Kokkoku Ep. 8: Sagawa gains a new form

Hey, we gotta get our Dragon Ball Super fix somehow. 

— I thought Sagawa was going to turn into something new and interesting, but at the end of his mini-speech, he simply says he’s going to become a Herald. He’s just a special one — one that still has the free will of a human. He then proceeds to kill two of his lackeys. Sagawa treats this like nothing more than an experiment. He crushes a man’s throat then asks Shiomi to confirm that he had killed someone of his own volition. He then tells another man to try and run just so he can test his speed and accuracy. This is pretty much the banality of evil in action. Human lives mean nothing to him compared to his silly experimental data.

— His next experiment is to see if there are any other Heralds left and whether or not he can react in time. As a result, he instructs one of his remaining lackeys to kill Tsubasa. Oh dear. Juri better hurry.

— And of course, she manages to appear at the last second to dispel the lackey’s Specter. We won’t know whether or not there are still any Heralds left, because she can’t risk it. But thanks to Sagawa’s super speed, she also can’t stick around. As a result, Grandpa has to save her by teleporting them both away from the bad guys. Unfortunately, his lack of accuracy quickly dispels any hint of tension from this scene. It’s hard to get into the drama when the old man keeps teleporting his granddaughter to random ass places. It feels more like slapstick than anything else.

— Eventually, Grandpa and Juri call it a day, since the former is confident that Tsubasa isn’t in any immediate danger. But I mean… Shiomi’s still there. Sagawa could always make Shiomi attack Tsubasa. Grandpa doesn’t know that.

— We briefly cut to Takafumi deliberating over how he can convince his family to teach him how to use the Master Stone. Meanwhile, Makoto starts screaming to go home. God, kids in anime are annoying as fuck. Thankfully, this scene doesn’t last very long. Even though I know I won’t get my wish, I really hope Takafumi doesn’t actually get to do anything. I’m pretty much done with his character.

— Majima thinks she can convince Shiomi to come over to their side. We hardly know the guy, so I can’t really comment on whether or not her reasoning is sound.

— Meanwhile, Sagawa is consuming food like an animal, and his body is instantly metabolizing it. His skin even begins to crack and chip off. Eventually, he simply shed a grey, bulbous mass and emerges as this slightly green fellow. This should be more interesting than it actually is, but I’m vaguely bored by everything. Even Shiomi doesn’t look and sound all that impressed or concerned. Meanwhile, Sagawa offers a dry explanation for everything, so it feels like listening to a lecture rather than watching someone undergo a grotesque, fearsome transformation.

— Majima eventually shows up to the supermarket alone, but Shiomi quickly rebuffs her. Well, that’s that. To be fair, the good guys are just a ragtag group. On the other hand, the guy has seen what Sagawa is capable of. He just doesn’t have any good reasons to defect.

— We cut back to Takafumi and Makoto. Sadly, the kid has more morals than a grown-ass man. He believes he needs influence, which he won’t have if he sticks around here while Juri and Grandpa do all the dirty work. Oh boy, he’s going to drag the kid into danger, isn’t he?

— When we return to our heroes, Sagawa goes Hulk-mad on Majima. The time-stop gimmick makes the environment around them look cool. It’s just too bad Sagawa himself is so lame, and I can’t say much about our heroes either.

— Huh… wouldn’t her weight cause the debris to fall? Clearly, Majima has powers of her own as well. According to Sagawa, their Specters are suppressing physical phenomena… so she is falling, but it’s not perceptible to us lowly humans. Okay…

— Before Grandpa could teleport Juri into position to attack Sagawa, Shiomi comes out of hiding with a knife and slashes at the old man. This creates an opening, which allows Sagawa to attack. As predicted, Grandpa has to use his teleportation powers defensively. Apparently, Sagawa and Shiomi just need Grandpa’s blood for some special reason, and now that they have it, they proceed to leave. Well, that was anticlimactic. Our heroes later try to brainstorm why Sagawa would need the blood, but no one has a clue.

— Elsewhere, Shiomi eventually adds drops of Grandpa’s blood to the master stone, so this… happens. Grandpa then collapses to the ground in excruciating pain, and since every week must end on a cliffhanger, our episode is over.

— Well, Kokkoku is the same as it has always been: stuff happens, but there’s no palpable sense of excitement anywhere in the story. Everything goes according to plan for Sagawa, and yet, I’m not exactly fearful for the lives of our heroes. On the other hand, I have no rooting interest Juri and pals either. Juri is the only character who is remotely likable, but I still don’t care about her all that much. And since the story seems to lack any sort of deeper subtext, I can’t even enjoy it on an intellectual level. It’s a shame…

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