Here’s a low effort post about the fall season

i like anime

I was gonna start playing through the Kingdom Hearts games, because I’ve honestly never touched any of them before. Why has it taken me so long to touch the series? Well, c’mon. We’re talking about the unholy combination of Disney and Nomura. That sounds terrible on paper. Disgusting. But I’m a stupid dummy who will probably buy Kingdom Hearts 3 when it comes out in fifty bajillion years, so I thought I may as well try to force myself through the first two games. That was the idea, anyway. But now I’m procrastinating. I’m trying to put off playing those games as long as I can. So much so that I’m literally writing this post as a way to procrastinate. It turns out my revulsion to the idea of Kingdom Hearts is so strong, it’s driven me back to blogging. Amazing! 

Unfortunately, it’s been so long since I’ve written a single thing for the blog. So, so long. Seriously, what the fuck did WordPress do to this site. I hate it. But whatever. I’ll write something. Something terrible. But it’s a start. This is like getting back into jogging for the first time in a long time, and as a result, I will be projectile vomiting everywhere. I haven’t even taken a single step, and I’m dry-heaving. And once it starts, it will get everywhere. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. A lot of the words that follow are going to be extremely disorganized. I’m just gonna write whatever comes to my brain. I don’t want to call it stream-of-conscious writing, because that would be an insult to stream-of-conscious writing. I’m just vomiting, dude. Hold my hair and let me throw up. And it’s going to be pretty self-indulgent. The blog itself is self-indulgent. Why the fuck does anyone care what I think about anime? You can quote me on that.

So there are a lot of shows airing in the fall. Way too many to write about. Honestly, I’m too old for this shit. Way too old. When did I start this blog? Back in 2009? Seriously, I’m too old for this shit. It doesn’t even make sense for me to do this anymore. But we can look at this as a new era. A new age for Moe Sucks. These words represent the death throes of the blog. Old and broken man tries to get back into the game, but some Bane analogue will just come by and break me in half. Okay, enough masturbatory nonsense for now. There’s plenty of time for that later. My point is, before I went off on some stupid meta faff, I’m just gonna write about stuff that caught my interest. If anyone is offended that I skipped over generic weeb shit about cute girls doing the latest popular gimmick, then just skip to the bottom and flame me in the comments. Get it over with, y’know? You won’t be the first to insinuate that I’m a homosexual (in not so kind words) because I don’t like your Japanese cartoons, and you won’t be the last.

Okay, so what’s up first?

Garo: Vanishing Line

Honestly, the trailer looks pretty dope. I’m ready to see Garo in a contemporary setting. Let’s fucking go.

But here’s the thing with MAPPA. They first got on my radar with Kids on the Slope. They didn’t produce it by themselves, but hey, credit where credit’s due. I think I wrote a post extolling the series somewhere. After Kids on the Slope, there were some works that I didn’t care about, but Terror in Resonance exploded onto the scene. I loved it. I loved the tone. I loved the story. I loved the characters. I know a lot of people hated the ending. Whatever. I won’t revisit that. I won’t overanalyze why certain things tend to be turn offs for the general public. If I keep blogging long enough, we’ll get to that topic eventually. It’s the fucking elephant in the room, after all. But for now, let’s look on the bright side, which is that, if you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely seen Terror in Resonance. High fucking five, man. You know I sit next to someone who actually helps out with the organization of Fanime every year, and she’s never heard of this show? But that’s a whole ‘nother topic altogether. Point is, Terror in Resonance made me keep an eye on MAPPA.

Then they followed it up with Rage of Bahamut and Garo, two excellent shows in their own right. Well, Rage of Bahamut wasn’t that good, but it was entertaining enough. It’s a single, and MAPPA is still batting pretty well. Unsustainably well. So like all things in this universe, the studio regressed towards the mean. MAPPA is like that guy who used to be a child with brimming potential, but is now stuck in some soul-sucking corporate job. I know, I know. You’re gonna say Yuri on Ice was great, and I’m a philistine for having missed it. But remember, I’m too old for this shit. Three or four years ago, I might have watched everything and anything just to throw some words at the board and call it a new post. Look! Analysis! E Minor with yet another fresh take (read: rote and banal). Honestly, I got to a point where I was really only excited for one or two shows a season, and the rest was just bullshit to fill out the week. Nowadays? I wouldn’t watch that shit. Not in a million years. Not because it’s bad, but because I just don’t give a shit about figure skating and I’m not going to pretend to for 300 odd views. More like ten nowadays since the blog has been dead for so long.

So this is like seeing that kid you’re so disappointed in, but well, at least he isn’t doing heroin. He’s safe. Safe, bland, and totally unambitious, but in a pinch, I guess you can lean on him. Good for you, MAPPA. You could’ve done a lot worse for yourself. I guess. Garo’s a safe bet.

Blend S

The show’s synopsis says that the heroine needs to become an extreme sadist, but the PV is bland as fuck, so I’m mad that I got tricked into watching 51 seconds of some poor voice actress straining her vocal cords to mimic what idiots believe the ideal teenager is supposed to sound like.

Net-juu no Susume

I snorted with derision when the PV abruptly cuts to the love interests, and the super generic jpop blasted in unison. I have the awful feeling that the moral of the story here is to bend this overexpired Christmas cake back into normalcy, which is why her love interest is a tall, handsome, gainfully-employed blond boy. Maybe he plays a female avatar in the game. Oof. You rebel you. But hey, conformity is the name of the game.

I’m rather much more interested in how she can become a NEET and, well, afford everything else. In reality, most NEETs are supported by their families, but I must’ve missed it if there are any parents in that PV. The romance will be played up. The “second life” in that unimaginative net game will dominate a lot of the narrative. What I don’t expect to see is the economic and mental burden of becoming a NEET. I’ll check out a couple episodes to see if the anime even has the balls to address any of that or if it’ll just hand-wave it off somehow.

Houseki no Kuni

The PV doesn’t make the show look all that bad. It actually looks kind of interesting. But this synopsis does the show a disservice:

In the distant future, a new life form called Houseki (gems) are born. The 28 Houseki must fight against the moon dwellers who want to attack them and turn them into decorations, thus each gem is assigned a role such as a fighter or a medic

That is such a terrible synopsis. It’s actually absurdly funny how incredibly literal it is. Words have been used to murder this anime. I have no idea if it’s any good. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But the PV at least hints at something that is potentially visually interesting. And yet, we’ve plumb the depths of language to draw out the bluntest cudgel of words possible to absolutely pummel this anime.

Imouto sae Ireba Ii

I don’t want to link the PV. The synopsis says it all, anyway:

The story follows the everyday life of Itsuki, a novelist and “modern day Pygmalion” who works day in and day out to create the ultimate younger sister.

What does it say when a 20 year old adult is still fixated on creating the perfect imouto.


He even looks like an insufferable asshole.

Ousama Game

Kids fucking dying. That’s all I’m here for.

Time for an intermission, because you can feel my regret settling in. You can feel my words running out of energy already. I blew my load on the Garo paragraphs, and now I barely have anything left for these shows. Why did I even start this post? I’m bored and tired now, but I still got a handful of PVs to wade through despite knowing at the back of my mind that most of this schlock will not merit a response. This post even kinda mirrors the blog. I always start out with a lot of drive, but inevitably, that will peter out. Ultimately, I need inspiration from the shows, and they just don’t do it for me. And the rest of the post becomes this painful lurch to the finish line. Hell, if I could just stop writing right now, and pat myself on the back by saying how the sudden end of the post is, like, such a clever imitation of real life. But that’d be stupid. Nevertheless…

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

It looks and sounds like it won’t have any tension. That’s gonna be a no for me.

Kekkai Sensen & Beyond

I like the show’s music, but honestly, the story is quite unremarkable.

As a quick aside, there’s apparently going to be another season of that cooking shounen. Yep. That’s about all I’ve got to say about that.

That Kino show

There isn’t much I can say from this trailer other than that I’m not terribly impressed by the art direction. It’s been 14 years since the first series aired. Yes, I have little to go on besides a short promotional video. And visuals aren’t everything. But nevertheless, this is a visual medium. People are going to say that the story is what truly matters, but I disagree. Read a book if the story is the only thing that matters. In a visual medium, the visuals become a part of the narrative. It’s not about the show not looking technically impressive. No, it’s not that. It just looks… uninspiring.


Here’s MAPPA less safe bet. Due to my biases, I’m a bit apprehensive to watch this show, actually. Where are they going with this? I mean, is it just me or is there a very thin line for MAPPA to tread here? After all, the synopsis spells it out quite clearly that this dude starts off “pathetic” and “disrespected” by his own family. Evidently, something happens to him, and he becomes a robot and you’re not going to disrespect a robot, are you? But let’s get right down to it. The truth is that it’s hard to actually be genuinely apolitical. You can choose to not participate, I suppose. You can choose to stick your fingers in your ears and try as you might to drown out the noise, but even that act alone is a statement. So you’d be hard-pressed to convince me that some old man turning into a hero is not political in its own way, especially within the context of the culture surrounding this anime. And that’s the source of my apprehension. Of all the shows on that will air next season, this show has the greatest potential to disgust me if the moral of the story goes in a certain direction. I realize I’m being a bit coy about what I’m trying to get at. I’m pussyfooting around a bit. Call me gutless if you want. But continuing on, who cares about loli antics anymore? Who cares about some dumb loser in search of yet another imouto-fueled high? Those are all just fetishes. Barely fulfilled fetishes at that. They live in the dark and they’ll die quietly in the dark. The world is not impacted whatsoever by that sort of nonsense. But here, you have the potential for an actual statement, and I’m curious and somewhat reluctant to learn what it might be.

Okay, we’re over 2000 words, and it’s actually so terrible, I don’t wanna go back and proofread any of it. I told you this was going to be a low effort post. What you see is what you get. Ugh. If I didn’t mention a show, it’s because neither its synopsis nor the PV elicited a reaction that I could possibly spin into a horrible mess of words. Don’t do what I just did, kids. Language serves a function. Language is a powerful tool to help us understand the world around us. And I’ve just abused it terribly.

28 thoughts on “Here’s a low effort post about the fall season

  1. dsprizer

    Not that I think it necessarily matters, but for the record, I don’t think “Yuri on Ice” is any more about figure skating than “Casablanca” is about World War II. Figure skating is the setting for “Yuri on Ice,” just as the early stages of WWII make the backdrop for “Casablanca.”

    “Yuri on Ice” is about discovering, and embracing, your passions. That may well not appeal to you, but it’s way, way too dismissive to write the show off by saying, ” I just don’t give a shit about figure skating.”

  2. Miguel Ángel (@MikeJoestar)

    A Moe Sucks article, that is excellent!!!

    The only shows that I want to see is the new Garo. Hopefully, it can be good or at least decent.

    Talking about Mappa. The studio is in a weird situation. I will link an article that that I found, that talks about the studio:

    A good thing about Mappa is that they are working in the adaption of Pluto, a manga of the same author of Monster. I don’t know when they will release that anime, but it could be the return of Mappa to their previous level.

    Yuri on Ice was meh. Avoiding that anime was the correct decision.

    The only future Square Enix videogame that have my interest is Octopath Traveler. I love the visual style. I don’t have a Switch, my only consoles of this gen are the Wii U and 3DS, but I will try to get a Switch between december or the first half of 2018.

    Never Played Kingdom Hearts. I love Disney (and Pixar), but I am not a fan of Nomura. I have interest in the remake of FF7. I know that the story of FF7 is not as great as I thought when I was younger, but I think that I will buy the game for nostalgia.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Yeah, I’m looking forward to Octopath Traveler too. The current name is a bit Engrishy, but it’ll certainly change. I’m sorta interested in Left Alive, and I’m sure they see Nier as a potential cash cow. But other than that, SE has fallen pretty far. I’ll get Dragon Quest XI, but I’m not hyped up about it. Same with FF7 Remake and KH3.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I have a hard time re-reading this post, but if you like it, cool. Since we still got some time until the actual fall season, I don’t know what I’m writing about next. I’ve been playing a lot of JRPGs lately, so I guess I could write a bit about them.

  3. RoghekRoghek

    Welcome back to the rat race old friend…or fiend.
    Interesting coincidence that you come back when finally I too have time to watch airing anime again.

    I’m actually quite interested in Kekkai Sensen & Beyond although I have yet finish the first season.

    The adaptation I’m looking forward for the most is the ancient magus’s bride, I’m already familiar with the story as I loved the manga enough to buy it (despite being poor). The appeal is hard to explain, it has a certain je ne sais quoi.
    I guess the characters are interesting and relatable in their own way as well as dealing with some thought provoking questions, although it would be interesting to see you disagree.

    Yuri on ice was the show that kindly insinuated it was homosexual, with a very sympathetic cast of characters, however the ice skating drama was central in the story and the main conflicts so if it wasn’t your thing I guess that’s too bad, but looks well for MAPA I guess.

    Just one question, did you watch the first season of Hozuki no reitetsu? And if you did, what did you thing about it?

    Welcome back again and I hope the kingdom hearts procrastination continues so we get more posts from you. You are never too old…. at least to pretend in the internet that you just a well written young man that likes to over analyse Japanese cartoons.

  4. Roghek

    Welcome back to the rat race old friend.
    Interesting coincidence that you come back when finally I too have time to watch airing anime again.

    I’m actually quite interested in Kekkai Sensen & Beyond although I have yet finish the first season.

    The adaptation I’m looking forward for the most is the ancient magus’s bride, I’m already familiar with the story as I loved the manga enough to buy it (despite being poor). The appeal is hard to explain, it has a certain je ne sais quoi.
    I guess the characters are interesting and relatable in their own way as well as dealing with some thought provoking questions, although it would be interesting to see you disagree.

    Yuri on ice was the show that kindly insinuated it was homosexual, with a very sympathetic cast of characters, however the ice skating drama was central in the story and the main conflicts, too bad it wasn’t your thing, but it looks well for MAPA I guess.

    Just one question, did you watch the first season of Hozuki no reitetsu? And if you did, what did you thing about it?

    Welcome back again and I hope the kingdom hearts procrastination continues so we get more posts from you. You are never too old…. at least to pretend in the internet that you just a well written young man that likes to over analyse Japanese cartoons.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I wish this was a rat race. If there was actually a tangible reward at the end of all this suffering, I’d never quit in the first place.

      My eyes glossed over Mahoutsukai no Yome. The premise doesn’t strike me as anything special, so I don’t have anything to say. Destitute maidens being rescued by their mysterious benefactor is just not my thing. Unless both characters are incredibly bizarre or something.

      Nah, I never finished Hozuki no Reitetsu. The genres that automatically pique my interest are psychological thrillers, mysteries, horror, and science fiction. I like comedies too, but I don’t generally share anime’s sense of humor. I like romance too, but anime couples can barely hold hands. Everything else, I kinda have to force myself to watch. Stuff like Hozuki no Reitetsu could never hold my interest.

      1. Roghek

        Maybe there will be a reward, if you enjoy writing, that’s the reward.

        In Mahoutsukai no Yome both characters are quite interesting and their relationship is so as well, I see some elements of a psychological genre but maybe not enough to pique your interest.

        I’ll keep those genres in mind next time I think of recommending you something.

        1. E Minor Post author

          Maybe there will be a reward, if you enjoy writing, that’s the reward.

          Even if I had to write erotic Sonic fanfiction?

  5. appropriant

    finish shinsekai yori

    I think you shouldn’t care about writing quality for now. The routine is much more important than the perfection and as long as *something* is written for a certain time period I don’t see much of a problem. You’re not in a bad spot, is what I’m trying to say.

    I’m going to be watching Garo, Inuyashiki, and Kekkai Sensen alongside you this season (along with some nonintensive stuff like Just Because, Urahara, and Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou). I look forward to reading your thoughts.

      1. anon

        SSY was the most acclaimed anime of that year, even though it had dismal sales in Japan. Most western bloggers liked it, and you should have given it a chance for a couple more episodes before dropping it. It was the director’s first anime and he had a super low budget which you could see in the animation, but the source material was good enough to save the adaptation. The ending was especially memorable.

        1. Anon

          It’s my view you quit right before it got good.

          In a 2-4 episodes there would have been a pair of trageties that set the rest of the series in motion, while explaining the orgin of the weird creatures/dyatopia and the rationale of why the unforgiving totalitarian structure of the village was an unavoidable necessity. Then there would have been two more time skips culminating when the cast were more mature adults the village looked up to, who werea hair away from inheriting leadership over the village’s government while dealing with ethical problems for humanity. The climax would have been a civil war, rooted in ancient resentments due to the covered up atrocities of the villagers’ ancestors, of which the ethnocentric cast had known nothing for the whole series.

          Oh well…that ship has probably sailed. I’m just expressing I think it got better, at least if you like stories that cover these themes, or dark and open endings.

          1. E Minor Post author

            I won’t insist that the anime is bad. I also won’t deny that it’s very possible I skipped out right before the big payoff. We all draw lines somewhere, though. So yup, I watched eight episodes. It got more than a fair shot.

  6. Advaris

    Hello, this is my first time commenting here. I found your blog a few months ago by accident. At that moment, you’re already inactive, but I like most of your articles. And I kinda understand why you don’t blog about anime anymore, considering I was losing interest in anime, manga, and J-games for about a year now. Let’s not even mention its communities and fandom. Ugh…

    Back on topic, so far only Garo and Inuyashiki pique my interest and even then I still don’t feel like watching them. After watching so many anime due to their interesting premise or first episode and then ending up disappointed in the end, I find it hard to convince myself that even these two anime are worth my time. Garo do seems like a safe bet. Inuyashiki is indeed much more risky, considering most anime don’t have the balls to tackle mature subject in a mature way and end up doing a half-assed but safe take on it or worse mangling it up. If you do end up watching them, I’ll wait for your opinion on them before I consider watching them myself.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Yeah, I’m pretty iffy on watching any of them. I’ll kinda just wing it and hope some of them are interesting enough for me to stick around long-term. But if not, oh well. No big deal.

      1. Advaris

        To be honest, I’m also interested or to be more precise want to be interested on Mahoutsukai no Yome, considering I have read the manga and found it enjoyable so far.

        Unfortunately, it’s enjoyable not because of the premise, the main characters or their “relationship,” but because the lore of the setting. I mean the girl or Chise and her “master” or Elias are kinda dull and bland, and their relationship also become kinda dull and bland. So, when the story focuses on them, it becomes boring and predictable.

        Seriously, the setting and its lore are much more interesting. The mangaka definitely knows her stuff about magic and European (especially the British ones) fair folk and myths. And it makes the world interesting. The magic and mages, the magical fair folk realm, the relationship between fair folk and mages and modern civilization, and so on. This is one of the few stories where I genuinely don’t mind if the protagonists go to the magical high school. The side characters are much more interesting than the protagonists

        But the story chooses to focus on the two main characters, so I’m a sad reader. I read a romance story for the world and not the romance. This is just wrong. Lololol

        Back on topic, I’m not going to watch the anime. Not because I hate it. I genuinely like it. I just don’t feel like ignoring its flaws. I’m not watching it because I don’t think it’ll give me something that the manga can’t cover up. I’m busy. I’m not into re-reading stories that I already read unless I feel nostalgic and the manga is enough for me for that.

        I don’t think Mahoutsukai no Yome is your thing, though. The two main characters are boring, their relationship is boring, and the parts of the story that is juicy enough for discussion (i.e. the lore and the side characters) don’t get enough spotlight.

        1. E Minor Post author

          Yeah, I’m pretty specific about my lore and setting. The only series where I could ignore the terribly developed characters for just the lore and setting wasn’t even an anime series. It was the Dark Souls series (and Bloodborne). Anywhere else, in-depth setting and lore without any interesting characters will just lose me completely. Anyway, dying worlds fascinate me. It’s been a while since we’ve had an anime about a dystopian and/or dying world. I guess you could say I like post-apocalyptic stories, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be based on our world. The world of Dark Souls is in every sense a post-apocalyptic world, too. It’s how I imagine a world of gods and magic would slowly come to its end. This is going off-tangent, but I would love a post-apocalyptic space sci-fi story. Nothing but ship graveyards, dying stars, the universe inching towards its inevitable heat death, etc. I’m tired of the stale post-Cold War-esque future that we only ever seem to get.

          But yeah, magic and British stuff aren’t my thing, so there’s even less of a chance I’ll find myself interested in Mahoutsukai no Yome.

  7. Advaris

    If that’s your thing, your luck sucks bad. The only new post-apocalyptic story from Japan that I found so far is Code Vein, a game that is just some dull and bland animu futuristic non-space version of what happens if you combine Dark Souls-esque gameplay with God Eaters’ characters, settings, and general atmosphere. Damn, that shit is cringeworthy as f*ck. I don’t think you can find any decent post-apocalyptic story from Japan for a long time since it seems to become the territory of delusional edgelords there.

    It’s a sad thing about Mahoutsukai no Yome. The relationship between Chise and Elias could be interesting if the mangaka focuses and is brave enough to tackle the obvious issue in their relationship head-on like the obvious power imbalance between the two of them or the fact that the relationship starts on a very terrible, terrible ground. But nope. The mangaka either downplay or do a safe take on it, so all I got is the lore and the side characters to keep me reading. T_T

    1. E Minor Post author

      Oh I know. Dark Souls launched an entire genre, and… everything in that genre sucks. Developers seem to think a Dark Souls clone is just a more-difficult-than-average action RPG in a third person perspective. They completely miss the fact that Dark Souls has an intricately crafted universe. The universe doesn’t necessarily make perfect sense. In fact, the story pretty much jumped the shark in the third installment. But even so, there’s something for the gamer to sink their teeth into.

      I’ve been loosely following Code Vein, but I’m not going to buy it. It looks terrible. Nioh is the best imitator thus far, but it went hard into the mechanics side of things. The lore and setting took a hit as a result. A game about demons and yokai wouldn’t be so bad, but Nioh wasn’t particularly interesting in that aspect. The game was fun to play, but it didn’t capture the imagination.

      And your description of the romance sounds pretty much like 99% of the anime relationships out there. Years and years ago, I asked why anime heroines were content with being second best, and the defenders came out of the woodwork. I get it. People enjoy certain problematic things. If someone criticizes said problematic things, people feel as though they’ve also been criticized. Well, that’s how it is, folks! Knowledge is a curse.

      1. Advaris

        The Dark Souls clone stuff is just so hilarious (or depressing) in how other developers completely miss the point in “What makes the Dark Souls series popular, interesting, and stand out?” It’s like the Japanese gaming industry want their entire industry to fail or they just don’t respect and give a shit about their works. The same thing can be said to anime and manga industry.

        Yeah, the quality of J-games for the most part is on decline. Their gameplay tend to be so-so or enjoyable than outright bad, but that isn’t exactly a praise is it? Not to mention, games are more than just gameplay now. Nioh is indeed one of the better ones, but I can’t help but feel it’s because the other J-games are just that bad. J-games, especially Jrpg, sucks hard in recent years. I got a lot of recommendation about a lot of Jrpgs that are going to save J-games or whatever, and none of them are that good to be honest. Heck, most of them are disappointing really. I’ve played FF15, Persona 5, Trails of Cold Steel, the new Tales, Fire Emblem Fates, and so on. And damn, their gameplay might be either so-so or enjoyable, but the stories are just disappointing. Even Persona 5 for all the praises to its stories and characters aren’t that good to be honest. It could be just me, but I feel the social link stuff is getting worse with each installment. I also don’t think they go far and deep enough on the social commentary stuff. I feel that Atlus also loses more part its balls with each installment. Despite all that, Persona 5 so far is the one with the best “story” among all the new Jrpgs that I played. *sigh*

        As for the post-apocalyptic stories, I think most people involved in anime-related stuff, both the creators and the consumers, have forgotten the definition of post-apocalyptic. Would you believe me if I tell you that there are people who tell me that Black Bullet (i.e. where mutant loli die) is post-apocalyptic? *sigh* There are a number of other “post-apocalyptic” stories that got recommended to me like Seraph of the End, SukaSuka (it’s one of those LNs with long, bullshit names), Moku Alice (I kinda forget its name. I just remember it got Moku and Alice), and so on. And none of them feel post-apocalyptic. It seems as long as the world is “destroyed” and some characters die (even if they are minor ones) in the story, people think it’s post-apocalyptic.

        As for relationship, you got that right. How can a country that practically creates Dating Sim and Visual Novel genre unable to write a decent romance? Or even a decent story if I look at their stuff in recent years. Being an anime heroine is a terrible life. Most of the times, it’s always the heroines who sacrifices or changes herself for the heroes. And once they do, they become dull and boring. When the heroes do the sacrificing or changing, they tend to not lose much really (i.e. not a single thing change). Even when the heroes tend to be the more dull and boring ones. Romance ain’t martyrdom. It’s a two-way street. Compromises and sacrifices are two completely different things, people! Talking about this makes me feel like I’m some sort of grumpy old coot.

        Sorry for the long post. It’s been a long time since I can have a nice and calm discussion about this kind of stuff in the internet, so I’m a bit excited. Thanks for having this conversation with me. :D

  8. DevBlog

    I assume’t intend Mahoutsukai no Yome is your affair, though.
    But yeah, witching(a) and British poppycock aren’t my affair, so there’s even less of a probability I’ll get hold myself concerned in Mahoutsukai no Yome.


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