Mahou Shoujo Site Ep. 9: Someone finally bites the dust

Looking good there, Kaname. Let’s find out how it got to this point. 

— Yakuza Girl takes everyone to her home, because it’s the safest location they know. But honestly, you need magic to defend yourself against magic. I don’t think a security system’s going to stop anyone, especially not a site administrator.

— See, I don’t remember this girl’s name either. I just know that she can run fast.

— Nijimi is still head-over-heels in love with Kaname. He, however, decides to turn the creep factor up a notch. Aya’s brother quickly reveals his true colors and commands the dog idol to kill herself. Nijimi is inches away from death when Athletic Girl slams herself into Kaname. Nice. Unfortunately, there’s too much time left in the episode, so I have a bad feeling about this. I think these girls are about to find themselves in a world of hurt.

— Apparently, Kiyo is in control of Athletic Girl. I thought this was a way to prevent Kaname from mind-controlling Athletic Girl, but I quickly find out that I’m dead wrong about that.

— Athletic Girl lands another painful blow on the bastard, but I don’t know why she isn’t using her strength to finish the guy off. Surely, she can do more than throw punches, right?

— Things quickly go wrong for the girls. When we snap our attention back to Nijimi’s apartment, the dog idol has suddenly turned on Athletic Girl. It turns out Kaname had foreseen this, so he already gave Nijimi instructions to protect him.

— The bastard then overwrites the mind-control on Athletic Girl, and before Kiyo can even blink, she finds a forearm right through her fucking chest. Dude. DUDE.

— But that’s what I’m confused about. If Athletic Girl could do this, why didn’t she finish Kaname off earlier? I guess these girls are all softies. These girls don’t know how to truly protect themselves from evil people. Even though Kiyo knew that Kaname was dangerous, she couldn’t bring herself to use Athletic Girl to kill Kaname. Man…

— Rich Girl flies back to the rest of the group, and I guess the fastest way to do so was through the window.

— Kosame tries to save Kiyo before it’s too late, but I don’t even know how you don’t instantly die from a gaping wound in your chest — a gaping wound the size of a goddamn arm.

— Kosame doesn’t have enough blood to heal such a massive injury, so Aya steps up to the plate. After all, it’s all her fault. She wanted to protect her asshole brother for no reason. No, I get it; family is super important. But c’mon, there are exceptions, and surely, this guy must count!

— Kaname slowly makes his way through Yakuza Girl’s compound. None of her henchmen could stop the kid. I guess he just mind-controlled all of them and made them punch themselves. I still don’t understand why using the panty stick doesn’t make him bleed. It’s draining his life, right? But boys don’t have to bleed when they use a stick? Is it because boys don’t get periods or what?

— Tsuyuno tries to be all sympathetic, but when everyone’s life is on the line, yeah I think that’s when you tell people that your brother is a shithead.

— Ugh, this still looks so gross. Nevertheless, Aya manages to save Kiyo.

— Unfortunately, her brother is here and he quickly mind-controls all of the girls. They can’t move an inch against him.

— He then goes and drinks his imouto’s blood. After all, Athletic Girl probably fractured his collar bone earlier. This is about as intimate as these two will ever get.

— Kaname commands Nijimi to collect all of the girls’ sticks, but when she gets to Kiyo, her mind-control is overwritten. It’s that easy, I guess. Kiyo tells Nijimi to wait for an opening to attack Kaname, but the dog idol is losing it. She’s always had a bad temper. I just don’t know what she expects to do other than looking like she’s going to go SSJ. Oh wait, she collected Athletic Girl’s stick first, right? She might be able to punch a hole through Kaname if she tried.

— I like how the hole in Kiyo’s shirt is also gone. I guess Aya’s blood can also heal fabric.

— Sadly, Kaname slices Nijimi across the chest with Yakuza Girl’s sword. Man, the one time I’m actually rooting for the dog idol, she fucks it up.

— Ooh, I think she might actually die for real, because we’re suddenly getting her backstory. It’s like when I watch Top Chef and the episode starts going into a contestant’s past, you know they’re about to get kicked off the show.

— Apparently, her dad owed a lot of money, but instead of paying it off, he committed suicide. As a result, the burden fell on her poor mother. Is there a single male character in this show who isn’t a shithead? I’m hoping that detective with the weird hair might be a good guy, but at this rate, he’s probably an evil bastard too.

— With her last ounce of strength, Nijimi somehow manages to jam this broken bottle through Kaname’s throat. Welp, at least she did something good before she died.

— Aya’s brother is desperately trying to use the healing stick to save himself, but out of nowhere, an invisible silhouette of a foot steps on his arm. What?

— He looks up to see an invisible silhouette standing over him. Seriously, what? Is this the goddamn Predator?

Gas fills up the room, and the next thing we see is Aya waking up to the girls surrounding Nijimi. The girl wants to sacrifice more of her blood, but she quickly learns that you can’t heal the dead. Yep, the healing stick can’t bring people back to life. It can only save someone if they’re still alive. Man, this is all her fault. Aya better toughen the hell up, because I’m going to be so disappointed if she continues to be a naive softie after this week’s episode.

— Also, Kaname is nowhere to be found. Who the hell took him?

— For such a crappy show, this episode was alright. It was almost all action from start to finish. It paused for a second to delve into Nijimi’s backstory, but that didn’t end up eating too much of the runtime. Most of all, it gives Aya the perfect opportunity take a step forward in her character development. If she’s not gonna learn from her mistakes now, she never will.

— As for Nijimi, I never particularly cared for her character, but at least we now know that semi-important characters can die. More importantly, this helps to trim the roster, which was starting to get unwieldy. I gotta give credit where credit’s due, and I enjoyed this week’s episode.

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