashion, Emilia’s secret is revealed to the rest of the world, so the last thing we see is the tsundere Claire pulling out her BFG in retaliation.

P.S. They should call the sequel Two Hundred. Man, I am so clever.

Hundred - 1201Hundred - 1202Hundred - 1203Hundred - 1205

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta. Ep. 11

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta. - 1101

Unlike the previous three shows, we still have another episode of this wonderful anime to watch. So with the mercenary guild’s help, the Alley Cats manage to capture a fort. Sorta. The mercenary guild neither needed nor wanted any help whatsoever in this conquest. So instead, they merely used the Alley Cats as decoys. So yeah, our heroes get to take over the fort, and raise their flag, but nobody’s happy about it. After all, they didn’t really earn it. Fortunately, the victory is short-lived anyways, because the mercenary guild quickly dissolves the alliance. The leader of the mercenary guild then proceeds to PK every single member of the Alley Cats. If you play any MMO with this sort of PVP, you pretty much have to expect this sort of thing. I’ll just assume, however, that the Alley Cats never dabbled all that much in the PVP side of their game, so they’re not used to this sort of player-killing trolling.

On the other hand, it’s just a game, right? It’s not like you’ve really lost anything important by being killed in an MMO. This isn’t SAO, after all. So whatever. You feel the sting of humiliation, then you move on with your life. I’ve personally been killed plenty of times in games with world PVP, and I never gave a shit. Nope, not in anime! In anime, the good guys must always win out in the end. Well, most of the time, but let’s be real. This is not the sort of show where the hero learns the bittersweet lesson of defeat. We can safely assume they’ll eventually emerge victorious. To set about accomplishing this goal, Nishimura and his girls begin hatching a plan to take the fort back. In order to do so, they’ll have to draw on the many relationships they’ve cultivated in the past. This includes recruiting the help of those weird Nekohime worshippers as well as the hardcore PvE guild that Nishimura had previously tried to join, but couldn’t because, y’know, he has to go to school and everything.

The episode’s minor solace is that Ako’s character development takes a small step forward. She’s slowly becoming more normal. Oh boy.

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta. - 1102Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta. - 1103Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta. - 1104Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta. - 1105

Seisen Cerberus Ep. 12

Seisen Cerberus - 1201

A dragon responds to Saraato’s drumming, and offers to carry the rest of the group to Nambuuko’s hideout. Wow, what a friendly dragon! Unfortunately, it is instantly killed in the very next scene. Yeah, that just ruined my night. Fuck you, Seisen Cerberus. I don’t want to cover the rest of your crappy episode.

Blah. The rest of the group runs into Saraato’s creator, or in other words, as he so creepily puts it, her “father.” He explains that she was created from Dagan Zot’s crystallized blood. Nambuuko wanted Saraato’s father to create the perfect soldier, but instead, he made himself a daughter. Seeing as how she’s made from Dagan Zot’s blood, I guess this explains why she’s drawn to Hiiro and the dragon heart inside him. So yeah, she wants to save the guy against her father’s wishes, and the creepy old man is surprised to learn she’s developed free will. Of course she has a free will. What did he want? A daughter with no thoughts of her own? Wait, this is anime…

But apparently, Saraato has fallen into Nambuuko’s trap. He wanted her to come for Hiiro, so he can override her free will. He can then command her to fight Hiiro, and in order to survive, the latter will have to channel Dagan Zot’s power. This will call forth the dragon itself, and Nambuuko intends to fuse it with the three nations’ armies that have gathered in this one place. Okay, that’s a stupid plan. First, how is he so confident that Saraato would even get here? Yes, she’s drawn to Hiiro, but Nambuuko just knew she would be able to summon a dragon and then said dragon would fly carry the girl to his mansion in just the right amount of time? Okay, that’s a tall stretch. But let’s grant that Nambuuko somehow predicted all of this with perfect accuracy and precision. Even then, why does he even need the girl? Why can’t he just threaten Hiiro himself in order to draw Dagan Zot out? He’s already threatened the kid’s life before and thus summoned Dagan Zot. Why does anything have to change this time around? Whatever.

In any case, Nambuuko left Sharisharu to die, and as we’ve already seen from Hundred, you never want to use women in such a fashion. They’ll come for you, y’know. And unlike Vitaly, I bet Sharisharu will get her revenge. Don’t expect catgirls to fail. This is anime, after all. But yeah, tune in next week for Seisen Cerberus’s exciting conclusion.

Seisen Cerberus - 1202Seisen Cerberus - 1203Seisen Cerberus - 1204Seisen Cerberus - 1205

Final Word

Seisen Cerberus is  definitely not even close to being a good anime by any means, but hey, I can’t help but admit that it has made somewhat of a comeback. Currently, it’s probably the best of the five shows covered here. Well, it’s close race between Seisen Cerberus and Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta. On the other end of the spectrum, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk has got to be the worst. Big Order is undoubtedly a bigger disaster in many respects, but as a whole, it’s like a tragic car crash sort of way. You can’t turn away.  You’re compelled to look into the abyss. On the other hand, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk episodes often just put me right to sleep. I can’t remember ever enjoying that snoozefest, which is something I find myself saying too often about A-1 Pictures productions. Since I’m catching a screening of The Anthem of the Heart in just a few weeks (no spoilers, please), that’s not a good sign…

Anyways, it looks like next week’s Monday Blues will be pretty lonely with just two shows (maybe three) to cover. I better start working on that preview post for the summer shows, huh?

14 thoughts on “Monday Blues: Spring ’16, Week 12

  1. sonicsenryaku

    i am right with you with the whole temporary curing of karen’s legs in hundred. Seriously, what purpose does karen’s illness serve?? absolutely nothing. She’s always out and about with smiles on her face and her infliction doesnt add anything to her character or hayato’s. hell, we dont even see him concern over her health that much nor do we see karen all that sick. Is that just her legs dont work? and if that’s the case, again, why not just give her back her legs? the show keeps finding contrived ways to make her move around anyway

  2. gedata

    “Last but not least, I hear that the manga is still ongoing. ”

    Yep, it’s a non-canon ending for the last few minutes. Everything after Gennai being shot never happened in the manga, and we should all be happy that happened. The ending here could’ve happened at any point if Eiji asked Daisy for his full power, which is lame. However, the manga went to a dumb time-skip and apparently got so bad that the only people translating the series dropped it on account of how much they hated where it was going.

    Hundred gave Big Order for the crappiest, anticlimactic fart of an ending this season though. How often do you see a main antagonist that never has any contact with any of the protagonists? That’s exactly what Vitaly ended up as. If Judar wanted to use idolshit to awaken her sister, what was the point of enabling her?

    And then a shoehorned final battle with a transformed whatsherface that ends with Hayato colliding with her and resolving things in the flashing realm of naked friendship that some how exists with no explanation.

      1. gedata

        No idea honestly, only a few chapters past that point have been translated since the point where the anime left off.

        1. elior1

          the only harem i might watch next season is the infemous visual novel rewrite since it looks not bad at all for generic typical harem

      2. Thatoneguywhoreallylikespotatoes

        It is Sena, seriously, it seems that new chapter they just released which I only read to see if this manga could get worse , is basically how Sena just turned into a whole new different character after going to the gate and now she is obsessed with or at least wants to be connected again to it for some reason that still hasn’t been explained or something like that and it was just funny and stupid to see how there is a guy who has common sense(which he loses later or apparently didn’t have at all) in this manga who worked with Gennai was forced to work under Sena because of Sena blackmailing the guy with the deeds he done with Gennai just wants to escape from this girl because he doesn’t want to follow a middle schooler’s plan, while Sena wants this guy because apparently she plans to do that is a coup d etat to get back the gate or something and she needs this guy because she wants him to occupy the Diet and that she thinks his slyness will be useful for her.The guy tries to escape at the start but fails.Then he somehow loses all his common sense and sells out to Sena even when he had a chance to escape from her by losing a game that was nonsensical, it was a dice game where they challenged the prime minister to control him and at first the prime minister cheats and then he cheats and says something stupid that it was all luck when they both clearly cheated. Apparently he cheated and spelled out to Sena because where as he worked for Gennai because he was ‘mesmerized’ by how he was a splendid masochist he sold out to Sena and lost his common sense because Sena ‘enlightens’ him as a splendid sadist. That was dumb.

  3. Thatoneguywhoreallylikespotatoes

    What happened to the Concrete Recolutio post? I’m still waiting for it, if you are still going to do it

      1. elior1

        what your opinion on the next season harem rewrite? i think out of all the harems animes next season i will only watch this one since it not look bad for generic typical harem

  4. zztop

    Technically A1’s been incredibly faithful with its Asterisk adaptation – it covers the 1st 6 volumes and a bit of Book 7. Of course, nothing is resolved since Books 6-7 are transition stories to set up the characters for the Gryps Festa arc.

    Interesting that most people would rather clamour for Rakudai Kishi Season 2 over Asterisk, considering Rakudai’s lower budget and rougher animation.

  5. Akeem

    there was an anime movie by the name of harmony. Not sure where you could watch it but i got to see it and would recommend it to you. You don’t have to write about it or anything just though it’s a show that you might enjoy.


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