Ousama Game Ep. 7: Unfortunately, the show must go on

This line from Nobuaki just about says it all, doesn’t it? I can’t believe anyone would care about right and wrong. Pfft, what a bunch of do-gooders. In fact, Nobuaki and Natsuko are made for each other. For one, they’re both unrepentant survivors. But let’s not bury the lede: they’re both rapists as well. Well, to be fair, the jury’s still out for Natsuko. The guy she’s riding doesn’t look like a willing participant, but that’s not cold, hard proof. As for Nobuaki… hoo boy, what more can I say about poor Naoya, am I right? Hell, Nobuaki can’t even do his own dirty work. He had to make his girlfriend do the deed instead. What did Two Face say in The Dark Knight? How you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain? There aren’t really heroes here. There are only survivors, and they’re all assholes. Nobuaki is framed as the protagonist, but he’s just as bad as Natsuko. Maybe even worse. The only difference is that he gets all sentimental about his crimes, so he looks like the hero. After all, how many villains would break down and cry after raping their best friend? Just this guy.

Anyway, Nobuaki, Kenta and Mizuki finally make their way to Yonaki Village. It’s all rundown and everything, but somehow, Nobuaki stumbles onto the Honda family home. Who’s Honda, you ask? Apparently, Chiemi’s family name is Honda, and her father was involved in the original game. He tried to apologize to the girl about something, but it looks like he never made it out of the village. Wait, the plot twists don’t end there! It turns out Natsuko’s family name is also Honda — DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN!!! The show just pulled an evil twin trope out of its ass. Can you believe that? And judging by the flashbacks, Natsuko must’ve also lived through the game at a previous school as well. What I don’t understand is how Nobuaki never realized this. The audience can’t tell, because all anime characters in these low budget shows pretty much look the same. We can’t exactly tell if two characters are related or not. But from Nobuaki’s perspective, how the hell did he miss the fact that Natsuko happens to look a whole lot like his former girlfriend? Why, they even have the same fucking last name. Seriously, how much dumber can this get? What’s next? Let’s just go full retard. Why don’t we make Nobuaki the King. I don’t even know how on earth you could explain that, but fuck it, why not?

Elsewhere, Mizuki disappears and Kenta runs off to look for her. He didn’t have to search for very long though, because she decides to show up and call out to him. Welp, that was pointless. The girl has to choose two people to die via text message, and she’s decided on Natsuko and herself. This is no bueno for Kenta, because he had already ordered himself to protect Mizuki at all costs. There’s some lovey-dovey shit between him and the girl that I don’t really wanna recap. It’s horribly lame and it’s not like their characters were properly developed up until this point anyway, so why bother? All you need to know is that the girl doesn’t really want to continue living, so Kenta knocks her out. What a gentlemen. Using her fingers, he sends text messages to both Natsuko and himself. This will protect the girl, right? Unfortunately, Mizuki is only allowed to use her original phone, so you can guess what happens next.

Wait, wait, wait… this game is due to a virus that transmits via cellphones. It also kills via the power of suggestion. But the King still has to know if people are following his orders or not in order to send said suggestions. I can just imagine the King sitting there, tut-tutting over Mizuki’s new hardware ID: “Guuuuuuurl, you dun fucked up…” Elsewhere, we see a girl riding a dead body, because the guy was supposed to grope her but he ended up dying before he could. We then see another girl murder her parents, because her order is to lose something important. Apparently, her parents aren’t important. It’s her dog. She tries to choke the animal, but gives up in the end. RIP parents. Other than Nobuaki, have we seen a male character do something super horrible yet? What’s up with that? Anyway, when Nobuaki finally catches up to Kenta and Mizuki, he’s glad to see that Kenta is still alive, so he oddly plants his forehead against the guy’s back. I thought he was going to confess his love for the dude, yeesh. But even though everyone else dies ridiculously over-the-top deaths, Kenta and Mizuki look like they merely choke to death. Natsuko calls to mock Nobuaki, and that’s the end of the episode. I can’t wait to see what the next stupid plot twist is going to be.

3 thoughts on “Ousama Game Ep. 7: Unfortunately, the show must go on

  1. Karandi

    “I can’t wait to see what the next stupid plot twist is going to be” – Yep. That’s what most of us are wondering. Any sense of common sense was thrown out a long time ago with this show so now it is just watching to see how far down the path of nonesense this can get. I made the mistake of trying to explain the previous episode with the virus suggestion as the cause to someone in the real world. The look on their face as I explained the plot just kind of said it all.

  2. Fueled by Smiling

    Chiemi and Natsuko are twins in the manga, which kind of makes it odd that Nobuaki didn’t realize it. And that their father kills himself over Chiemi and doesn’t seem to care about Natsuko at all. Not that I mind, since I hated his character in the prequel, but still.

    What I’d like to know is why no body tried to send their command until the last moment? Mizuki had ample amount of time to send Die to Natsuko and whoever, but chose to wait till her time was almost up.


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