Devils’ Line Ep. 9: Revenge of the rapist professor

Oh man, this show is just full of twists and turns. 

— Essentially, Sawazaki is no longer in charge of his team. Instead, this guy will be leading the F Squad. Yay, more new characters to add to the story! Don’t get me wrong, though. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with introducing new characters to the story. It’s just that this adaptation isn’t long for this world. It’s only got a few episodes left, but the story is nowhere close to being finished. It feels like an all-out war against CCC is just about to get started, and we still have no clue what’s going on with ONLO. There’s literally a mysterious organization that creates hybrid vampires and experiments on them, and they’ve barely gotten any attention. Devils’ Line is nowhere close to being finished, but the adaptation is. And since it’s always doubtful if an anime adaptation ever gets a sequel, I guess we can forget about ever finding out what happens next… unless I read the manga, but why the hell would I go and do that?

— So yeah, I’m not particularly interested in meeting new characters if the show’s just gonna end without any satisfactory resolution.

— Anyways, Tsukasa is happy as a clam that she no longer has to wait for Anzai to crash through her window every night. We’re making relationship progress!

— But the rest of the team eventually gets the bad news when they are introduced to their new boss.

— So what’s Ishimaru’s deal? Is he a devil too? He looks like one. But he’s a devil in charge of a squad? They’d really let him do that?

— After the brief introduction, Tsukasa takes Anzai aside and wants him to contact Zero Nine. She thinks they should work together with Nine and Seven. May as well, I suppose. They have information on CCC, and they also need protection now that they’re on their own.

— Ishimaru overhears everything as he somehow manages to sneak up on both Tsukasa and Anzai, though. I guess his gimmick is that he’s sneaky. Nevertheless, he likes Tsukasa’s plan, so he doesn’t seem like an unreasonable.

— Oh… he’s not a devil. He’s just an otaku.

— If you’re wondering about Zero Five, no, they’re not going to out him as a CCC member. They’ll let him stay in Division 5, because they think this is the best way to keep an eye on him. Okay then. I mean, why can’t they just arrest the guy first before outing him? Ah, whatever.

— Apparently, Zero Nine didn’t tell his partner at all that he had extended an olive branch to Tsukasa. Zero Seven is not the least bit happy about this. God, I’m so tired of referring to their code names, but I guess there’s no better alternative. I haven’t exactly gone and remembered their actual names. I know Tsukasa, Anzai, Hans (Moleman) Lee. That’s about it.

— Speaking of Lee, he needs to ask for permission just to leave. He probably needs to get more blood since he ran out of it in a previous episode. Nevertheless, I’m surprised that he’s cooperating with the police like this. He didn’t ask to be in their custody. He just showed up one day to save Anzai’s life, and this is the thanks he gets.

— Sure enough, the guy goes to get more blood. In fact, he has a nice doctor who is happy to donate her own blood to him whenever he needs it. What’s up with that? Is she interested in Lee romantically?

— We get a bit of Lee’s backstory, and it’s more of what we already know. Basically, ONLO scientists are bastards who experiment on children. Lee broke out one day just because he wanted to see the sky. That’s kinda cliche, isn’t it? But it looks like the person who helped him escape was none other than Anzai’s mother. I mean, I guess we’re supposed to think she’s a nice person, but she’s with these ONLO bastards, so y’know, guilty by association.

— Despite Lee’s carefree nature, he’s actually kinda insecure. It’s obvious that Tsukasa sees him as a friend. As for Anzai…? Eh, the guy’s just overprotective of his girlfriend, but he probably trusts Lee now. Nevertheless, the white-haired half-vampire acts as if they don’t really care about him.

— Aw, look, they’re waiting for him.

— Then the anime goes and ruins the mood with this stupid-looking shot.

— Eventually, Ishimaru’s negotiations with Seven and Nine take place. And no, I haven’t really memorized Ishimaru’s name. I had to write it down somewhere just to write this post, and I’ll probably forget it as soon as this post goes up.

— Ishimaru is willing to offer the ex-CCC members a whole lot. A safe apartment, protection, blah blah blah. But Seven is still suspicious. Or rather, she wants some information too. Information on a guy by the name of Morisawa.

— Look at the dork Anzai trying to be all discreet by wearing sunglasses indoors.

— Sounds like this Morisawa guy was the one who raped and killed her mother. Tsukasa and Anzai casually discuss the fact that Seven probably had a crush on her mother’s killer before all the bad stuff went down. Yeesh. And now she has a crush on Zero Two (don’t we all?). In fact, Zero Two targeted her since she was a teenager, and filled her head with anti-devils indoctrination. Not that this would’ve been hard. After all, a devil stole her mother’s life. Nevertheless, the sight of a grown man manipulating a young girl adds an extra creep factor to Seven’s backstory. Plus, you can’t forget how he gave her the tongue the last time he saw her. This show is just full of messed up relationships.

— Afterwards, we see the nerdy, soft-spoken Nine ask Seven if she actually likes Two. The girl vehemently denies it, but in fiction, this just means that she still likes him. Ugh.

— After she gets her info on Morisawa, she confesses to F Squad that Kikuhara is none other than Zero Two. Unfortunately, they only have her word to go on, so they can’t exactly arrest the guy.

— Things go from bad to worse, however, when they see an entire parade of anti-devils protesters marching down the street. Even if you take out CCC at this point, the organization have already kinda won; they managed to stoke the public’s hate for devils.

— These assholes are literally waving around bags of blood to try and out devils.

— This poor lady can’t help but transform in public. C’mon, man, she’s just trying to do her grocery shopping! I don’t know why she has such a difficult job running away from the protesters. I thought devils had enhanced speed and strength. Nevertheless, Anzai ends up having to come this woman’s help.

— When Anzai fights off the protesters, he meets a familiar face: the rapist professor from the second episode is back, and he’s got a bone to pick with our hero! That’s hilarious, by the way. Argh, you stopped me from raping a woman, so now I hate all devils! Damn them and their anti-rape ways!

— So I guess the moral of the story here is that devils aren’t that bad. Sure, if they lose control, they can murder you in a split second. So that’s pretty bad. But controlling their bloodlust is actually relatively easy, but since knowledge about devils is so poor, even devils themselves don’t realize that they’re shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring blood.

— But again, as I’ve stated in previous post, can you really compel humans to donate blood just so devils won’t murder them.

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