Devils’ Line Ep. 5: Revenge of the tongue

Oh god, the tongue is back! But y’know, this is not the worst show I’m watching this season. I’m actually interested to see what happens next.

— The worst thing about Plan B is that it’s super easy for devils to go nuts. Simply by watching a woman die on TV, Juliana can’t help but attack Sawazaki. The sight of human blood on a TV can make her flip her shit! The bad guys didn’t  want to make one guy go nuts; they wanted any devil tuning into the program to lose control. But wait, how would you avoid that then? How would any devil avoid seeing blood on TV or any monitor for that matter? Violence is ubiquitous in our media.

— Plus, the anime wants us to be sympathetic to devils, but if the mere sight and/or smell of blood can trigger you into becoming a murderer, then I don’t know man… is it really worth protecting this species?

— Of course, Lee’s blood tolerance might be the trick that we all need to adopt. But the thought process behind it still leaves me uneasy. The idea that devils can’t help themselves, so we should willingly give our blood up to them is not comforting. Imagine men saying that they can’t help sexually assaulting women when they are deprived, so c’mon, send them a nude or two to build up some sexual tolerance. And before you say that this is a slippery slope argument, is it really? Vampires and sex have always gone hand-in-hand. What is this show about if it’s an exploration of Tsukasa’s blossoming sexuality?

Anzai magically shows up out of nowhere to save the day. He even comes equipped with some sort of gas mask that filters out the smell and color of blood.

— Oooh, he sees his girl with another man! NTR’d in his own anime!

— Apparently, the weather girl didn’t even die. She’s still critically injured, but I’m amazed that they can still save her.

— Tsukasa’s a smart cookie; she quickly suspects that this is a coordinated attack to trigger devils. I’m not sure that the cops have realized this yet.

This cameraman must be one of the bad guys. He seems eager to spread fear.

— So Tsukasa ends up having to protect a kid from a random devil. Again, if we’re supposed to be sympathetic towards devils, I find this really difficult. Had the devil been successful in killing the kid, could you really say that it wasn’t really his fault?

— Our heroine becomes a target, but she somehow manages to elude the vampire enough to run herself next to a window. Why a window? C’mon, haven’t you been paying attention? Anzai only ever appears to her through a window!

— You think I’m joking, but I’m not! Look, there he is!

— Anzai extricates Tsukasa from the situation, but he notices a pair of mysterious individuals observing him from the distance. This should set off all sorts of red flags, but the guy remains by his would-be girlfriend’s side. Hm.

— He eventually tries to leave, but Tsukasa clings onto him and buries her face in his ass. Well, not really, but I’d like to think so. She really likes him, though. Like “hontou ni” really. And I guess I don’t really understand it, but hey, sometimes you just feel a connection to someone.

— So if Anzai wants to hang out with his girl, he has two choices: 1) drink her blood in order to develop a blood tolerance or 2) drug himself up. He’s not yet aware of the first option, but she is. She’ll have to volunteer this information eventually, and you know she will. Vampires and sex are inseparable, and you could argue that there are few acts more intimate than consuming your partner’s bodily fluids. The second option is also there… but it renders Anzai completely useless. What’s the point of being a vampire if you don’t get all that sexy superhuman strength? Nevertheless, this is the option that we go with for now.

— And now that he’s all weak and shit, the girl takes advantage of him! Oooh!

— But he likes it!

— First things first, however, Anzai needs to sort out the whole Tsukasa x Lee nonsense. Of course, she only has her eyes for Anzai. She barely even knows Lee.

— Anzai opens up about how he and Lee both carry around a cross, which is apparently a symbol for an orphanage that takes in wayward devils. Y’know what else a cross is a symbol for? Christianity. So it’s funny to me that we automatically assume that Lee must come from the same place as Anzai simply because he bears a cross. What if he’s, like, just a Christian?

— What’s with the animation here? They did a terrible job blending the characters into the background. I can’t imagine that they still use cels anymore, huh? So this is just bad digital work.

— Anzai starts freaking out, because he’s not sure how sex between a human and a devil would work. As a result, he doubts whether or not he’s truly a half-devil. Well, y’see, when a devil and a person love each other, a stork will show up one day with an ugly baby…

— Of course, the distinction is moot to Tsukasa, and I can’t help but agree with her. Does it really matter if he’s half-devil or full-devil? He’s still functionally the same, i.e. dangerous.

— Anyways, a cop is nearby, so Anzai has to hide out on the side of the building. I’m not sure why he dragged Tsukasa into it too, though.

— He’s still weak from the sedative, so slips and falls. Luckily, Devil Jesus is there to save him.

— Afterwards, the trio meets up with Sawazaki, and we are introduced to Kikuhara. He leads another squad, but he’s instantly suspicious. Anytime a character shows up late and attributes it to “traffic,” you always have to wonder what they’re lying about.

— Even Tsukasa instantly discerns that Kikuhara is dangerous. Anzai feels as though he’s seen the man before, and he has… Kikuhara was apparently one of the two individuals watching him on that rooftop. Nevertheless, our hero fails to make this connection. Still, he comments on the man’s unusually warm hand. Huh. Humans are humans, so they have the expected body temperature. Devils are colder than usual. So what does that make Kikuhara? Some sort of reverse vampire?

— Sawazaki eventually drags everyone to Bar Sakaki. The bartender here apparently owns most of the building, and he even rents out one of the rooms to Anzai.

— Everyone knows that Tsukasa and Anzai are a thing even though those two keep trying to deny it.

— The girl learns from Lee that devils apparently have a short lifespan because they deprive themselves of human blood. They need that much. This simply convinces Tsukasa more than ever that she needs to “sacrifice” herself to Anzai. I put the word in quotes, because this is exactly what she wants. This is her fantasy. At the end of the day, what I said about in my first post about this anime hasn’t changed: this show is still all about a girl probing her sexuality with a generic anime bad boy.

— Juliana is ashamed that she nearly killed Sawazaki, but he doesn’t hold her responsible. What a compassionate guy. I don’t think I could be quite so understanding. He really treats them like his own children. He should be careful with that, though. It’s not just because his life might be in danger, but it’s easy to imagine someone like Juliana mistaking his kindness for love.

— Our heroine gushes over Juliana’s beauty. This is kind of shallow, Tsukasa.

— Elsewhere, the sniper from last week (we’ll just call her by her codename Zero Seven from now on) tries to confront Fifteen. He was the one who carried out the attack on that poor woman. Also, Zero Seven is not pleased about Plan B. She is vehemently against the idea of hurting people, but the rest of their organization seems to subscribe to the idea that they can sacrifice a few lives in order to rid the world of devils. Ah, you utilitarian bastards.

— Fifteen then stabs Zero Seven right through the gut, because they don’t want her potentially interfering with future operations. Nevertheless, she’s a cute female character, so there’s a good chance she’ll somehow survive what would normally be a fatal wound.

— Back with the good guys, Anzai takes the doctor aside and questions whether or not it’s possible for humans and devils to spawn a child. The doctor says it should technically be possible if you indulge in a little S&M. Really? You gotta tie them down? Is that why a doctor has to be present? Who would legalize that, though? Anyways, the doctor brushes the thought aside, because he finds it unrealistic. The mere fact that he brings it up, however, makes it a real possibility. In fact, what if Anzai is the result of some twisted experiment? Maybe there’s an evil organization going around creating half-devils by tying devils down and raping them. Why would they do this? Hell if I know.

— Tsukasa finally gets alone time with her boy, so she tells him all about their shortened life expectancy. Anzai expresses his doubts, but he doesn’t really know how long he’s going to live either. Dude, if the government is keeping that data under wraps, it’s probably because they don’t want you to know that your life is kept short.

— Welp, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Tsukasa volunteers her blood to Anzai. Let’s say they do this secretly. Wouldn’t his colleagues find it suspicious that he suddenly looks strong and healthy?

— Period sex between a human woman and a devil must be wild.

— We return to the bad guys, and Kikuhara congratulates Fifteen for a job well done. But Plan B isn’t over yet! Someone has to take the fall for the attack on that poor weather reporter.

— Kikuhara then saunters over Zero Seven and gets all creepy with her. What the fuck is wrong with all the dudes in this anime? Why do they always gotta stick their tongues where they don’t belong?!

4 thoughts on “Devils’ Line Ep. 5: Revenge of the tongue

    1. Sean Post author

      I can’t judge what I’m not watching, but Tokyo Ghoul is probably the least enjoyable experience.

  1. john adam

    Did the manga end like the anime ? Because if so, there won’t be any season 2.. and it’s quite disappointing because it wasn’t a real ending, everything is just left hanging (their romance, the whole vampire situation, the police squad, etc)


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