Quick Status Update

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. The computer I primarily use at home kinda just stopped working one day. I should’ve seen it coming when my graphics card stopped working a few weeks ago. Ah well. At the moment, I’m typing up this post on my phone, but obviously, I don’t have the patience to write a full post this way. I’d just drive myself insane Plus, the screen’s all cracked, and I don’t want to bother figuring out how to take screen caps on a phone… Anyway, I was gonna update last weekend by borrowing a friend’s laptop, but that didn’t pan out. Lemme try to scrap together some funds for my own laptop, then Moe Sucks will be back on track.

Until then,
E Minor


17 thoughts on “Quick Status Update

  1. kenshirojoestar

    I hope that your situation improve. Laptops don’t have a good life time. Mine had a problemin the monitor…

        1. E Minor Post author


          I guess the fall season might work, but I’m not feeling any of the upcoming shows. Oh well.

  2. Guzen no Tomogara

    Please come back. How am I supposed to know which anime are worth watching without actually watching them?

  3. Guren no Tomogara

    Also, please consider covering Kino no Tabi season 2. I love that series, it’s like the Little Prince, as an emotionless hippy offers insights into different cultures and the absurdities of life on the planet.


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