Recovery of an MMO Junkie OVA: When MMO couples try to hang out in real life

Since this OVA showed up on Crunchyroll, I figured I may as well watch it. Fair warning: it doesn’t advance the story whatsoever. We get two rather short and unfulfilling stories.

First up, Moriko’s PC stops working due to a faulty motherboard, so Yuta volunteers to help her put together a new custom rig. When I first saw him carry the big, brown box, I thought maybe he was moving in. But silly me! First, why would he move into her tiny apartment over his spacious one? And second, these are teenagers! They can’t shack up yet? Wait, they’re supposed to be a adults? Whoops.

Naturally, Moriko freaks out about the state of her apartment. I thought she had always been kinda neat and tidy. I guess the show just decided to make her a slob for this one episode. I can’t really complain; this is probably the best part of the first vignette.

Finally, the day arrives, and Yuta gets to see where Moriko spends 99% of her time. I like how the custom parts all come in one box, too. I’m used to getting my components on different days of the week from either Newegg or Amazon, but maybe it works differently in Japan. Shrug.

It’s 2017! You don’t impress a woman by fixing her sink anymore! You gotta stick that Linux distro on her new computer! The future is now, old man!

Meanwhile, Moriko coos over the new graphics card. I hope she sprung for a Titan V just to play Fruits de Mer.

Some time later, Moriko is caught staring at Yuta. I told you, nothing is sexier than installing Linux. She ends up spilling tea all over the place, so he tries to get up and help her. But oh geez, adults are so clumsy so he accidentally trips and falls on top of her.

My, my, my…

Unfortunately, they are saved by the (door)bell. While Moriko checks on the door, Yuta goes, “That was close.” Close to what? Close to having a healthy libido? God forbid.

Ugh, that case is an eyesore.

Now that the computer’s up and running, the two of them decides to play Fruits de Mer together. Look, the couple that poopsocks together, stays together. Yuta even had the foresight to bring his laptop. Is this what they mean by Ultra Instinct?

Later that night, Moriko and Yuta complete a dungeon that unlocks an in-game onsen… for eyecandy, I guess? Maybe there are other in-game benefits we don’t hear about. Nevertheless, the guy accidentally suggests that they both visit one in real life. Moriko is blushing like mad at the thought of going on an overnight trip with Yuta, so naturally, he keeps stammering until he ends up inviting his goddamn friend. How. Romantic. Is he going to invite Homare to their honeymoon as well? But that’s the end of the vignette, folks! According to Yuta’s disembodied voice, the onsen story is for another day (read: never).

The second half of the episode is nothing more than a fevered dream, so I’m not sure if I really want to get into it. Moriko finds herself stuck in the MMO and she’s been tasked with rescuing Princess Sakura from the evil Demon King. Sakura is really just Yuta (Sakurai) and the Demon King is none other than Homare. He just worms his way in their lives no matter what.

Moriko eventually bumps into Hayashi and Lily, and they help gear her out. Apparently, you need to wear some tried-and-true MMO bikini armor in order to defeat the Demon King. Homare made sure of that. In the end, however, Moriko finds it too embarrassing to reveal that much skin. Not only that, she’s insecure about her age. So it’s Yuta to the rescue! He breaks free from his bonds, dons the bikini armor, and takes out the Demon King!

And it turns out the fevered dreamer was Yuta all along. No wonder he was so manly in it.

Anyway, this OVA is alright, I guess, but it doesn’t change how I feel about the overall series.

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