Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Ep. 8: Taking out the trash first

The show really wants us to believe that Pito is a dangerous psychopath, but I can’t shake the fact that she’s probably just a bored idol in real life. Ah well. 

— So the tournament begin, and the new battlefield is just as drab-looking as the last one. Lots of faded colors everywhere. GGO is one ugly game. I guess it’s going for realism in its environments, but why bother when nothing else about the game is realistic?

— When Karen and Miyu check the map, the girls find themselves isolated in the upper right-hand corner of the battlefield. There’s literally nobody near them. Likewise, Pito and M are all the way in the opposite corner. Looks like Karen’s going to have to murder a bunch of nobodies before she can throwdown with Pito. After all, we still got like five episodes left counting this one.

— We also get a glimpse of some of the other teams. The high school gymnasts are mostly interested in just fighting Karen. Maybe Karen should’ve told them that she needs to kill Pito. Unfortunately, she didn’t bother to mention this fact, so they’re just going to get in her way.

— Oh hey, these dudes get to hide in the snow. At least that’s slightly more interesting than abandoned houses and broken up concrete.

— Anyways, these losers get to be Karen and Miyu’s first targets. Unfortunately, the latter blindly stumbles into a trap.

— Wait, what? Miyu lost her feet and she only lost a quarter of her life?! What’s even worse is when Karen assures her friend that everything will be okay. Why? Because Miyu’s legs will eventually grow back. This is so stupid.

— In the meantime, Karen goes 1v5 and takes out four of the enemy with ease. ‘Cause, y’know, she’s technically an SAO protagonist, so she’s overpowered as hell.

— Even without her feet, Miyu helps Karen out with the last generic nobody. Hell, he got a good chunk of of his head lopped off. Hopefully, that killed him… but I dunno, maybe it only took half of his HP, and his head will grow back!

— Uh-huh…

— We then briefly visit the other squads to see what they’re up to. There’s just a bunch of bad action.

— People rain down suppression fire as if they have infinite bullets. It looks about as dumb as it sounds.

— Oh hey, this map has a vineyard. Why? Beats me. It’s just a mishmash of stuff. Here’s a railroad, here’s a stadium… why not a vineyard!

— Remember that team with the lone girl? Well, she’s still as bored and unhappy as ever. What’s her deal? I guess I’ll have to wait even longer for an explanation, because we’re definitely not getting it this week.

— Pito is bored, but M is the leader so he’s calling the shots. He’s content to sit in one place until the rest of the map thins itself out, because he’d rather have Pito go all out against Karen than a bunch of generic nobodies. But what’s the point of playing a battle royale if you’re just going to do nothing? They should’ve just fired up CS:GO instead of wasting god knows how many minutes doing nothing.

— Yep, this is what it looks like when your legs grow back.

— I wanna like Miyu, because I think her character design outside of the game is cute, but she’s kinda special in the head.

— Meanwhile, the leader of the high school gymnasts has a bit of a potty mouth.

— Pito is just begging to die, but we’re not ready to fight her yet. We have more faceless goons to kill. This time, however, Miyu wants to prove her worth, so she has Karen serve as her eyes and ears. This way, she can just hide behind a bunch of buildings and lob grenades towards their enemies. For some reason, however, Karen acts like this is the first time she’s ever heard of lobbing grenades, so Miyu has to explain the basic strategy to her friend. It’s ridiculous.

— A cute girl with a grenade launcher between her legs is probably someone’s fetish out there.

— Eventually, seven teams decide to band together to take out Pito. They really think she’s that dangerous, I guess. But I mean, has she ever won a Squad Jam before? Heh, I think not.

— Nevertheless, Karen turns on the jets, because she’s now worried that Pito will die before she can kill her. Hoo boy, that last sentence would make no sense without the proper context, huh? Miyu, however, assures her best friend that Pito’s team would retreat if they knew they couldn’t survive.

— Needless to say, Pito and M are going nowhere. We cut to Pito just cackling her ass off, because she’s, like, really badass you guys. You just don’t know it yet! But that’s the end of our episode, so you’ll have to tune in next week to see how Pito and her boys will take out seven teams in a row.

7 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Ep. 8: Taking out the trash first

  1. lowegear

    “For some reason, however, Karen acts like this is the first time she’s ever heard of lobbing grenades”

    Keep in mind that for all that Karen loves GGO, she’s not what you’d call a military enthusiast who obsesses about everything guns and military. For her, grenades are likely just things she throws by hand against enemies that she can already see. Thus, indirect fire artillery tactics like what Miyu is proposing with her grenade launchers would be quite new to her.

  2. ndqanhvn

    I heard something about the author of Sword Art Online getting better in later novels…but somehow it doesn’t feel that way. This anime seems to be even worse than the first season of SAO. Maybe there’s no harem and no Gary Tsu main char, but all characters are lame and forgettable (much that I hate Kirito, I still remember stuff about him quite well) , and one frankly could not feel the stake in the whole conflict.

    And it’s really odd, because…the author of SAO, terrible as he is, at least could give us some very clear motivation for each arc in the past. Escaping from a MMO that could actually kill you, saving your waifu from a rapist, investigating a serial killer…The execution is bad but at least the story makes it very clear what is the endgame in the first few episodes…This one though, it feel like somebody wrote a story and realized it doesn’t have a freaking point half-way through.

    1. Sean Post author

      This spinoff is written by the same guy behind Kino’s Journey. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, since I don’t particularly care for Kino’s Journey.

  3. Nicculent

    im not even into anime and i read this whole post lol,your writing style is just so good.My best friend is into SAO though,and i cant wait to show your blog to you.Keep writing,and I’d love for you to check my blog out too<3

  4. Pia

    I can’t believe this trash is only on its 8th episode, I feel like I’ve been watching this for two season straight.

    I don’t know but Pito to me seems just like a sociopath, she might’ve some screws loose, but I don’t think she’s the baddie of this series, she seems really oblivious about everything around her, I would say M is more suspicious of being the villian here, after all we are talking about SAO, villians are always male, I won’t be surprised is M ends up being a rapist by the end of the series.

    1. Sean Post author

      I doubt any of them are evil. SAO Alternative feels like one of those pointless series about nothing.


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