Kokkoku Ep. 6: Good ol’ family reunion

The second half of this week’s episode is pretty good. Hm, well, I might be overstating it a bit. Let’s try that again: the second half of this week’s episode is not abjectly boring. There we go. Basically, it manages to keep my attention all the way through as we watch Juri try and expel the jellyfish from the giant Handler (aka the Herald). The action is not great or anything, but there’s a tangible sense of danger as our heroine tries to conquer the three-man behemoth. I’m puzzled by that, by the way. How come all three of them showed up as one Handler this time, but when Sagawa tried to summon one, he only got the itty-bitty kid at first? Is it because his intent to kill isn’t as strong as Takafumi’s messed up nature? Speaking of the false patriarch, what was he implying to his father? That a small intent to kill would somehow go undetected by the Handler? You either want to kill or you don’t. Majima doesn’t actually want to hurt anyone. I guess we can’t say the same about Takafumi.

Oh yeah, Majima tries her best to summon her family, but she couldn’t. Apparently, only bad people can do it, and no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t master up a legitimate intent to kill. I think we’re supposed to believe that she isn’t a bad person, but I won’t go so far as to say she’s a good person either. After all, she’s aligned herself with some pretty shady people. She’s also using Makoto as a hostage in order to get what she wants out of Juri. Sure, Majima has her reasons. Sure, it’s not easy to lose your family at such a young age. I won’t pretend to know what that’s like. But if we’re trying to determine whether or not Majima’s a good person, I just don’t see any evidence in her favor. I agree that she isn’t a bad person, but we should have higher standards for goodness and righteousness. Anyways, is it possible her brother is still alive? That would be nuts.

We still don’t know exactly what Sagawa wants, and at this point, I don’t really care anymore. We know what Majima wants, and we’ve pretty much accomplished her mission in just one episode. I thought she’d have to summon them one by one, each attempt being more progressively more dangerous than the previous. But nah, we got them all in one go, and no one even got hurt in the process. Tsubasa almost turned into one of the Handlers, but Juri dispelled his jellyfish just in time before the transformation could complete. I guess we’ll just assume that he’s okay. He did take a knife to the chest, but as long as he remains frozen, I guess he won’t bleed out. I don’t have much else to add about the episode. Yeah, this is a pretty short post, because the show is also pretty straightforward. The characters aren’t that deep and neither is the story. The tension in the second half is what makes this episode watchable, but it’s still a rather forgettable. It’s too bad there aren’t really any good shows on Sundays, so Kokkoku is all I have in order to wrap up a week of anime.

1 thought on “Kokkoku Ep. 6: Good ol’ family reunion

  1. Moe❤️Maximizing🧚‍♀️Superintelligence (@basedkei)

    I don’t think a binary conception of “good/bad person” is at all essential to what this mechanic is getting at. She can’t bring herself to kill someone directly, face to face. Most of us can’t, even though we vote for Trump or buy Apple products or implicate ourselves in all kinds of violence we can rationalize. (As per Takafumi’s question, the degree of *indirection* with which you can kill people in Stasis would be the avenue to investigate if you had some intention of gaming it – although the fact of everyone being suddenly rendered *perfectly defenseless* strips away a lot of normal cognitive architecture by default.

    Also, have you read Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals? Interesting companion to this series.


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