Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Ep. 2: Mass shooting on campus

After Dorei-ku, I definitely need a chaser. Y’know, just something light and breezy, and it looks like Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai might just do the trick. The show is neither deep nor challenging; so far, there’s barely even a plot. It’s just a bunch of friends hanging out. Nevertheless, I’ll continue to blog it as long as I don’t fall behind on everything else.

— Wow, not only does Teresa sleeps with a Rainbow Samurai doll, she has a shrine dedicated to the guy. It wouldn’t be accurate to call her a weeb, because she doesn’t act like your typical anime fanboy. She’s definitely obsessed with Japan, though.

— Man, such privilege.

— Yeah, natto smells horrible. I’ve tried it once, and I’ll never eat it again.

— We are introduced to Hajime, a.k.a. Pin-senpai. He’s the head of the Photography Club and also a bit of a creep. These two things are not necessarily related. Anyways, he supposedly has the ability to discern a girl’s cup size just by staring at them, but that’s probably bullshit. Guys think they know, but they don’t.

— Opposite Hajime is Hinako, the class representative. She seems like the quiet and mousy type, right? Well, she also happens to be a gravure idol. In fact, she’s Hajime‘s favorite gravure idol. But does he know that? Of course not. It’s fiction. All you gotta do is put on some glasses, and your identity will completely change. Just ask Superman.

— It’s Japan, so every high school student must join a club. I have no clue if this is actually true, but it’s certain the case in anime. Anyways, Teresa isn’t shy about her fandom, and that’s what makes her a true nerd.. Shameless love is what defines a nerd.

— This anime is not so great, but I really respect the level of detail that goes into every background. It’s actually quite impressive.

— Just as one might expect, the featured club in every anime series must necessarily be dying for members. The Photography Club here is no exception. Unfortunately, Hajime seems more concerned with getting nude models to photograph than anything else.

— Teresa fawns over Mitsuyoshi’s photos, but they look rather plain. But the guy manages to seal the deal when she spots that photo of the sluice gate from last week’s episode. Alec just can’t say no to this face.

— You never want to bombard newcomers with too much information. For once, the brainless Kaoru is correct. When people have fun with an activity, they’ll pursue deeper knowledge regarding it later.

— That cat-themed tissue box is supposed to be cute, but it looks like you have to tear out the poor animal’s guts just to wipe your nose.

— We meet yet another new character, and so far, Gentaro’s sole gimmick is that he acts like a goddamn dog. Yes, he’s loyal to Mitsuyoshi like a mutt, and he even has a heightened sense of smell. Okay then.

— To get Teresa and Alec properly orientated, the entire club is going to play a game. Basically, it’s like hide-and-go-seek plus photography. The team that snaps the best pic wins.

— At one point, Mitsuyoshi thinks he has Alec cornered, but she’s too fast for him. She also hops around like a ninja… which also means she runs like a Naruto character. Good lord. Luckily for Mitsuyoshi’s team, Hajime is an idiot who can’t resist the allure of any Hina-related paraphernalia.

— Yo, isn’t covering your face cheating? C’mon, if that’s allowed, why not just wear a bag over your head and auto-win?

— One of the team eventually finds themselves on the verge of victory, but Alec relents when she sees Teresa cry. As a result, she makes up a bad excuse about how she needs to tie her shoelaces, which allows Teresa’s team to escape. The funny thing, however, is that Alec ends up snapping the winning picture later, so it’s fine to win… just don’t make Teresa cry?

— Also, Hinako nearly gets splashed with water at one point, but Hajime suddenly protects her like a gentleman. Of course, if the water manages to hit his hair, then there’s no way it didn’t land on the girl as well, but shhh… we’ll just pretend that didn’t happen.

— In any case, I guess these two might have a thing. Near the end of the day, Hinako tries to ditch the group. It’s not that she doesn’t want to hang out with them. It’s that she’s oddly insecure for someone who also lives a second life as a model. Nevertheless, Hajime convinces her to stay, and I’m guessing that he’s probably the only one who could. I don’t really care about them, but I’m glad that this show isn’t shaping up to be a harem.

— But that about does it for our second episode. We meet a few new faces, joined the Photography Club, and even added another oh-so-special anime memory. Of course, I think Gentaro is wholly unnecessary, and the story probably wouldn’t suffer one bit if he was left out.

— All that’s left is to enjoy a cup of joe.

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