Kokkoku Ep. 11: Wat

Duuuude… I don’t even know anymore. 

— Sagawa continues telling his backstory, and we’re up to the point where he inherited the cult from his father. He wanted to quit, but his best buddy wouldn’t let him. Why? ‘Cause girls and power, man! Girls and power! Chicks love cultists!

— In his rage, Sagawa started smashing up the place. That’s when he stumbled upon the crappier Infinity Stone. From that point on, Sagawa devoted his entire life to researching Stasis. As for his best buddy? Uh…

— Clearly, Sagawa was unhappy growing up, but I still don’t really see the link between his shitty life and his mom cheating on his father. I mean, it didn’t lead to anything. If the family fell apart as a result of her cheating, then I’d understand. But as far as I can tell, she’s just a cheater. That’s not enough to ruin a kid’s life, but whatever.

— Yeah, you got that right.

Juri feels bad after hearing Sagawa’s story, but she is still going to prioritize her family above all. And the only way she can protect her family is leave nothing to chance. As a result, she starts trying to expel the jellyfish from Sagawa’s body. Unfortunately, it’s going to take several attempts.

— Why not just kill the guy, right? Box cutters are such an anime thing.

— Grandpa doesn’t want Juri to dirty her hands, so he grabs the box cutter from her. But he also hesitates because he’s not a killer. Guess who doesn’t hesitate! C’mon, guess!

This guy!

I… I don’t even know, man. Even Takafumi’s family is kinda scared of him.

— All of a sudden, Sagawa’s brain emerges from his dried up husk of a corpse and flies out the window. Wat.

— Sagawa’s brain then stops in the middle of the street and puts down a bunch of super dense and super thin filaments. Takafumi continues to play the hero, so he goes to cut Sagawa down for good. Unfortunately, he should’ve realized that dense filaments you can barely see are always super sharp! Say goodbye to your fingers!

— To prevent her father from dying out, Juri immediately expels Takafumi’s jellyfish. Welp, at least we won’t have to deal with his dumb ass for the rest of the series.

— But back to Sagawa, his brain has now suddenly surrounded itself in some sort of spiky cocoon… wat.

— Ever the sensible one, Shiomi suggests that they now take this opportunity to clean up the world around them. After all, once they return to the normal world, it’s going to be hard to explain all these dead bodies. Some of them are even missing heads. But even if you bury them, someone’s going to come across them one day. Ah well.

— The family drops Takafumi’s motionless body off at a clinic with a note. Since time has stopped for him, he can still keep his fingers.

— For some reason, Majima needs to take off her shirt just to fix her dislocated shoulder. Is this commonly done? I have no clue. I’ve never dislocated any of my limbs. I’ve never broken a bone either. I’ve been pretty lucky health-wise.

— The group depends on Makoto to command Doggy Tobino to dig up some shallow graves for the dead bodies. All of a sudden, Juri tears up because she realizes that she never got the chance to say goodbye to her father. Eh. I mean, I get why she’s sad, but the guy is such a shithead.

— Anyways, Juri tries to say goodbye to Grandpa as well, but he won’t let her dispel his jellyfish. He won’t let her stay behind in Stasis by herself. I bet none of them ends up being trapped in this world, though.

— But no matter what happens, the two of them at least get to say their goodbyes to Makoto. It’d be a touching scene if I cared about this anime, but I don’t.

— Majima is keeping an eye on Cocoon Sagawa, but one short lapse in her attention almost costs her an arm. Sagawa’s filaments are spreading. Even the streets are dangerous. What are the filaments doing? They’re drawing nutrients from the world. Even dead ratties aren’t spared.

— Still, the filaments are made of… jellyfish, I guess. So Juri is super effective against them. So much for that.

— Our heroine eventually uses a ladder to get up close to Cocoon Sagawa. She intends to finish him off for good. When she touches the spiky object, however, her mind is suddenly flooded with Sagawa’s memories and feelings. She realizes that they have both been victimized by their families. Eh. I’m still not all that convinced by Sagawa’s story, but whatever. Like before, Juri will prioritize her family, so you don’t have to worry about her sparing the big, bad baddie. She eventually dispels the cocoon after all.

But what’s this…? Why, it’s baby Sagawa! He gets to have a second lease on life! Oh boy! Tune in next week to see how everyone will escape from Stasis. We’ll also finally be able to say goodbye to this mediocre series for good.

10 thoughts on “Kokkoku Ep. 11: Wat

    1. Sean Post author

      Typical anime thing where the super bad guy gets a second chance. On the other hand, look at all those dead henchmen.

  1. Karandi

    I haven’t had a chance to watch the episode yet, but what? This story has been kind of flailing along for awhile but there was still hope it might figure itself out but this sounds like a mess.

        1. Sean Post author

          Yep, Beatless joins Darling in the FranXX, Grancrest Senki, and Toji no Miko as shows that will extend into the spring season. There are a few others as well, but I’m not watching them so I don’t care.

  2. Advaris

    This anime is definitely the most disappointing anime of this season for me. Unlike all the other bad anime of this season, I actually expect this anime to be at least mediocre because of that damn tree monster and the surprisingly intriguing first episode, but it already started to go downhill from the second episode and just keep going until the final episode I guess. So disappointing.

    “Sagawa continues telling his backstory”

    And I continue to not give a damn. If anime insist on making me sympathize with its villains and forcing me to listen to their dark and angsty past, can they at least make them interesting?

    “For some reason, Majima needs to take off her shirt just to fix her dislocated shoulder.”

    No, you don’t need to take off your clothes to fix your dislocated shoulder. You don’t even need to take off your jacket. Dislocation is a completely different thing than broken bones or muscle sprains.

    “Why, it’s baby Sagawa!”

    If only this anime is a black comedy… Serious anime gotta be serious until the very end.

    1. Sean Post author

      The most disappointing anime of the season is Violet Evergarden. I thought KyoAni had finally gotten over the hump, but they’re not quite there yet. The show isn’t bad, but it’s by far the fourth best show of the season (way behind the obvious top three).

      1. Advaris

        Really? Violet Evergarden isn’t fulfilling its full potential, but I think it’s just a mediocre, soap opera anime that receive too much budget than it truly deserve. At least it doesn’t outright offend my sensibilities like this anime.

        1. Sean Post author

          Kokkoku is worse, but Violet Evergarden has disappointed me more. I expected a great show I would want to rewatch in the future. That is certainly no longer the case.


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