Gakuen Babysitters Ep. 8: Love letters and scams

Hm, we just talked about how much all the girls like Ryuichi, but with this love letter in his shoe locker, I guess we’ll just have to do that again. 

— When one of Yuki’s friends asked if she had done it, she desperately denies it. But even if it had been her, would she have admitted it? Doubt it.

— Ryuichi: “Girls don’t especially like me.” Why does anime love the dense protagonist so much? I don’t really get it. In any case, his beet-red reaction to the letter is a sign that girls need to be direct if they want to get anything done with this guy. He might not respond favorably to the girl — after all, his boring ass will probably say something like, “My brother comes first,” — but at least you’ll get closure. And that’s fine, right? It’s 2018, girls. It’s okay for you to ask the guy out. Then again, some people (girls and guys) still prefer traditional gender roles when it comes to the world of dating and courtship.

— Ryuichi continues blushing just because of the letter. Is it even physiologically possible to perpetually blush? Seems tiring.

— I like sekihan, which is the red rice boiled with beans.

— Kotaro initially wanted his brother to read him a story, but seeing Ryuichi so lost in thought, the kid decides against it. How is that kid so emotionally intelligent for his age? How is his older brother so dumb? C’mon, the book he picked is right there.

— Ryuichi: “Okay… I think I need to turn her down.” Of course you do. He says he doesn’t have the ability to date and take care of Kotaro at the same time. I guess parents who work and care for their kids just give up on romance altogether. Dating can be as involved or casual as you want it to be. You can see each other everyday, or you can just see each other once a week. You’ll never know until you talk it out with the person you’re interested in and coming to a compromise that will make both parties happy. Making your brother the first priority doesn’t mean you can’t have second, third, and fourth priorities. But these shows never approach dating from an interesting, measured approach. It’s all or nothing for Ryuichi.

— Then to make matters worse, he loses his little brother. Because these stories only take up half an episode, Kotaro isn’t missing for long. It turns out he went into someone’s yard just to grab a lemon. He thinks his brother is sick, so lemon tea would do the trick.

— Anyways, I feel bad for the girl. Not only does she get shot down without much fanfare, we don’t even get to see her face. If Ryuichi ever does decide that there’s more to life than just caring for his brother, he wouldn’t pick her anyways. For once, Hayato is right: this doesn’t seem healthy.

— I guess Yuki and Maria can bond over their silly crush on a boy who doesn’t have a single romantic bone in his body.

Sanrio? There’s some crappy show also airing this season that you guys might be interested in.

— Kotaro and Taka are best buds just like their older brothers, so the latter invites the former to a festival. How quaint. I’ve noticed in recent weeks that the second story tends to be less interesting than the first. This is already shaping up to be the case.

— The older brothers are old enough to know that the festival games are scams, but Taka doesn’t. He predictably throws a tantrum. Kotaro probably doesn’t either, but he also wouldn’t care. The kid is so well-behaved, Ryuichi’s job isn’t really all that hard.

— Eventually, Taka loses his toy sword, so I guess that’s the conflict of this short story. The kid just ends up screaming and crying even more, which makes his brother hits him in public. Great.

— In the end, Taka can’t find his sword, so his brother compromises with him: if the kid gives up on the sword, Hayato will take him to play one of those silly scam games. Apparently, you yank on a string and hope that it’s actually attached to a prize. That sounds like a boring game, but what do I know? I don’t go to festivals.

— And of course, Kotaro somehow saves the day. That’s… that’s suspicious. But that’s it for us. Thank God.

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