Everything Else Pt. 10 (Winter ’18)


Dagashi Kashi S2 Ep. 9

I’m not a web developer, but I’ve done some front-end stuff. As a result, this episode kills me.

This bizarre keyboard layout kills me. I sincerely hope it isn’t modeled after an actual laptop in Japan.

The characters’ insistence on saying “internets” over and over kills me. This also reminds me of an interesting article about why Japanese websites continue to look so different. Some food for thought…

I was hoping to see some javascript, but no such luck. How much mastery Hajime actually has over that bastard language is a complete mystery. If she knows how to build websites, she should be doing that instead of wasting her life at a minimum wage job peddling dagashi. Yes, yes, she’s lazy, but most developers will only get in three to four hours of actual productivity a day. This is just an average, of course. When you gotta hit deadlines, all bets are off.

These two end up accidentally creating a lewd website, so they both agree that they got a little too carried away. So what do we see next? This eyecatch:

Hmmmm. The episode actually has another short story involving Hajime and super balls. Apparently, you can make them using simple household ingredients, but I’m not gonna try it out. And if you’re wondering, Hotaru isn’t in this episode either. She probably won’t be in next week’s episode as well.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Ep. 9

The vast majority of the episode is all about Lin’s past. His real name is Maomei, and we learn that his poor, sickly mother sold him off to some shady group. He was then taken to a facility where they trained young boys to become assassins. As a memento, Lin still has a bar code on one of his arms. Anyways, life in that facility was brutal, but he made a friend. During the final exam, they were supposed to work together in order to break free from their prison, but his friend ended up betraying him. Lin had to kill the guy, but this is magical anime land, so the guy is somehow still alive. Not only that, he’s coming after Lin after all these years because…? I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to find out. In any case, this episode reminds me a bit of that one anime about kids being treated horribly in prison. No, not Deadman Wonderland. I’m talking about Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin. Anyways, I was kinda curious about that lady who might have been Banba’s ex-lover, but ever since she was introduced a few weeks ago, she hasn’t reappeared since. That’s a shame.

Ito Junji Collection Ep. 10

This is probably the only time where you could argue that the show’s bad animation might actually be a good thing. ‘Might’ is the operative word here. The adaptation is nowhere near as gross as the manga:

…I’m hungry for some noodles. Is anyone else hungry? Let’s go get some ramen.

As for the second story, if you send a body down a river, it’ll eventually fall off the mat at some point, right? So why is it bad for the body to fall off the mat at the bridge as opposed to any other point along the river? Ah well, it’s just a silly horror story.

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san Ep. 9

The best moment was when Takagi transitioned from gut-busting laughter to being perfectly photogenic in an instant. The rest of the episode is about what you expect it to be.

Overlord II Ep. 09

It’s yet another episode mostly about Climb! Yay? No, not yay. Every week, Overlord continues to bore me to tears. The only interesting thing about this episode is Princess Renner turning out to be a complete psychopath. But honestly, I’ll be surprised if this amounts to anything. Nothing important ever seems to go down in this series.

Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san Ep. 10

What…? Is there really blue ramen out there?

Oh my god, there is! You can supposedly add vinegar to the broth and turn it pink. Eh.

We then have this cocoa-flavored ramen. I can’t really imagine in my head what this bowl would taste like. That’s such an odd combination… cocoa and fatty ramen broth.

Here are some bowls of ramen at a place that mainly specializes in conveyor belt sushi. Maybe the portions are smaller than they look, because I’m always full after a bowl of ramen. I can’t imagine also stuffing myself with sushi. The ramen with the shrimp looks nice, though. I’ve had clams in my ramen before, and it’s kind of a hassle to pick them out of the broth.

How do you ensure that the gyoza’s filling is cooked all the way through?

Alright, that’s too much food. I feel fat just watch this episode. I’m gonna move on. Also, I’m saving some money, so no pictures of my own food adventures this week. Sorry to disappoint anyone. I’m saving all that stuff for when Shokugeki no Soma starts up again next season. What’s that? Nobody wants to hear me talk about my lunch at The French Laundry? Too bad.

There’s a gag about how Yuu is a weirdo, Koizumi-obsessed psychopath, but tell me something I don’t know.

Takunomi Ep. 9

In this week’s episode, the girls enjoy alcohol with some dagashi. They should just do a crossover with Dagashi Kash–…

Oh shit, they did! Kinda. Eh, close enough. Anyways, Michiru is trying to lose some weight, so she refuses the umaibo snacks at first. But if she wants to lose weight, why is she drinking every single week? It’s really quite funny how young people casually indulge themselves in drinks after drinks, then act all surprised that all those calories eventually add up.

The girls eventually pair the umaibo with this plum-flavored drink. Umaibo is basically a puffed corn-flavored stick. It tastes alright, but I don’t find it particularly addictive like, say, a bag of potato chips. That’s probably due to culture, though. I never grew up with Japanese snacks, so I didn’t get to try an umaibo until I was well into adulthood. As a kid, I really enjoyed the creamy white rabbit candy, but that’s about it. Oh, there was the fruit-flavored gum that I liked. Anyways, the point is that I’m not particularly intrigued by this week’s pairing. I also wonder if anyone actually relaxes after a long day of work by eating umaibo and drinking beer. Anyways, the girls eventually move onto other snacks, but I’m kinda done with this week’s episode. It’s a good thing that Takunomi is nothing more than a short, because it’s really quite boring.

Like masculinity, it is overrated.

Toji no Miko Ep. 10

Yukari almost looks kinda cool here. But then our heroine finally gets to don those special combat outfits, and the anime completely drops the ball:

C’mon, this was supposed to be a hype moment, but you can barely see the girl behind all that haze and poor lighting. Anyways, Yukari moves against the academies to root out any potential Mokusa members. She also allows herself to be molested by a bunch of noro:

This means another great aradama will soon be summoned forth, so our ragtag team of girls — with barely any training under their belt — will attempt to confront the big, bad villain before its too late. Not only is there another cour left, the first cour isn’t even done. I obviously don’t know what’s going to happen next, but Kanami and her friends aren’t going to win. I’m actually curious how the story’s going to handle the mid-point climax.

5 thoughts on “Everything Else Pt. 10 (Winter ’18)

  1. ndqanhvn

    About the laptop keyboard…yes, the keyboard in Japan has a kana option, so you could type the kana itself instead of using the romanji reading. I found it extremely confusing though.

    1. Sean Post author

      I meant more the placement of the other keys like ‘Print Screen’ being right above ‘Enter’ or the weird need to include ‘Home’ and ‘Pg Up/Down.’

  2. ndqanhvn

    Btw, I like to hear about your food adventure really. It’s one of the reason I’m always looking to this “Everything else” posts every week.

  3. Advaris

    “The characters’ insistence on saying “internets” over and over kills me.”

    Japan has the reputation of being a high-tech, futuristic nation thanks to their famous robotic stuff and pop-culture, but in reality, not so much. Their robotic stuff might be advanced in the past, but it’s outdated now. Not to mention computer and Internet-related stuff aptitude in Japan is lower than what a nation like Japan should have in the first place. Heck, a lot of their mobile games still use http as its base. Yes, that old, outdated http, not http/2 or even https.

    “No, not yay. Every week, Overlord continues to bore me to tears.”

    Overlord is bad. It might not be the worst of this season (that probably go to Kokkoku. I don’t watch all the animes of this season, so there might be an anime worse than Kokkoku this season, though.) But that is just because the anime studio run damage control and minimize the outright distasteful part of the story. Not to mention the much worse part isn’t going to get animated this season. If it somehow gets season 3, I’m sure the studio is just going to run another damage control.

    The most mind-boggling part of this anime to me is its fans. I have an “acquaintance” who loves this anime and Momonga so much that he can’t stop bragging and boasting about how Momonga is the number 1 best anime male main character of this season without even appearing or at least appear briefly in the last few episodes with some f*cking chart from some f*cking poll in some f*cking anime website.

    I can’t understand it to be honest. The story is boring as f*ck and Momonga is also boring as f*ck. Is as long as it’s a f*cking self-insert character, people are going to love it no matter how boring or terrible that character is? I have no f*cking idea how can people relate to that Momonga character, considering that he had no character whatsoever, though.


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