My Hero Academia Ep. 41: We need a better class of criminals

Maybe I should give these guys a chance, but eh… 

— Is that guy a walking speech bubble? Sorry, I’m not an expert on My Hero Academia nor will I ever be. I just feel like watching at least one action-packed shounen at a time, and I’m way too far behind the curve to even approach One Piece.

— That one girl makes a good point: they all have different Quirks, so how is this even going to work? What is the invisible girl going to do? Become even more invisible? I can’t wait to see what the story comes up with for her.

— Interesting angle.

— You’d think this would start affecting the weather or something.

— Okay, we’re going through the students one-by-one, and I’m just waiting for them to get to Toru…

— I would hate to be the ones that have eat constantly. I could imagine myself getting sick of the taste real quick and wanting to throw up.

— After all that waiting, we see Toru just hiding. Welp.

— Oh hey, there’s a catdude in the cat troupe. I’m amused that he still has to wear a skirt.

— There Deku goes again about how he doesn’t deserve his Quirk. But doesn’t he? Doesn’t he deserve it more than anyone here? Those other guys didn’t do anything to get their Quirks. You either hit the genetic lottery or you don’t. Deku’s the only one who impressed All Might with his selflessness. What makes saintly characters like Deku somewhat grating is when they’re not just humble but also relentlessly self-deprecating. No, that’s the wrong word. Self-deprecation is somewhat humorous. The kid isn’t whining, but… you just want to tell the kid to cool it sometimes. Chill. Relax. Pride might be a sin, but it’s okay to be proud of yourself.

— Everyone now have to cook their own curry while the instructors laugh maniacally. Does anyone have, like, a cooking Quirk? Like maybe Solar Hands or a God Tongue. Then again, I guess they wouldn’t be enrolled in an academy for heroes, huh?

— Instead of digging into his hard-earned meal, Deku picks up where he last left off by worrying too much about Kota. Why does it have to fall on his shoulders to help the kid out? If this is what Kota needs, then why has his aunt dropped the ball? Yeah, this is what defines Deku. His genuine care and affection for everyone around him is what makes him a great hero. But at the same time, from a narrative point of view, this also makes him a bit one-dimensional.

— I kinda dislike Kota’s aggressive characterization.

— Christ, this dude

— The bad guys still aren’t ready to strike. Plus, it’s too bad that these guys aren’t really all that well characterized. Dabi appears to be the ringleader of this ragtag group, but what do we know about him other than that he respects Stain’s ideology? I guess I can’t really expect a show with so many characters, you can’t expect everyone to have unique but equally compelling motivations.

— Forcing the students to go to bed late and wake up early is kinda bad on both their minds and bodies. Even the army is trying to reverse this trend of sleep deprivation. These are kids who are still developing. And if they’re going to push their bodies to limit, their bodies also need time to recover or you won’t actually see any gains. This is basic training 101. All I’m saying is that the students should try to get at least eight hours of sleep. I say ‘try’ because everyone’s wired differently. At some point, my brain broke, and I can’t get more than six hours of sleep without it starting to hurt. Seriously, if I literally try to force myself to sleep any longer than that, I get a headache. Ah well.

— Deku wants to ask All Might for advice on the whole Kota situation, but his mentor won’t be coming around anytime soon. After all, the villains are after him, so it somewhat makes sense that the kids would be safer without him around? But at the same time, if the kids do fall under attack, who will have the strength to save them? The cat crew? Eh, I don’t have much faith in them. Sure, I know that the villains are about to attack, but even then, I feel like this secret camping trip isn’t that well thought out.

— Plus, shouldn’t the villains change things up a bit? If you really want to get at All Might, it seems to me that it’d be far better to try and crush his supposedly uncrushable spirit. Imagine if you could corrupt Deku or something. Capture him and torture him… prove to All Might that anyone can turn to evil. Maybe Deku is a bad example. He’s too pure. But then again, that’s the point. If you could corrupt someone as seemingly pure as Deku, that’s a big deal. This might be too dark for My Hero Academia, though.

— In fact, if you want to get back at the heroes, you need to shake society’s confidence in them. I dunno how, but hey, isn’t that what villains are supposed to do? Don’t just fight them. Make the heroes have to make a difficult choice — a Sophie’s choice. Hell, make them fight amongst themselves. If you choose to save A, B will die. If you choose to save city X, city Y will go up in flames. No matter what you do, you’ll piss someone else off. Eventually, society will tire of all this hero vs villain charade. I’m not going to say I’m an expert on villainy, but I just feel like these guys aren’t all that threatening. So far, everything has just felt like child’s play, y’know? If you wanna be bad, be a fucking bastard. At the end of the day, it just feels like a lot of them have their own brand of justice. Ah well. Again, maybe I want My Hero Academia to be something it can never be. Not everyone wants that sort of thing. They just want a fun hero show. Obviously, I like The Dark Knight a lot, but its grimdark story can wear on people.

— Shoto is right about the Kota situation. You can’t just talk the kid into liking heroes. Shoto is often the least annoying out of the four main bros.

— And by four main bros, I mean the four guys who always tend to hog the spotlight in every arc. You know who they are.

— Momo seems like she would be the best at this test of courage. She can just create all sorts of scary shit with her powers.

— Deku ends up being the odd man out, but why not just have a team of three people?

— All of a sudden, smoke starts to fill up the forest because the bad guys are finally going to crash this camping trip. It’s about time.

— Jeez, Pixie-Bob got taken out right away. She fights with dirt, and now she gets to eat dirt. So much for protecting the kids.

— And of course, Deku’s first concern is Kota.

5 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Ep. 41: We need a better class of criminals

  1. il-Palazzo

    I had this problem too, where I would have a terrible headache if I slept too much. Then I went to the doctor and found out that I have sleep apnea.

    If you hadn’t been to one yet, I suggest you should go to a sleep clinic.

    1. Sean Post author

      Maybe. I’m one of those idiots who haven’t been to the doctors in years, though. Maybe a decade.

  2. Karandi

    I guess we’ll see if these villains have any actual plan other than be bad and attack kids. I’m not overly hopeful given the villains have been kind of a weak link in this show so far, other than Stain who was interesting but then gone.

  3. Yalu

    Maybe I’m just picky but the pussycats’ stupid costumes irritate me. Aren’t they supposed to help their quirks? Like Bakugou’s grenades? What the hell are tails and furry boots for? And those paws are a huge nuisance. I can’t imagine how sweaty their palms are. I’m uncomfortable just looking at them.

  4. sonicsenryaku

    I think i just spotted Rihanna in My hero Academia (aka mr. bondage villain over here); his dialogue practically seals the deal: “work, work , work, work, work, work”


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