Dorei-ku The Animation Ep. 3: How the tables have turned…

Rise up, all good bois! This is our revolution! 

— Yeah, this show is so bad, but it’s also so ridiculous that you can’t look away.

— Seiya somehow entered into a duel with Julia and instantly lost. That’s nuts. Yuuga forbade him from dueling period, but you can still stumble into one unknowingly. That’s nuts. What’s even more nuts is that slaves can duel slaves. As a result, Julia is now his master… but only temporarily. Her master is this Ryuuou guy, so eventually, he will become Seiya’s master as well. That’s how easy it is to lose your slave? Geez, then what is Yuuga even worried about? Even if he loses to someone, he can just turn around and lose to Eia, right? Whenever a show likes to throw rules at you, you know for damn sure that it’ll soon start playing fast and loose with said rules.

— Afterwards, Yuuga shows Seiya and Ayaka some sick website where a guy is experimenting on his slave. To Seiya’s horror, the slave is Julia herself. You can’t command a slave to kill themselves, but you can apparently force them into torture if those barb wires are anything to go by. I dunno about you, but death seems preferable to me over painful torture or, well, enslavement.

— Needless to say, Yuuga eventually realizes that he’s no longer Seiya’s master. The latter hopes that Yuuga will save Julia from Ryuuou, but good luck with that.

— The perspective soon switches to a whole new character entirely. Shiori works at a maid cafe with a twist: you get to dress up as some haughty European noble. Not that this matters or anything, but from the front, I thought she had large breasts. This is apparently not the case. Shrug.

— Anyways, one of her customers desperately wants to become her slave, but she brushes this off. When she leaves at the end of the day, she bumps into a girl who also desperately wants to become her slave. How odd…

— The girl introduces herself as Taiju and proceeds to whip out an SCM, which Shiori has never heard of. Oh no.

— Taiju assures Shiori that she’d release the latter right away if the former ends up winning… but then why win at all? Why must you actually try to win? If your goal is to become Shiori’s slave in the first place, why not just lose on purpose? They are quickly hit on by two guys, so Shiori hatches a plan: whoever gets a guy to spend more money on them wins. Taiju could simply not play, but she goes on the offensive anyway. Shiori tries her best, but her rival easily has the upper hand. Shrug, I guess I just don’t understand these characters. Maybe the SCM compels you to be competitive or something, but that has never been mentioned before.

— At some point, they come across a hungry dog, so Shiori feeds it some of her karaage. Upon closer inspection, the dog has an SCM in its mouth! C’mon, man! Dog jaws are shaped differently from our jaws. You’d have to make a doggy version of the device just to give it to the dog! But who would even duel a dog? Dogs are already loyal.

— Shiori and Taiju end up at the guys’ place, and the former suddenly falls unconscious from her drink. Looks like one of these guys is a shitbag date rapist. Luckily, Taiju flips her shit and gets them both out of that horrible situation.

— On some park bench, Taiju’s wig falls off. She was really a he all along. In fact, she was the same guy who had wanted to become Shiori’s slave to begin with. Nevertheless, he managed to win the duel, so she ends up becoming his slave… but not for long.

Zenichi, a random shady guy, shows up out of nowhere and demands to know who the master is. When neither Shiori nor Taiju are forthcoming with the answer, he just decides to drag Shiori off. Taiju tries to defend the girl, but he’s easily overpowered. Zenichi proceeds to physically coerce Shiori into a duel. She can either accept or die. Fearing for her life, she naturally accepts a “punch-out” duel. Needless to say, she can’t win against him in a physical competition. But again, I find this incredibly stupid. After all, the SCM only works by heightening our sense of obligation. Why the fuck would you feel obligated to a guy who practically has to force you into a duel? Ah, whatever.

— Taiju runs off in fear, because he’s pretty much a loser. This is when Julia shows up and offers to make him a deal. This Ryuuou guy apparently wants to go around and collect slaves. Julia can save Shiori, but that pretty much guarantees that both the latter and Taiju will end up becoming Ryuuou’s playthings. Of course, that’s better than being beaten or raped by Zenichi, but how much better? Judging by that site that we just saw earlier, Ryuuou is not exactly an upstanding citizen himself.

— Nevertheless, when they return to the park, they find Zenichi in the middle of a fight against that dog. Good boi! The good boi even chomps on the asshole’s dick, and somehow, this spells Zenichi’s loss. Yes, somehow, he and the dog had entered a duel. The good boi is now the master. Ownership of Shiori will also transfer over to the dog. There’s also a chance that the dog has a master! This is madness!

— But wait, there’s more! In order to convince Julia to try and save Shiori, Taiju had to enter into a duel with her. But what are the conditions of that duel? Julia had to successfully save Shiori from Zenichi. Since the dog ended up saving Shiori, wouldn’t that mean that Julia lost to Taiju?!

— Like I said at the start of this post, this show is by no means good… but I really wanna know what happens next. Don’t you?

6 thoughts on “Dorei-ku The Animation Ep. 3: How the tables have turned…

  1. Karandi

    This episode kind of threw me out of any kind of suspended disbelief that was making me intrigued by the story. The whole dog having one and being able to enter a duel without even knowing it just pushed something that was already far fetched into the ridiculous.

    1. Sean Post author

      I never could immerse myself into the story in the first place, so I kinda welcome our new dog overlord.

  2. Pia

    “You’d have to make a doggy version of the device just to give it to the dog! ”

    Hahaha doggy ver.?! I don’t know why but that cracked me up!
    This episode was soo bizzare, the duels are soo lame too,
    I felt kind of bad for Shiori getting flattened by that random dude, the violence was ridiculously detailed.
    Also who the hell are you gonna feel any sense of obligation when you lose in an unfair and shitty way? And Shiori was drunk too! she felt obligation even in that condition? What?
    Still as you mentioned I feel obligated (pun intended) to watch more of this, is like driving near a car accident, you can’t help but watch.

  3. Akeem

    Oh ma gaawd, i loved this post. I wasn’t laughing during the episode but this here post. Genius! I hope you blog this more. The puch out duel, made me genuinely sad though. The unnecessary brutality and the close up of her bruised face was too much. Usually these things don’t affect me, but this was just sick.

    I can’t even begin to rationalize how this scm thing would work with a dog.


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