Caligula Ep. 9: Heel turn?

Oh no Ritsu, what are you doing? 

— Looks like the PS4 remaster of the game isn’t doing so hot in Japan. 20,000 copies is pretty low for a debut, isn’t it? I doubt it’ll get localized, but what do I know? Maybe Western sales might help recoup some of the development costs. Why am I keeping an eye on the game? Because I feel like it’s the only way I’ll ever come close to understanding this show’s story.

— When the episode begins, the entire Go-Home Club are together, walking through an abandoned building. Why? At the very top of the tower is supposedly a door that connects Mobius to the real world. Yep, they can leave this simulation through said door, but only if Mu helps them. I’d like to know how we got here or even learned all of this information, but let’s face it, this is just a bad adaptation.

— The club members discuss what they might do when they return to the real world, but all this does is remind me that I know next to nothing about these characters. As a result, Naruko’s desire to become a novelist means pretty much nothing to me.

— At some point, the group suddenly hears a lot of tortured screams, so Kotaro runs off to play the hero. He finds a pair of Digiheads kicking around a locker with this poor sap trapped inside it.

Shadow Knife finally reveals himself, and he’s the big, bad villain of the week. Apparently, this entire building is chock full of people being tortured by this guy. Why? Well, we’ll find out soon enough.

— But first, we need to watch this scene where Thorn is talking to a completely new character who goes by the name of Wicked. We don’t get to see Wicked’s face, so this makes me think that she must be someone we know. But who? The only person who isn’t here is Marie.

— Also, Thorn has a bone to pick with Shogo and Shogo specifically. That’s fun.

— The entire group is worried about Kotaro… minus Ritsu, that is. In fact, the guy is oddly silent in this week’s episode. He barely has anything to say. Even worse, he looks bored out of his mind. I can’t make any heads or tails of his character development, because we just jumped from him being determined to save Mu to… this… whatever this is.

— During Kotaro’s battle with Shadow Knife, we see a quick flashback which seems to imply that the former was often bulled in real life. I guess this is why he’s so motivated to help others in Mobius. After he saves this random schmoe, however, he quickly learns that Shadow Knife was also often bullied in real life. And all of these torture victims? They were his real life bullies.

— So the gist with Shadow Knife is that he entered Mobius in order to become an anime hero. Yes, he’s literally based off of an anime hero within the Caligula universe. But unlike Kotaro, he isn’t interested in using his newfound powers to help others. He’d rather punish the evildoers instead. So I guess he and Kotaro are kinda like foils.

— Gee, I don’t know about that, man.

— Shadow Knife then proceeds to hilariously reason that Kotaro must be evil because he’s helping evil people out. The Musician then calls Kotaro’s form of justice shallow. Ironic, isn’t it?

— Anyways, the rest of the Go-Home Club finally catches up to their buddy, but before they could do anything, Wicked pulls the trigger on a bomb. Everyone’s engulfed in an explosion, but don’t worry. They’re perfectly fine. Can you even die in Mobius?

— Yes, yes you can. Shadow Knife is about to fall to his death, but he would rather rant about his shitty life than grab Kotaro’s hand. The Musician then proceeds to fall to his death and… well, he literally dies. How do we know he’s dead? Aria says so, so I guess it must be true. She also reveals that if you die in Mobius, you die in real life. Gee, that would’ve been nice to know from the beginning.

— Thorn shows up for a brief moment and Shogo does his best impression of “The Scream.” Yeah, I don’t know either. I guess they have a deep history. He must have wronged her real bad since she’s only interested in him.

— We suddenly cut to the Go-Home Club standing next to the door that should take them back to the real world, but again, they need Mu’s help. Unfortunately, neither Mu nor the Musicians are nowhere to be found. The group starts accusing each other of being traitors, because someone must have leaked their plans to the bad guys. But uh, what exactly were they planning to do? Ambush Mu and the Musicians in this tower?

— The entire group minus Ritsu just end up walking home dejectedly. But speaking of Ritsu, we see him doing some shady shit to that door we just left. So… is he the antagonist now?! I heard something about how the PS4 remake added the option to betray his friends. It would be interesting if the anime adaptation was the same, but… I dunno… I just can’t imagine the show ending with the bad guys winning.

— Eventually, the Go-Home Club are called to the clubroom, but Ritsu is, again, missing. They try to leave, but they find themselves trapped. Uh oh.

— We then cut to that magical door mysteriously closing. Did someone just leave Mobius?

— Basically, I have no clue what’s going on, and I doubt the last three episodes will give me the answers that I need. I just have to cross my fingers and hope that Atlus (or whoever) decides to localize the PS4 remake.

1 thought on “Caligula Ep. 9: Heel turn?

  1. Pia

    Shogo is acting really weird lately, and his breakdown was… just too much, I don’t know if they want us to take his trauma seriously or they just gave up.

    “I heard something about how the PS4 remake added the option to betray his friends. It would be interesting if the anime adaptation was the same, but… I dunno… I just can’t imagine the show ending with the bad guys winning”

    Ooh, maybe he’s indeed changing sides, that’s why last week episode revolved around the badies struggles in a futile attempt to warm us to them, that would make sense… I don’t particulary care about them but it would be interesting.


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