Recovery of an MMO Addict Ep. 6: Sorry, thank you, sorry, thank you, sorry, thank you…

Jesus Christ, what an idiot. I cannot abide characters like Yuta. I bet he thinks Moriko likes Homare or something silly like that, so he doesn’t mind stepping aside. In doing so, he completely ignores the fact that Moriko has a much deeper connection to Lily than anyone else. Instead of telling her who he really is, he claims that their seemingly fortuitous meeting is nothing more than a mere coincidence. What’s wrong? Is he ashamed to admit he plays a female character? Is there some tear-jerky reason why he can’t tell her he’s actually Lily? There better be a good damn reason, because otherwise, I can’t see him as nothing more than a spineless wimp. Not only that, he’s depriving Moriko from seeing and connecting with a true friend. Instead, she has to talk to a shell of a man. I’m not joking. Instead of talking about their actual interests, i.e. video games, he spoke to her about what? Their previous chance encounters and… Homare? In fact, their entire conversation was full of sorries and thank you’s.  For fuck’s sake, what a boring conversationalist. He deserves to fail in love, because he can’t even be a good friend. Yeah, that’s right. A good friend would understand what Moriko really wants. He’s only spent countless of sleepless nights talking to her in the MMO that they share. If he doesn’t understand her heart by now, forget about it.

It’s just sad how much more natural and at home Moriko feels on the following night. Unlike Yuta, Homare can actually relax and talk to her as a person. He’s not even trying to actively court her. He flirts a bit, but for the most part, he’s just thinking, “Hey, this is an interesting person. Let’s get to know her.” This is sad because you know Yuta can do it too. He does it every goddamn time they hang out in the game. The girl even reminds us that nothing feels better to her than coming home and logging into the MMO. But when they meet in real life, he becomes as interesting as drywall. The problem is that he’s put her on a goddamn pedestal. When Yuta sees Moriko, he doesn’t see her as the same person as Hayashi, his best friend — the person he’s formed a deep connection with. Instead, he sees her as this amazing, perfect woman, and that’s really unfair. She can’t live up to that. He makes the number one idiot guy mistake of seeing her as a concept. Oh, she’s so perfect, she’s so beautiful, I just need to make her happy… so he makes himself a martyr. Unfortunately, this deprives Moriko of all agency. She can’t even make a proper choice in who to love, because he robs her of it out of “good intentions.” Yuta is very nice and all, but if this is how he’s going to be, then he deserves to lose.

In reality, this is just the sixth episode of the series, and as such, the story’s gotta dangle the carrot in front of us. You want to keep going, don’t you? Buy more volumes, watch more episodes. Don’t you want to see where this goes next? Yuta might get a spine in the future, he might not. But this is why he sucks at the moment! We need conflict, we need drama, we need him to go from zero to hero! Wouldn’t you like to stick around and find out if he’ll finally become the right guy for Moriko? Truthfully, I will keep watching simply because of Moe Sucks, and I need a show for the Saturday night update slot. Otherwise, I’d have thrown in the towel by now. The show made me smile early on (around episode 1-3), but lately, I just find myself shaking my head over and over at Yuta’s pathetic attempts at courtship. In all likelihood, I know that those two will end up together by the end of the series, but I’m fed up with Yuta’s passivity. For a gamer, he plays to lose. I wish I could root for anyone else, to be honest. Sadly, there really isn’t anyone else. Homare can at least talk to a girl, but he’s gotten next to no character development. Besides, he seems kinda pushy. I don’t much care for him. Kazuomi isn’t really a candidate either. He’s too young and too much of a side character anyway.

Did you know women over 25 in Japan were called Christmas cakes? Why? Because nobody wants one after Dec. 25. Supposedly, that nasty trend has died. Supposedly. Instead, women over 31 are being compared to New Year’s noodles for pretty much the same reason. What a shame. It makes you wonder if 30 is the limit for Moriko. Would the author consider having the character be any older than she is now? No matter. At the end of the day, I just really relate to her because I used to be a former MMO gamer. She’s the only character worth rooting for. Moriko seems so genuinely happy with the past two nights. Well, it’s not like she was originally an awkward shut-in to begin with. So even though the anime wants to make it seem like she is socially clumsy, it’s not surprising at all that she had relatively no trouble hanging out with Yuta and Homare. Moriko was a gainfully employed professional who was very good at her job, after all. It was only a toxic work culture that drove her to quit. Unfortunately, her primary love interest is a wimp and a bad friend. Sorry girl, you got a bad roll. Try again after the raid timer is up.

4 thoughts on “Recovery of an MMO Addict Ep. 6: Sorry, thank you, sorry, thank you, sorry, thank you…

  1. Fueled by Smiling

    Christmas Cake and noodles…I can’t say that I’m surprised, but it’s still disgusting to hear about.

    This episode made me like Koiwai, I liked him before but more so after this one. He’s going to play cupid, but I wouldn’t mind it if he ended up with Morioka only because she seemed at ease with him in real life.

    There’s four more episodes left, so Sakurai should be confessing and revealing his identity soon enough. Unless the show ends in a cliffhanger.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Just ten episodes? That’s short. I bet he reveals himself, and they agree to be friends with hints of maybe something in the future. It’s the typical anime romcom ending.

  2. Lezard

    Even as a beta who feels for other betas.. If this anime doesnt have a sufficient conclusion and end up as just a cliffhanger promotion for the webnovel then I would be dissapointed..

  3. anon

    Yuta is gay, that’s why he plays a girl and hit on a male avatar. The crisis is his struggle to accept he is queer. The show will end when he comes out of the closet and confesses his love of dicks to a girl who also wants to talk about dick.


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