Devils’ Line Ep. 2: The funniest (or scariest) show of the season thus far

They had sex?! Period sex too?! 

Phew, turns out it was just a dream! Lately, Tsukasa just can’t stop having hot sexy dreams about sleeping with a vampire! God, how embarrassing!

Tsukasa has even been spacing out in class. By the way, I didn’t know professors still called on college kids and had them read out loud in class. I thought that ended after high school. And why are the subs in the middle of the screen?

Anyways, because Akimura is a vampire, his arrest doesn’t end up in the news. In fact, his disappearance is attributed to him fucking off to Canada of all places. As a result, Tsukasa can’t help but wonder if she had imagined everything… especially the tongue.

We flashback to last week’s episode, and Anzai had started to undress the girl. Luckily for her, he sedated himself before he could, y’know, go any further.

And yet, it didn’t look as though the girl would’ve stopped him had he not shot himself up. I swear, vampire stories always manage to cook up the weirdest characters. All the dudes are rapey, and all the girls want it… as long as the dudes are vampires. But if you’re just a plain ol’ human, ugh, get your non-vampire dick away from me!

Magically, Anzai turned into a bishie after tasting Tsukasa’s blood.

Yeah, sorry for slipping you the tongue!

And don’t get too worked up on that serial killer friend of yours!

Nah, it’s gotta be the tongue.

So the flashback is over, and Tsukasa starts thinking about her friend. Yeah, I get it… they had known each other for years. But still, he did kinda rape and kill three women. Afterwards, she starts to think about Anzai some more.

Of course it was her first kiss. It always is.

Yeah, me too! I could go for some fresh air, though. Let’s pull back this inconspicuous curtain!


Wait, he’s the one who got scared? What the fuck is he doing on her balcony? Why are modern vampires so obsessed with balconies?

He then pretty much admits that he’s been stalking her, but does that bother Tsukasa one bit? Nooooope.

She just feels guilty that she hasn’t been thinking about her rapey, killy friend enough!

Anzai suddenly starts negging her… while standing on her balcony… after stalking her for the past few weeks.

And that is what sets her off. Him pinning her against the wall and slipping her the tongue in last week’s episode didn’t make her mad. Him randomly showing up on her balcony didn’t make her mad. But telling her to get a little thicc? OOOOOOOH!

Anzai eventually has to fuck off for some official police work, but he magically drops his wallet somehow.

As a result, the girl runs all the way to the scene of the crime. She even sees cop cars outside the building.

She then even climbs the building. How was the place not quarantined?! What are the cop cars for if some rando girl can just get onto the premises!

So we have some sob story where this girl went nuts and killed her husband.

She didn’t want to, but the husband cut himself then offered his blood up to her. The next thing she knew, she had gutted him and drunk his blood. Wew lads.

Wait, devil are the official term for vampires? I thought it was just a metaphor. In fact, I thought vampire was the official term for vampires!

Tsukasa later slips away unnoticed… except by Anzai, of course. Nothing she does goes unnoticed by him. As a result, he later pays her a visit by creepily staring at her from the balcony again.

Very creepily.

But then he realizes that she just wanted to return his wallet, so now we have this romantic moment out of nowhere as a gentle breeze lovingly caresses their hair!

Nevertheless, he feels the need to warn her that vampires are always on the verge of snapping, so you can’t just offer up a cut finger to them. Anzai goes even further and says the following:


Afterwards, Anzai hangs out with his cop buddies at a bar and hears the good news! Yes, sex between humans and vampires is legal now! But wait, there’s more!

You need to pay some poor doctor to watch you guys fuck!

Anyways, Anzai continues to regularly visit Tsukasa through her balcony. Why? Shrug. In fact, she keeps trying to offer him stuff. Want a kotatsu? Want some nabe? Why can’t we just talk? And yet, she won’t ask the simplest question: why is he even here?

They’re supposed to meet up later so he can carry the groceries. Unfortunately, when she went to return a book that she had borrowed from her professor, the latter starts acting all creepy.

Really? The professor is a rapist too?

Don’t drink that! It might be roofied!



Fondling her breasts like he’s poring over a dissertation!

That’s an audible “No!” from the girl, folks. You all heard it! This is important, because after she tries to smash his head in with a mug, this is what he tells her:




Well, all you had to do was say the magic words and a vampire will appear right outside your window.

Anzai proceeds to beat the professor within an inch of the guy’s life.

He then holds Tsukasa’s… head? Afterwards, Anzai makes his escape, because even though he’s just a cop trying to stop a rapist in his tracks, he’s not allowed to rage out as a vampire. Oh well.

When he returns home, he discovers that he had gotten Tsukasa’s blood on one of his hands. Yeah, wash it off. You wouldn’t wanna feel any temptation. You wouldn’t want to sin in the eyes of the Lord!

Wash it good, vampire cop! Wash it with your tongue!

Wait, why are you taking your belt off? Are you gonna wash it with your dick?! Why’s it gotta be like this!

Rest assured, the professor has been “dismissed.” Not jailed or anything like that. Just dismissed.

But now, the poor girl is having sex dreams about him. Therapy, girl. You need therapy.

But instead of therapy, Tsukasa can’t help but wonder where Anzai might have disappeared to…


Let’s sneak into her room and smell the bony girl while she sleeps!

She scared him again! Can’t a grown man sneak into a woman’s apartment in the middle of the night through her balcony without being scared? What has this country come to?

Gee, I wonder why that’d be the case! She’s only been slipped the tongue twice and nearly raped! Look at her thousand yard stare.

And yet… Tsukasa’s not afraid of Anzai. See, there’s a good way and a bad way to slip your tongue into a girl’s mouth. If you’re a sexy vampire with bags under your eyes, you’re good to go! If you’re a lame-o professor, then it’s a no go!

But when she tells him that she’s been having nightmares (about her rapey professor), he pulls her out of the covers and holds her close to him.

Being hugged by a vampire is such a religious experience!

And with that, our episode comes to an end. This episode really gave me a good laugh. Phew. I really needed this. Boy, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

10 thoughts on “Devils’ Line Ep. 2: The funniest (or scariest) show of the season thus far

  1. sonicsenryaku

    Damn; my feelings about this anime is all fucked up: one minute I’m laughing at how incompetent the storytelling is and then the next minute I’m getting frustrated at how better this could be with some reworking/repurposing of the shittly constructed scenes and faulty character writing. I genuinely believe the conceit of this show had all the makings to be a comprehensive and mature look into a society teeming with vampires and the moral implications of their governmental subjugation and dehumanization. Even more, I could have easily seen the relationship between Tsukasa and Anzai being this emotionally layered and 3-dimensional character study of two people who kinda need each other even though they fear being together due to the danger their proximity poses. Tsukasa could have been written as a college student who just started to live in the city on her own who suffers from feelings of loneliness and mild social anxiety. Her family life wasn’t all that great and due to certain anxieties, she’s kind of always been alone even though she’s had one or two classmates willing to approach her. With the recent break of vampire attacks, she’s been a victim of attack, however she’s saved by Anzai; and while he does protect her during the first official meeting, he himself loses control and unfortunately attacks her as well, making her anxiousness around people grow even more. Anzai is a pretty decent guy outside of his vampiric urges, so when he comes to, he feels the need to apologize and keep an eye on Tsukasa to make sure she isn’t too shaken up.

    Upon their first meetings on her balcony, Tsukasa would be wary of Anzai and keep him behind a window (which could also serve as a smart nod to the idea that vampires cannot enter a person’s home unless invited). However as she learns that he does have her best interest in mind, she removes the glass barrier between them. Anzai is wary of stepping into her home because he himself doesn’t want to risk anything that may make him a slave to his instincts. It would be here that we can delve into some interesting characterization. Anzai believes coexistence between human and vampire is futile and that vampires must discipline themselves to never seek human desires like social comfort and love, something he has lived his whole life doing. However, what he doesn’t realize is that he needs these human comforts, subconsciously using his growing bond with Tsukasa to satisfy those needs (nailing the chemistry between these two would be very important obviously). This would make the tragedy of all vampires that more salient as we see how dangerous his vampire nature is and how difficult this makes things for him. On a instinctual level, Tsukasa is nothing but an object to lust for and the more the narrative established the dichotomous nature of his genuine emotions for Tsukasa vs that of his Id, the more sympathetic us as the audience would become of Anzai’s internal struggle. It would have made that whole masturbation scene hit harder as both unsettling but sympathetic because he truly is a slave to his vampiric instincts. He would be right: vampires cannot be with humans if their blood makes them lose their shit like this. Is Anzai’s love for Tsukasa just an obsession influenced by his vampiric instincts (demonstrating by him sniffing her or looking at her with a desire to drink her blood) or is he truly falling in love with her? Similarly, Tsukasa’s character flaws would have us question whether or not her desire to throw out rationality and take the risk to be with Anzai is out of her desperation to not feel lonely or if she loves him; would anyone do for her? Establishing all this could have made for an affectionate relationship with a little bit of unhealthy twistedness narratives of this genre thrive off of; it would have added a layer of complexity and intrigue to their dynamic that would make their struggles a compelling watch.

    But nope; this show just squanders all of that; it’s a shame. The end of this episode could have really been emotionally effective it wasn’t preceded by so much amateurish writing and poorly handled fetishism (and probably saved for a few eps later). Just think about it: a woman who feels overwhelmed by the dangers around her being embraced and consoled by a man who poses just as much danger towards her; two people finding emotional reprieve within each others company even though it might not be the best thing for them; that’s good storytelling man………..AND WHY CAN’T THIS ANIME FUCKING DRAW TONGUES RIGHT?!!!

      1. sonicsenryaku

        @ramon3ljamon I probably would have kept the sniffing scene so as to show how he can’t keep a hold of his instincts around her. Of course the scene could also be interpreted as him being a creeper but hopefully previous established character conflicts would direct viewers to see why i would leave that scene in.

  2. Karandi

    I’m thinking next episode another random guy in Tsukasa’s life tries to rape her and Anzai gets into trouble because vampire cop spends all his time hanging out on girl’s balcony.
    I’m enjoying parts of this, but mostly the part where it is pretty terrible and you just kind of have to laugh at their attempt to be dramatic.

  3. ?!^*$

    “You need to pay some poor doctor to watch you guys fuck!”
    This is truly comedy gold! >D Is this show a comedy though?

  4. Yalu

    I’m watching this show purely because it’s so trashy it’s hilarious.

    I find it funny how you suggested therapy…cause you know therapist = the rapist


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