My Hero Academia Ep. 44: The bad guys near the finish line

Did anyone order a yanderekko? ‘Cause if you did, why? 

— I thought Shoji may have permanently lost a limb, but apparently not. It kinda makes you feel like nothing permanently bad would ever happen to any of these kids. Maybe one day, the stakes will be raised, but not now. Not anytime soon. Which brings me to the following thought: I still feel as though Bakugo will get kidnapped, but surely, they can’t just straight up copy Naruto. It’d be too obvious. I bet they’d just rescue him in a different arc.

— Shoji being able to regenerate his missing limb also blunts Tokoyami’s rage. He’s losing control over nothing. Ah well.

— Deku has to make a difficult decision: continue onward to save Bakugo, or stay behind and assist Shoji with Tokoyami. In my mind, I was like, “Oooh, what is he gonna do?” Needless to say, he chose to do… both. Haha, of course. I give up.

— Braces aren’t this scary, kids. Don’t be afraid to go to the orthodontist.

— Our hero is smart — really smart — so he hatches a plan in which he lures the Dark Shadow to Bakugo. As a result, Moonfish is quickly and unceremoniously overwhelmed. That’s that, I suppose.

— It was also cool to see Bakugo tell Todoroki to hold back on creating a light source that would help Tokoyami regain control of his Quirk. He wants Dark Shadow to finish the job, i.e. render Moonfish useless. Hey, I know Bakugo isn’t all bad. He has his moments. They’re just not enough to overcome his bad sides in my opinion.

— Case in point, the kid stares with a dumbfounded look on his face as everyone else works together to protect him. Then he gets all pissy about it even though he willingly goes with the plan. On the one hand, he doesn’t put up a fight, and I’ve always said that actions speak louder than words. On the other hand, c’moooooon. Grow up, dude.

— Maybe we should wait until we’re safe and sound before we bother with apologizing.

— Deku insists on them cutting through the dark forest in order to return to safety. We should keep this fact in mind.

— For the time being, however, we cut to Uraraka and Asui. They find themselves up against, well, the bad guys’ token cute girl.

— Uraraka’s hairstyle looks cute from the front, but from her profile, it’s kinda… odd.

— All of a sudden, Asui grabs her partner and tries to sling her to safety. She claims that Aizawa only gave them permission to protect themselves, not defeat villains. I couldn’t help rolling my eyes. I don’t remember exactly what Aizawa had instructed in last week’s episode, and I’m too lazy to go back and check. Nevertheless, these teenagers are capable of making their own decisions. They’re not adults, sure, but at some point, you gotta fight for what you believe in. This is the exact reason why we praise Deku so much. He puts himself in danger despite everyone getting on his case about it. A hero doesn’t just follow orders. A hero does the right thing. What is the right thing here? There’s nothing wrong with defending yourself. There’s also nothing wrong with using your powers to stop a villain who might otherwise go on to hurt others. Imagine if they could defeat Himiko here and have the girl taken into custody. Wouldn’t that be a good thing? I just… these kids are such goody-two-shoes to the point that it’s kinda annoying.

— I almost thought Himiko was gonna make out with Asui here and suck the blood out of the frog girl’s mouth.

— Uraraka returns, however, and pins Himiko to the ground. So there’s at least that. Nevertheless, Himiko has the odd ability to sniff out the fact that Uraraka has a crush on someone. I mean, I don’t even know you can smell that, but then again, we’re in a universe full of crazy superpowers, so whatever.

— Himiko comments on her and Uraraka being somewhat similar to each other. Now that I think about it, she also has those two long locks like Uraraka.

— Ah, of course, Himiko is in love with Stain. God, he looks like such a dork.

— It’s also weird how taunting Uraraka about Deku is enough to distract the girl. Himiko is thus able to stab the girl and drain her blood… for whatever purpose this serves.


— But when the boys show up, Himiko quickly decides to make her escape. She’s prudent enough not to pick a fight with too many people. At the same time, however, she catches a quick glimpse at the battered Deku and, uh, falls in love with him? Like I said, I guess we needed a yandere character. In a hypothetical relationship, she’d probably beat you up just to love you more.

— Say, do most people want Deku to end up with Uraraka? I think some people like Mei… It’s a shounen so it’s not like it matters. If he has a love interest, it won’t be requited until episode 800 billion.

— Really? Bakugo just disappeared without anyone noticing?

— It turns out this top-hat mofo somehow managed to steal Bakugo and Tokoyami. He turned them into marbles. Marbles, man. What a power. What a random power, too. “What do you do?” “Oh, I turn people into stuff.” “What sorta stuff?” “Marbles.” “You’re hired!”

— When Deku demands that the villain give Bakugo back, the latter goes, “He’s his own person, you egoist.” YOU TURNED HIM INTO A MARBLE TO TAKE HIM AWAY AGAINST HIS OWN WILL.

— So the thought process here is that Bakugo is too talented to be indoctrinated by the heroes. Same with Tokoyami, I suppose. But why stop there? I mean, just fucking look at Todoroki and his massive wall of ice. That’s pretty goddamn amazing, right? Why not steal him? Why not steal the invisible girl? She’d be an amazing spy. Why not steal Uraraka? She literally controls gravity! Gravity, dude! Maybe I’m just a huge space nerd, but G R A V I T Y. I’m not denying that Bakugo is the best fighter out of all the people here. He’s proven that in previous episodes. But use your imagination and think of what you could do with all these unique powers! Ah well. They’re the League of Villains, not the League of Ingenious Fuckers.

— Yo, Aoyama, quit being useless. Did you ever think that maybe he was originally designed to fire laser from his crotch, but they probably corrected this to his navel so that his Quirk would be a little less extreme? Just sayin’.

— Elsewhere, Momo and Awase nearly die to a Nomu, but luckily, it gets called back since the villains have succeeded in capturing Bakugo. Of course, no important character has really come close to biting the dust yet. Using her quick thinking, Momo creates a tracking device and tells the guy to attach it to the behemoth. Momo continues to be the unsung hero. Plus, this pretty much seals the deal: Deku will be unsuccessful in rescuing Bakugo. The tracking device, however, will allow them to go on a rescue mission afterwards.

— Damn, look at Uraraka just tear her shirt off without hesitation.

— So with Uraraka and Asui’s help, the boys are launched right at the top-hat dude running away with both Bakugo and Tokoyami. It’s kinda disappointing. At the end of the day, the girls are still playing a supportive role while the boys get to do all the heavy lifting. Sure, in terms of criticism of My Hero Academia, this is a low-hanging fruit, but it’s going to stay this way as long as the show continues to sideline half of its heroes for no good reason. You can’t convince me that its fans wouldn’t also be thrilled to root for a girl on the big stage. They would love to. I mean, isn’t Asui kinda the fan favorite?

— Also, it was apparently part of the villains’ plans to steal three samples of the heroes’ blood. Huh.

— The villains are about to escape, but Deku, Todoroki, and Shoji crash the party. So I guess that’s where we’ll continue in next week’s episode. They’ll come so close to saving their buddies, but will likely fail.

— Plus, remember how Deku had wanted to cut through the forest in order to return to camp quicker? What if they had taken the long way around? Would they have therefore avoided this predicament? Hm.

12 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Ep. 44: The bad guys near the finish line

  1. sonicsenryaku

    Believe me, I understand being annoyed at the idea that the students could possibly get in trouble for defending themselves without “permission” but simultaneously, i get what the author was going for with this contentious situation. These heroes in training can essentially be compared to cops in the real world; as such, beyond being heroes, they also are figures that must uphold the laws of their world and set an example. Their quirks are akin to having guns and as a result, some regulation needs to be had when managing such untamed force. With the stain arc, the kids rightfully got reprimanded by rover McPooch because THEY went looking for trouble, particularly Iida, so they technically were using their powers for “personal gain”. This time around, while yes, there are villains attacking, Eraserhead is telling the kids to only use their powers for defense on the grounds that if any of the kids happen to kill one of the villains, it’d be as if they put the law in their own hands and that might raise some moral societal controversy. It be as if the kids were enforcing their own brand of justice without restraint……at least that’s the idea. Obviously smart people would be able to rationalize that the kids had no choice, but you’ll always have those zealots in society that will exclaim how people with powers need to be put in check. In a world where almost everyone has a quirk, the show tries to posit where does the line get drawn between defense, murderous intent, and selfish pursuit when one has power innate to them. A quirk isn’t a gun, so how exactly do you prevent others from abusing it?. The show already knows that its laws and guidelines aren’t perfect, but that they’re just in place as a first order solution. While i don’t think the writing always executes this as cleanly as it thinks it does, I do understand the rationale and it does make sense for the most part

    1. sonicsenryaku

      And i swear, if the chicks don’t start getting more of a bite of the action in the future Ima be a bit peeved. Take ochaco for example; she has the ability to control the interaction of gravitons on objects including herself. Not to mention she’s been picking up self defense techniques will bode extremely well to her overall combat experience, especially once she masters self-flotation (imagine her playing with her own gravity to increase her agility and control the space around her while beating down on bad guys). Why is it that we can’t see more of her grow as a competent martial artist who uses her gravity manipulating powers in badass ways to take down villains? There is so much potential with her character in an action role and it sucks to think that she’ll be forever relegated as a supporting cast member. She’s technically the female protag of the show so it makes no sense to leave her on the sidelines the way they do. Ohhhhhh and if they drag the OchacoxDeku romance…..mmmmmm

      1. Sean Post author

        Cynically, I don’t believe that her character was ever envisioned as a protagonist. She’s sadly just a supporting character. The actual results bear this out. Goddamn birdman made it further than her in the fighting tournament. Part of that is unlucky seeding, but even then, I’m flabbergasted that not a single girl made it to the final four. Luckily, I was not covering the show back then (or blogging at all).

    2. Sean Post author

      Eh, I started typing up a reply, but it’s not something I want to get into a debate about. There’s too much to unpack here. My reply would end up being over 500 words at least. I’ll just agree to disagree.

      1. sonicsenryaku

        awwww…now I’m even more curious as to what you were going to say; Ill agree to disagree but is there at least an abridged version to the points you were going to make (I think i sort of have an idea where you might have been going with your comment)

        1. Sean Post author

          Nothing feels worse than making an incomplete argument. At the same time, it’s beyond the scope of this post. I don’t want to spend my Saturday night debating law and order.

  2. Suneater

    It’s not just power that makes Bakugo such an appealing pick. It’s also his “winning” personality.

    The bird’s going on out of control rampages, which is maybe a villain quality, but Bakugo’s loudmouthed, abrasive, and generally seems to not be having fun with rules and regulations. To a certain mindset, that’s primo villain material.

    Uravity… not cut from the same cloth.

  3. Yalu

    I still don’t understand Deku’s image of Bakugo and why he is willing to go to such lengths to save him. What could have possibly made the guy so altruistic at his age? What has he experienced before UA? A stable life will not influence a kid to be as self sacrificing as he is. So how can he still look up to the bully that has mentally and physically abused him all his life? It’s unrealistic that Deku is able to look past his faults. No matter how skilled and amazing someone is, if they have a personality steeped in sewage there is no way to like them. And I seriously don’t get why there are so many Bakugo fans.

  4. exof954

    If they’d gone the long way around, then they wouldn’t have encountered Tsuyu and Ochako, meaning they’d have probably gotten their blood taken by Toga, if not worse. We don’t really know anything about the Magician-man’s route, so we can’t say that they’d have avoided him by taking the long way around- most likely he was following the huge waves of fire and ice, so he might find them either way.

    We don’t know what point in the forest the villains were meeting at, but it wasn’t far from the path judging by Aoyama’s situation. So Deku’s gang could run into Twice and Dabi just by taking the long road, too- if not the Noumu. Of course, if they had run into either of those groups then they’d have been able to rely on other classmates, Aoyama and Momo respectively.

    Then again, it doesn’t really matter at this point- Deku took what seemed like the quickest and safest path at the time, and none of the routes would really have been safe either way. All he can do is try to manage the consequences.


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