Record of Grancrest War Ep. 4: Who the hell is Sir Neyman?

The guy in the back? Who’s that? Did he do anything important in any of the previous three episodes? So here’s the thing… Siluca tries to have Theo switch over to Alliance from Union. Unfortunately, Marrine and her mage Aubeste, aka Siluca’s adoptive father, will have none of that. If they let Theo do what he wants, then everyone will want to do the same and that’s… bad, I guess? I don’t know. This sort of politics isn’t my strong suit. This sort of politics doesn’t really have any real world applicability, so I’m not going to think about it any further. But the kicker is that Marrine and her Knights of Valgrind are now going to attack Theo. Yay, nonstop war. It’s just war, war, war. You wake up in the morning? War. You cook an omelette? War. You so much as take a piss… war. Siluca tries to enlist the help of Villar Constance, but she is turned away. I think this was the dude she was supposed to form a contract with in the first place, but… whatever. I don’t feel as though the details are that important.

Okay, talks broke down and now Theo’s army of 3000 men will face 20000 men. Surely, people are bitter about the fact that they may soon die, right? Surely, they’re kind of annoyed that Siluca’s strategy not only failed, but it failed spectacularly, right? I mean, it’s one thing to be turned away, but she ended up getting an entire army to attack them. I would think somebody would be mad about this, but nope. No one really cares. In Record of Grancrest War, if you gotta go to war, well shit, let’s war it up. Don’t expect any emotions from Theo. He’s ready to do whatever Siluca tells him to do. Don’t expect any emotions from Lassic because he’s ready to do whatever Theo wants him to do. And then Aishela, who only showed up in the first place because she’s a friend of Siluca, is also sticking this out, because…? These people’s motivations are a complete mystery. They’re just all happy to fight and die. They’ll accept whatever missteps Siluca makes along the way, because…?

So the battle begins, and Theo’s men are easily overwhelmed. This is not remotely surprising. After all, they’re outnumbered nearly 7 to 1. Aishela suffers a critical hit and almost dies. Luckily, Priscilla is around to heal her. Basically, Aishela is too hot to die. On the other hand, Theo and Siluca receive news of Sir Neyman’s death, and I’m just like who? No, really, who is this guy? They don’t even cut to his final moments. He literally just dies offscreen. In fact, they don’t even hold a short funeral for him at the end of the episode. Nobody cares about Sir Neyman at all. I think it’s pretty bad when a named character dies, and the audience is just confused as to who that character is. Instead, we get to see the King of Savis — he’s baaaaack! — foolishly follow Sir Lassic’s men up this extremely perilous and narrow pathway. Needless to say, once the men are stuck marching in single file, Lassic turns around and starts fighting them one by one. This is obviously foolish, right? Right. And as a result, Lassic is the only leader in Theo’s army who manages to grind out a victory. But alas, he merely manages to kill the King of Savis for good. The rest of the war is still a disaster for Theo.

Alright, time for peace talks! And we’ll have Siluca do it again, because she did such a fine job earlier! The goal here is to have Theo abandon his land. Yep, after four episodes, he’s just going to go back to being a knight. As long as he gets to keep Siluca by his side, however, it’s all hunky-dory. Everything else will go to Lassic, because, well, he kinda deserves it. In fact, Theo hasn’t really done much fighting. All this talk about crests making you a beast in battle hasn’t materialized whatsoever. Theo hasn’t actually done much of anything since the first episode. Again, it’s hard to see why he’s the hero, and it’s hard to see why everyone follows him. When it comes to being a warrior, Lassic has him beat. And when it comes to strategy, even though Siluca isn’t perfect, Theo defaults to her decisions no matter what. So what is this guy’s purpose in life? Aubeste must clearly agree with me, because the Knights of Valgrind won’t back down unless Theo gives up his life. And when Theo hears this, he’s just like, “Welp, when it’s time for me to go, it’s time for me to go!” Again, nobody shows any emotions on this show.

This guy left his homeland to become a knight so that he may return one day to liberate his people. But now he’s going to die unceremoniously in battle, and he’s just all, “No big deal!!!” C’mon, man! But everyone’s stupid, so Theo is spared. Aubeste warns the Knights of Valgrind that if everyone goes after Theo, then there won’t be enough men to protect Marrine. If she’s undefended, then the Earl of Artuk will certainly strike. Well, nobody listens to Aubeste, and that’s exactly what happens. Some guy — literally Marrine’s cousin — shows up at the last second to drive her away. And with that, Theo’s ass is saved. So he’s not a great fighter, he’s not a great thinker, and he constantly needs people to help him out. Yeesh. But all’s well that ends well, right? Ehhhh… Villar will let Theo keep his title and his land, but the former gets to have Siluca. So naturally, our hero of heroes rejects this proposal. Instead, he’ll relinquish his title and his land! And he’ll pledge himself to Villar instead as a knight! Why? All of this for Siluca. He just wants to keep her contracted to him, because… she makes his dreams come true or something.

So, uh, does Theo like her now or what? Because he’s so emotionless, who can really tell? There’s just been so few real interactions between him and Siluca. They’ve had maybe one heart-to-heart conversation, which took place in the previous episode. Thanks to the show’s relentless pacing, almost every exchange between them have been business-like. We’re going to do this, we’re going to do that. I’m just saying, are they even friends? Do they really get along outside of work? Shrug, I guess I just have to assume that this is the case. And maybe he does like her. But then again, it’s anime. Unless characters overtly go blushy-crushy in anime, they’re not in love. And generic heroes like Theo are usually dense as all hell. They usually have no clue that someone likes them unless you beat them over the head with it. More importantly, they feel no attraction to people until you fall in love with them first. Well, maybe that’s exactly what happens with Siluca.

In any case, her original plan comes to fruition after all. Theo becomes a knight with no land, Lassic gets everything — even though he maintains that he’ll still be forever loyal to Theo because reasons — and Siluca remains by Theo’s side. And also Priscilla. And probably Aishela too because I doubt she wants to leave Siluca. Great.

5 thoughts on “Record of Grancrest War Ep. 4: Who the hell is Sir Neyman?

  1. Karandi

    I kind of enjoyed the battle this episode but yeah, Theo’s motives and the motives of those around him need a bit of work (okay, a lot of work but I’m enjoying the show so I’m not going to be quite that critical). And yes, killing a named character no one could remember off-screen probably wasn’t the best choice if they were trying to make us feel anything about the potential danger of the battle.

  2. Oby

    Neyman was fought & conquered off-screen, recruited & befriended off-screen and died off-screen. Yet another ingenuity of this anime adaptation.

    I don’t even have to tell you what other important things the anime has botched from the source. My point above should already described how bad it is.

  3. Vicious

    he was recruited at the same time as Issac or whatever as he was serving with/under him at the time so not really recruited off screen

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  5. Alex Mervin

    1.neymen was in there before too but he was just an off screen character basically
    2. theo is an ok fighter and people love him because of his beliefs.
    3. Theo was ok with dying because he would safe everyone else life, them loving him aint stupid.
    4. you really cant see that theo liked her, i mean he continuously say that it is thanks to her that he is there and that he would still have her even if he lost him land.
    5. “Aishela, who only showed up in the first place because she’s a friend of Siluca, is also sticking this out, because…?” – you literally answered your own question there.


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