Dorei-ku The Animation Ep. 8: Winning hearts with one slave at a time

Eia versus the Creepazoid. It’s the battle of the century! 

— So the big get now is the star guy. Every master shows up as a circle, but this guy is special so he gets a star! No doubt it’s the evil scientist.

— Since he seems to be hanging out at a school, Ryuuou sends in Julia disguised as a student. I find it hard to believe that she could actually pass off as a teenager, but then again, Asians tend to look young until they reach a certain age. The whole scenario is still unbelievable, though.

These two are actual teenagers. The one on the right looks like she’s in her 50s.

— Meanwhile, Fujiko has also infiltrated the school as a nurse. The real nurse is coincidentally out with a sickness, but this is even more difficult to swallow than Julia masquerading as a student. Wouldn’t one of the faculty members question why there’s a substitute nurse running around?

— In any case, the creepazoid eventually shows up because he’s been anticipating their every move. In fact, Creepazoid’s gonna be his name from now on. Good god, he’s fugly. It’s like someone beat Yoko Ono with an ugly stick.

— Julia also runs into this kid, because we’re still introducing new characters to this story even though we’re eight weeks in. I’m going to give up on learning their names, so I’m just gonna call her Braces. Don’t ask me why she has a streak of white hair. Maybe she thinks it looks cool.

— Before Braces could duel Julia, however, Creepazoid interrupts her. Julia tries to run away, but she quickly discovers that Fujiko has already dueled and lost to Creepazoid. How? Why? Why didn’t she just refuse to duel the guy? Why didn’t Ryuuou just command her not to duel the guy? Then again, Yuuga had told Seiya the same thing, and it didn’t work so… the rules just don’t matter in this universe.

— Fujiko then stabs Julia with a syringe and down the girl goes.

— When Julia wakes up, she finds herself tied up in some metallic room. God only knows where these characters always manage to find such empty dungeons in the middle of modern Japan.

— Creepazoid goes on a vague rant about humanity, but he doesn’t really have anything substantive to say. It’s just your bog standard megalomaniac speech. You can feel the lack of effort permeating itself throughout this entire anime. It’s completely devoid of heart. No one’s even trying.

— Anyways, Creepazoid has a fancy black SCM that he wants to demonstrate on Julia. Maybe it gives him the special power to duel anyone that he wants. Or maybe it just straight up enslaves other slaves. Who knows? The problem is that Julia refuses to put in her SCM, so we can’t see the black one in action. Darn.

— Oh look, here’s yet another new character, because why not? Nerdo over here is apparently associated with Eia’s newest slave. Y’know, the girl with the tan look? I don’t think she’s a ganguro girl… I’ll just call her Tan-chan.

— Braces gets a quick backstory, but it’s nothing special. You know it’s nothing special since it only takes up like five minutes of the episode’s run time. Basically, her grandfather is Mustachio, and he’s very overprotective of her. So she got into this whole SCM nonsense just to enslave him.

— Finally, Eia gets to do something. We’ve been watching a bunch of losers run around for way too long. Our heroine challenges Mustachio to a duel. Whoever earns the most money in two hours will win. Since he owns so many business, he’s inclined to accept the duel. Surely, he will win easily, right? Everyone always accept duels right on the spot. They’re so hilariously dumb.

— Mustachio quickly tells his henchmen to collect money from all the nearby businesses. He then puts on an earpiece so that he can listen in on Eia. Our girl has gone to a park to sing for money. She’s not just singing any random song, though. She’s singing the OP! I rolled my eyes so hard at this moment.

— There’s no way she can earn enough money this way, right? That’s when Tan-chan shows up with a fat envelope full of cash. There isn’t remotely any drama here, because I know that Eia has plot armor.

Yuuga also shows up to Mustachio’s office disguised as a loan shark. He offers up 10 million yen for a loan, but this is obviously just a misdirection. Besides, if you acquire the money via a loan, does that really count as “earning it?”

— When Yuuga tries to leave, he finds himself surrounded by Mustachio’s goons. The guy on the right doesn’t really look that tough…

— The dog’s just watching Yuuga get his ass beat, and I can’t blame it for doing nothing. Fuck Yuuga.

— When Eia returns, Mustachio acts all cocky because he thinks he’s seen through her ruse. She has 1 million yen, but he has 10 million yen. Surely, he’ll win, right?! Again, Eia has plot armor.

— Mustachio turns around to find that the 10 million yen is suddenly on fire! Oh no! He should’ve checked the bag, ’cause there was actually a bomb in it!

— His henchmen only managed to scrounge up 900,000 so Mustachio loses. Sad trombone noise.

— Wait, did they really burn through 10 million yen and not just fake money?

— Eia announces with pride that she intends to free everyone from the whole SCM nonsense. Even Yuuga is proud of her… I thought he wanted to test his limits and all that nonsense, but maybe becoming Fujiko’s slave for a brief second scared him straight.

— Mustachio now believes that Eia might have the chops to go up against Creepazoid. At the start of the series, however, Eia told us in a voiceover that she regrets ever getting involved in the first place. So I have to wonder if things are going to go bad real soon.

— As for Ryuuou… eh, forget him. What a dumb kid.

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