Gakuen Babysitters Ep. 10: Sexist dads and cute chicks

School festival time! 

— Wait, what does that have to do with the daycare center? Even Ryuichi goes, “For some reason, the daycare room has to participate, too.”

— They’re going to have toddlers serve drinks to people, but they warn you before hand that the “juice may spill.” Nice!

— On the other hand, this is pretty cute. I have no idea where they’d find such costumes, but Japan is the land of cosplay so I shouldn’t doubt them. If a toddler wants to dress up as a cabbage, by god, he should be able to!

— Unfortunately, Kotaro takes a tumble when he slips on a puddle of juice. This sounds potentially hazardous for the kids. Why has nobody wiped up said puddle? What exactly is Yoshihito even doing? As always, the answer is nothing.

— Apparently, Yoshihito made all of the costumes by hand. Sure.

— Yoshihito marvels over Ryuichi’s willingness to dress up as corn. Eh, is there a joke I’m missing here? Is it embarrassing to be corn?

— Maybe it’s just me, but Kirin looks way too small compared to her dad here.

— For some odd reason, Kirin’s mom requested that the babysitters put on wigs and pretend to be girls. Why? We don’t know for sure yet, but it seems her husband expects the daycare to be run by girls and girls only. And seeing as how this is anime, everyone’s going to think that Ryuichi makes for a super cute high school shoujo.

— Uh, Kirin’s dad also thought that the rest of the kids would be girls, too. Did his wife lead him to think that his daughter was attending an all-girls school or something?

— Kirin’s dad to the baby Midori: “If I were thirty years younger, I’d ask for your hand.” I can’t believe someone not only married this guy, but also had a kid with him.

— Kirin’s dad to the rest of the toddlers: “What are your intentions for my Kirin? Be honest!” He later adds, “You expect me to leave my adorable unmarried daughter in this beast room full of men?!” What am I watching?

— Ryuichi: “I know you might be nervous about leaving [your daughter] in a room full of men.” This is so stupid.

— Ah, I knew it: Kirin’s dad listens to Ryuichi’s desperate pleas because he actually thinks that the latter is a girl. Ryuichi didn’t even change his voice or anything. Talk about low effort.

Midori’s dad eventually shows up. Can we finally have an adult around here? Inui runs away in tears because he thinks he’s lost to a mountain man. On the other hand, he does think that “Ryuko” is cute. Oh anime…

— After being served juice by his daughter, Kirin’s dad starts worrying about how she’ll eventually become an adult woman with her own life. Oh no, the horror! That reminds me that I’ve always found it creepy for dads to be super-protective of their daughters. I’ve always found it creepy when dads try to act all macho with their daughters’ boyfriend. People just find this sort of thing amusing when I actually find it sick. Stop thinking about your daughter’s vagina. Maybe it’s a good thing that these dads are absentee parents.

— The guy who goes on and on about how he had wanted to see cute schoolgirls is also the one who spews such nonsense. Projecting much? Sadly, Midori’s dad seems to feel the same way. I hate everyone on this show.

— Thankfully, the first half of the episode draws to a close, so we end with a group picture (minus Kirin’s dad).

— In the second half of the episode, we return to our favorite topic of all time: Taka crying over Hayato’s abuse! Yay!

— This is supposed to be a light-hearted comedy, folks. This guy is supposed to be the main character’s best friend.

— It feels like I have to say the same thing week in and week out: bad parents raise bad children. The best part is that she’s an instructor at this school.

— Anyways, what’s the actual gimmick of the second half of the episode? Waiting for these eggs to hatch.

— Of course, most of the kids are too impatient to sit and watch a bunch of eggs in an incubator. After all, they’re normal. Kotaro, on the other hand, can sit and stare at those eggs all day. There’s nothing wrong with being abnormal, of course. He’s just different. And possibly somewhere on the spectrum. The show could raise awareness about what it might take to care for a child like Kotaro, but Gakuen Babysitters is mostly content to just play his oddity off for jokes or cuteness.

— The kid’s focusing so hard, he’s letting off steam.

— Eventually, the chicks emerge from their eggs and it’s super cute. Even Kotaro can’t help but become emotional. Great. Let’s call it here since this feels like a happy ending. At least the second short story isn’t as gross as the first one.

— Oh, don’t worry about this cat. No chicks were harmed in the making of this episode.

1 thought on “Gakuen Babysitters Ep. 10: Sexist dads and cute chicks

  1. Jz

    The over-protective dads thing is just possessive. I mean, in that screenshot you linked he said she’ll be “taken away”. Taken from who? She isn’t his property. It just smacks of that old fashioned sexism where daughters belong to their dads until they “give her away” and then she becomes her husband’s property.


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