Recovery of an MMO Junkie Ep. 7: What a small world

As if the show wasn’t already full of coincidences, we discover that Yuta used to play with Moriko in a previous MMO. In fact, they were as close back then as they are now! That’s actually the most perplexing part to me. If they were truly thick as thieves, then why did they ever lose touch with each other? In all my years of playing MMOs, if I made a friend in any game, I also got their info outside the game. I didn’t go so far as to meet and hang out with them in real life, but I at least got their AIM or Skype handle. So if Yuta’s previous avatar meant so much to Moriko, and vice versa, why did they both allow that relationship to die? It’s a bit mind-boggling, especially when the preview for next week’s episode seems to imply that Moriko loved her former best friend. Sure, sure, maybe they wanted to keep their online exploits separate from the real world, but not if you love someone. Am I crazy for thinking that? I would never let someone go if they were such a close friend of mine.

Anyway, how did we get here? Oh yeah, Homare suddenly decides to download and play Fruits de Mer. He seems pretty damn invested in Moriko. I can’t imagine picking up an MMO just to play with a casual friend. On the other hand, if I was trying to impress a girl… Moriko continues to be embarrassed by the fact that she plays a male avatar, so she creates a new character just to help Homare through the newbie phase. She ends up creating a female avatar that resembles her old character from the previous MMO. When Yuta sees a picture of her new avatar, all sorts of memories come flooding back. She used to confide in him about troubles she was having at her job, so yeah, they can’t even use the excuse that they wanted to keep real life separate! How could you just let someone you care so much about disappear from your life? How? But moving along, since Homare also invited Yuta to play — not knowing that his buddy already plays the game as Lily — the latter has decided to create a facsimile of his previous character as well.

Yuta actually spends the first half of week’s episode moaning on and on about how he’s not going to contact Moriko again in real life. Lily is just a character he plays to relax, he’s happy to talk to her in the game only, he won’t get in the way, blah blah blah. It’s annoying to listen to. Dude is just begging for his best friend to steal his girl. It’s so sickeningly passive. But of course, when Hayashi tells Lily all about her two dates, she only talks about Yuta. God knows why. I thought it looked as though she had a better time with Homare, but apparently, she was always charmed by Yuta’s “niceness.” Even though it didn’t seem like they didn’t have much to talk about, she gushes about how great Yuta was that night. Most of all, she comes to the realization that Yuta resembles Lily (of course he does). And still, this isn’t the kick in the pants that the guy needs. Despite hearing his girl go on and on about him, he still resolves to step aside. Bro. Bro. I guess you have to personally gift-wrap and hand-deliver Moriko to his doorstep before he realizes that she’s really in love with him all along.

Everything else:

  • Who on earth is Nico? I can’t recall this character playing a major part in any of the previous episodes at all.
  • Right now, Kanbe’s character feels like such an odd deadend. Why did they introduce him as the part-time conbini worker at all if his real world identity will have so little impact on the overall story? Maybe he has a larger role in the light novels or something.
  • I kinda like Lily’s mini fashion show. It’s true that female avatars get all the attention when it comes to armor design. For instance, I hated all the oafish-looking male humans in World of Warcraft. People like to joke about how guys will play female avatars just to stare at some polygonal ass. That might be true for some people, but for others, it’s just about the aesthetics. Why drop hundreds of hours into a game just to have a character look terrible?

  • Homare decides to play as buff, buxomy blonde girl, but I didn’t quite catch the reference. My first thought was Warrior from Dragon Quest, but she isn’t a blonde. Maybe Amazon from Dragon’s Quest? Eh, probably not.
  • Not too many MMOs let you customize your looks to such an extent, because it’s a pain in the ass to design armor that would fit so many body types.

7 Replies to “Recovery of an MMO Junkie Ep. 7: What a small world”

  1. > Maybe he has a larger role in the light novels or something.

    Yeah, no clue right now since I don’t think the novels are translated (Will probably jump into them as soon as that happens, or once I know enough japanese for directly reading in the original language). But, I do remember a scene involving him and Morioka being removed from the international broadcast (the one CR gets, at least). Extremely odd, since from what I saw it was just a regular scene, nothing censorable as far as I’m aware. However, if they removed more of those I guess it might’ve lowered the importance of the character for us watching the cropped-out version?

    That being said, it’s not like removing those scenes broke the flow of the show, so he might still remain as irrelevant yet with slightly more airtime ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Well, the show seems truncated anyway with just 10 episodes. I don’t think a few scenes being edited out will make much of a difference.

      1. A lack of deference to the source material is a good reason to support fansubbers over the localizes though. Crunchy Roll used to be a fansubbing website themselves but then they went official. I have heard they then stole the scripts on their website from other groups, and started sending cease and desist orders to other fansubbing groups. That is how they got so big and disliked by the former fansubbers.

        1. Everything gets edited all the time for various reasons, i.e. pacing, tone, narrative clarity, etc. With limited information available, I can’t judge whether or not the deleted scene should’ve stayed in the CR version. I don’t even know who removed it.

          Stealing scripts is a terrible move, but that’s an entirely different issue.

  2. I don’t think anything has been “censored” by crunchyroll, it’s probably just scheduling stuff-ups. The studios needs to get it to crunchy earlier so it can be translated and subbed before the airdate.

  3. “I kinda like Lily’s mini fashion show. It’s true that female avatars get all the attention when it comes to armor design.”

    That was one of the things I *loved* about City Of Heroes – skirts and the breast slider were pretty much the only part limited by the gender of your avatar. If you wanted a very slender elfish/effeminate dude, it was possible. If you wanted She-Hulk, that was possible too. Oddly enough, few players went in for those extremes though.

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