Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi Ep. 4: Nurse Aoi to the rescue

Onii-chan no baka! Wanna know why two spiders are fighting? Read on! 

— So Oryo got a fever, because snow women can’t go near fire. When did she go near a fire, you ask? Remember these terrible-looking fires from last week’s episode? Yep, they were enough to give the girl a fever. Still, what does this have to do with Aoi? Why does our heroine have to take care of Oryo of all people? Let’s not also forget that the former young hostess tried to get Aoi killed.

— Not only does Aoi have to open a restaurant, she also has to double up as a doctor. Working for Odanna is tough, man. No healthcare plan, no union, no nothing. Then again, maybe Oryo shouldn’t have attempted murder.

— Unfortunately, there’s no WebMD for yokai. We’ll just have to consult this big, fat book.

— According to Kasuga, no one likes Oryo. I’m shocked.

— Luckily, treating a snow woman with fever is easy enough: just give them ice cream! Bad news is that the place isn’t stocked with cream. Good news, however, is that tofu is a perfectly fine substitute. It really is. I’ve had tofu ice cream before, and while it’s not as creamy as actual ice cream, it’s still quite tasty. Then again, I really like tofu so I could be biased.

— The place doesn’t have any cream, but it has a blender. Okay then.

— Plus, I would’ve liked to know how where the girl found ice, but I guess that’s not important. We have our dessert.

— Blah blah blah, Oryo doesn’t want Aoi’s charity. I still don’t know why our heroine is troubling herself with someone who tried to kill her.

— But eventually, the snow woman gives in and eats some damn snow. Afterwards, she gets even more snow (this time, it’s cherry flavored). Just shove as much as you can down her gullet.

— I like the sight of these women sitting in a room, eating ice cream with their eyes closed.

— Naturally, Aoi’s reward for nursing Oryo is a shitty backstory. I mean, don’t you want to know everything that there is to know about the snow woman?

— Oryo: “If someone you hate is weak, normally, you’d get back at them.” She’s such a charming girl!

— Anyways, she used to live as a servant for a mean, old mistress. One day, she accidentally broke a precious plate, so she got multiple hits from a fan. Look at those action lines. That’s the brutal punishment of a fan!

— All of a sudden, Odanna — not looking any younger at all — showed up out of nowhere, and protected the young Oryo. And since then, she’s been working at his inn!

— Odanna only respects people with ambition and drive. That’s why Oryo is working so hard to become a hostess! I guess the yokai world is kinda limited. You don’t get to become a doctor, a researcher, or anything like that. The best that Oryo can dream of becoming is a hostess. All that Suzuran can do to support herself is become a geisha.

— Still, I can’t believe Aoi is nonchalantly chatting with someone who hated her enough to try and have hear eaten in public. I would’ve just thrown Oryo out, but I guess that’s why I’m not the heroine of my own anime series.

— It’s hard to say if the girl is even capable of negative thoughts. She might have an angry outburst once in a while, but it never lingers. Likewise, she can feel sad, but she never harbors resentment. She has bad memories of being abandoned by her own mother, but does she ever dwell on this apparent trauma? Nope. Aoi’s backstory is just a convenient one. She doesn’t actually have any baggage to work through. Our girl is already perfect right out of the box.

— What’s in the box?! I hope it’s not Shiro’s head!

— It’s a bowl! Personally, I think the bowl looks tacky, but hey, you do you, girl!

— And she decides to stick more ice cream in it. At least the girl knows what to serve for dessert in her restaurant that will never open at this rate.

— Aoi wants to pay Suzuran a visit, but after she climbs the many steps of the inn, she finds herself witnessing a sibling squabble… between spiders… yep.

— Apparently, Suzuran has a thing for Shiro. Yes, she’s got the hots for Aoi’s dead grandfather. As a result, she wants to return to the human world… even though he’s already dead. Naturally, her brother Akatsuki is against this.

And away he goes!

— The two spider siblings tore up one of the inn’s rooms, but does Odanna care? Nah. He’s actually having a blast. He’s filthy rich if he can just shrug off the cost of the repairs. As a result, he doesn’t really need Aoi to repay her grandfather’s debts at all. He just wants her. He could just come out and say that. He could just tell her why he likes her so much. It’s obvious that he does. But naaaaah. That would require two characters in an anime to communicate about their feelings. Let’s just have some third party NTR one of them instead and ’cause a lot of drama and misunderstandings.

— Somehow, in all that commotion, the bowl of ice cream landed on Aoi’s head. It’s a good look. Don’t anime girls like to wear tiny hats?

— Unfortunately, it’s time for more backstory (and ugly daifuku).

— Y’see, Akatsuki and Suzuran used to live in the human realm, a.k.a the apparent realm. Look at that. Just look at that cartoonish-looking spider lurking around a shrine.

— Akatsuki was the troublemaker, and eventually, Shiro went to subdue him… with a mighty uppercut. Seriously? What is this?

— Luckily, a simple shoryuken is all it takes to turn a mean ol’ spider into something cute and cuddly.

— And ever since then, Suzuran has had the hots for some old man. Gross. Nevertheless, Shiro told Odanna to take the two siblings to the hidden realm. The brother got the cushy life in the inn. Suzuran, however, had to become a geisha. Nevertheless, she’s been saving up all this time just to return to the human world. Why? Beats me. Shiro’s already dead. Either way, that’s yet another boring backstory I never wanted to hear in the first place.

— Afterwards, Aoi tries to defend Oryo’s actions to Odanna. Again, she was almost killed because of this girl.

— And to pay Odanna back for the bowl, our heroine asks again about Odanna’s favorite food. He’s not forthcoming on this front, because he doesn’t want his favorite food to be used against him. I agree! My favorite food is steak! Gosh, I wouldn’t want people to use steak as my weak point! Oh no, please stop giving me delicious steak! Whatever will I do!

— Odanna offers to have Aoi sleep next to him, but she instead leaves with some of his green tea. Cool?

— As he walks her back to the annex, he asks her why she’s so attached to the human world. Um… ’cause she’s a human? ‘Cause she’s lived there for two decades? ‘Cause she’s still a student with a college education to complete? ‘Cause she’s only been here for a few days and it’s not her home? Like c’mon, don’t be a dumbass, dude.

— There’s plenty of room in the annex, but Aoi still stuck herself in a closet.

— When she wakes up, she finds an injured Akatsuki still stuck to a tree outside her future restaurant. I think those spider webs are supposed to be on top of him, but… yeah…

— And even though it didn’t look like he had an injuries, let’s just tape up his abdomen like so. Wait a minute… he only has six legs. He’s just a bug!

— Oryo has recovered from her fever, but she has nowhere to go. After all, she’s been demoted from her job as a hostess. As a result, she’s just going to sit here and demand that Aoi whip up some oyakodon for her to eat. Again, I’d throw her out, but Aoi is too nice.

— I like how the bug-spider was even given chopsticks to use with his oyakodon. Apparently, Aoi has another special power up her sleeve: her food has the ability to restore an ayakashi’s spiritual power. Convenient!

— Then after eating Aoi’s free food, Oryo shuts herself back inside Aoi’s room. Nice! Look how cheerful Aoi looks! She’s in no way bothered by this at all! That’s the spirit!

1 thought on “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi Ep. 4: Nurse Aoi to the rescue

  1. dsprizer

    This show is the bankrupt man’s Kamisama Hajimemashita. A sorry, uninspired, derivative of a far superior work. Only my pathetic desire to finish what I start will keep me from dropping this dreck.


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