Recovery of an MMO Addict Ep. 3: Semi-charmed life

I always try to leave the office as soon as I hit the 8-hour mark. Continue reading “Recovery of an MMO Addict Ep. 3: Semi-charmed life”


Net-Juu no Susume Ep. 1: Will you be my internet GF?

I guess I’ll blog this weekly. I was looking forward to Garo, but I guess there aren’t English subs for it yet? No matter. It’ll happen eventually. And I know some readers wanted me to write about Kino’s Journey, but all in due time. It’s a Friday night, so gimme a break. I also got Blade Runner 2049 to watch, so I don’t have all night to watch anime. As a result, I choose this romantic comedy about a 30-year-old corporate drop-out, who — in her own words — chose the NEET life. Why am I blogging this show? I’ve spent too much of my formerly young life in the world of MMOs. Way, way too much. So when I see a show about MMOs, I just can’t help myself. Plus, there’s romance in it. Plus, the woman is about my age! Yes, I’m old now, but enough about that! Loose thoughts and impressions ahead. Continue reading “Net-Juu no Susume Ep. 1: Will you be my internet GF?”