Devils’ Line Ep. 7: Not all devils

When we last left off, Zero Seven had taken Tsukasa as her hostage, and she’s now making her getaway. I’m glad that they are minding their safety and are thus wearing their seatbelts. You can never be too safe!

— Meanwhile, Anzai finally gets to meet the garden gnome. He’s a doctor who has treated devils before. He’s even familiar with ONLO. When we last saw him, he was able to recognize both Anzai and Lee. In any case, he’s here to basically dump a bunch of exposition on us. Devils feel inferior around humans, devils can control their urges, blood tolerance is just one form of control, yadda yadda yadda. Basically, Anzai technically doesn’t have to drink Tsukasa’s blood. He just has to figure out what’s causing him to transform when he’s with her, and learn to control that! It’s sex, isn’t it? I bet you he has to do her if he wants to control his beastly side.

— Or just do what Lee suggested and masturbate.

— Tsukasa tells Zero Seven all about how not all devils are bad, mm’kay? For example, her boyfriend is, like, so awesome, because he only stalks her and nearly kills her from time to time, but it’s okay, because it hasn’t happened yet.

— When Lee finally returns to the bar, he cowers behind Jill for some reason. I don’t know if he’s just playing pretend here or if he’s actually scared of the garden gnome.

— The perspective keeps switching back and forth between Tsukasa and Anzai for the majority of the episode, so we’re right back to how the girl is worried about Zero-Seven’s condition. She really suffers from Stockholm syndrome, doesn’t she? Even if Zero Seven is simply misguided in her hate — and even if she has no intention of hurting Tsukasa — she’s still a murderer in all technical sense of the word. She’s still killed a countless number of devils in cold blood. The story is trying to get us to sympathize with her. Oh, she just doesn’t understand that not all devils are bad! Oh, her organization are now after her, so she’s not exactly a bad guy! Nah, man, Zero Seven still needs to be locked up for her crimes.

— Anyways, sniper girl eventually meets up with the nerdy-looking Zero Nine. By the way they embrace each other it would seem that there are romantic feelings between the two of them. Nevertheless, she got what she wanted, right? So there’s really no real reason for her to keep Tsukasa as a hostage anymore. You’d think that, but they drag her with them to a nearby hotel anyways.

— Finally, after Anzai has milked the garden gnome for all of the necessary information, he learns that Tsukasa has been taken hostage. Isn’t that convenient?

— I’m laughing at Zero Nine’s proportions.

— Anzai immediately wants to go and save his girlfriend, but unfortunately, he doesn’t even know where she is. Jill and Lee also talk him down, arguing that Zero Seven won’t hurt Tsukasa. Yeah, that’s true… but that doesn’t that the people going after them won’t.

— Tsukasa tells Zero Seven that if devils drink blood, they don’t even get those dark circles around their eyes. The latter starts to freak out. Why? ‘Cause these devils can blend in with the rest of the population? But I thought she used infrared vision to tell them apart? Maybe she’s freaking out that perhaps Kikuhara is a devil, but that would be odd. I mean, why haven’t they bothered to check him for his cold body temperature? Maybe I’m just misunderstanding something here.

— Elsewhere, Sawazaki finally learns that there are moles within the police ranks. This is all old information to us. The good guys are just now catching on.

Zero Seven tell Tsukasa to stop trying to get involved. After all, she can’t do anything. She’s not a doctor, so she can’t treat devils. She can’t fight, so she can’t protect devils. What exactly can she do? Nothing. As a result, the girl falls to her knees in despair. But uh, why hasn’t she been let go yet? She’s no longer useful as a hostage. Zero Seven and Zero Nine know that the moles going after them would more than likely kill Tsukasa too in order to keep any information from leaking out. If Zero Seven didn’t want Tsukasa to die, she should’ve released the girl a long time ago. Tsukasa also should’ve tried to leave a long time ago.

— Sure enough, we see the moles get in position to kill everyone, and that includes Tsukasa.

— Blah blah blah, help me protect muh girlfriend, but I don’t trust you! Lee can’t catch a break with Anzai. He’s helped the asshole out over and over, and he’s still getting this cold treatment.

— So finally, the guy points out Anzai’s major issue, but honestly, this is a problem for all anime characters.

— Zero Seven warns Tsukasa about a guy with a birthmark on the left side of his face. He’s apparently Zero Five, and he’d likely kill our heroine if he could. Even though they’ve only spent a short time together, Zero Seven hopes that everything works out for Tsukasa. This is why she gagged and tied the girl up, leaving her a sitting duck. Fantastic.

— Oh hey, it’s the guy with the birthmark!

— Oh okay, I guess that makes you feel a little less guilty.

— Zero Five starts grilling Tsukasa, and she has a terrible poker face. She pretty much gives him all the reasons he needs to kill her. Luckily, Zero Seven had given her a stun gun, so at least there’s that. Our heroine quickly loses Zero Six for now, but she’s still stuck in a hotel.

— She needs to call her boyfriend for help, but she doesn’t even know her boyfriend’s phone number. Sigh. These characters, man. Anyways, she ends up googling Bar Sakaki, and calling the establishment instead.

— As for Zero Seven and Zero Nine, they don’t get far. They eventually run into Zero Six and get shot at. The girl starts whining about how both humans and devils are her enemies now, so her partner starts trying to be all romantic. Again, the story kinda wants me to root for these to escape, but they’re still murderers. Maybe Zero Nine hasn’t directly taken anyone’s life, but he still aided and abetted those like Zero Seven. So y’know, fuck both of them.

— Anzai is in the middle of trying to intimidate Lee when he finally gets that phone call from Tsukasa. What had happened was Lee getting tired of Anzai’s whiny talk, so he threatened to steal Tsukasa away. He knows he can’t. The girl’s smitten with Anzai. He also knows that if he makes Anzai jealous, the latter will stop being such a lil’ bitch about his girlfriend. Uguu, I need to mamoru her, but I… I can’t hurt her! For fuck’s sake, get your shit together.

— Here’s Johnny!

— Even though Zero Five has found her, our heroine just has to sit tight and kill some time. After all, she has two devils jumping across rooftops for her.

— Thankfully, the bad guy is a stereotypical bad guy, so he is more than happy to blabber on and on about his organization, his motivations, so on and so forth. Yes, yes, just keep talking.

— By the way, Zero Five’s motivations are particularly dumb. He kills devils, because he feels sorry for them. That’s right. He sees how much they suffer within this cruel society, so gosh, let’s just off them. That’s retarded.

— Anyways, Tsukasa’s saviors arrive just in time to see her get shot at. The bullet doesn’t hit her, though. It never, ever does. We simply see her falling dramatically out the window in slow motion.

— Then after Anzai sees a bizarre flashbackthe guy talking to the younger Anzai looks and sounds like an older version of him so… dad?! — he transforms in an instant and barely manages to save Tsukasa. At least the episode isn’t ending on a cheap cliffhanger, I guess.

1 thought on “Devils’ Line Ep. 7: Not all devils

  1. Anonymous

    >Tsukasa tells Zero Seven that if devils drink blood, they don’t even get those dark circles around their eyes. The latter starts to freak out. Why?

    I think that reminded her of her vampire dad (step-dad?) that killed her mom. She couldn’t spot it because he didn’t have dark circles which could mean her mom gave blood to him to keep him sane or he got it elsewhere?

    > the guy talking to the younger Anzai looks and sounds like an older version of him so… dad?!

    I could be wrong but I think that’s the evil police officer that’s behind all this? I can’t remember his name, I’m surprised you remember them all.


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