Dorei-ku The Animation Ep. 9: More dumb characters


Eia is the least bad thing about this show, right? And that is precisely why we’re going to spend this entire week on two (arguably three) new characters. Yay! 

— Meet Gekkou, the guy in the screenshot at the very top of this post. His whole gimmick is that he’s delusional and worships a certain “Maria-sama,” a live chat with a doll. Basically, if you’re a sad sack like Gekkou, you go to Maria-sama for advice. After listening to what you have to say, she berates you. That’s simply it. And because you’re a masochist, you enjoy being treated like shit.

— Oh yeah, to show your devotion to Maria-sama, you gotta do this hand thing. Gang signs, man, gang signs.

— Anyways, it’s a small world, so Maria-sama has a bone to pick with Ryuuou. As a result, the woman tells Gekkou to spy on Ryuuou’s henchmen, a.k.a. Julia and Fujiko. We then learn what had happened between the latter and Creepazoid. Creepazoid’s black SCM lets him control anybody. Well, something like that. He calls it the judgment SCM, but I don’t know how passing judgment on people means they have to become your slave. Apparently, you just auto-lose when he “judges” you, but there isn’t even a game involved. Ah well, the show has a dumb premise anyway.

— So Gekkou freaks out and runs to Maria-sama for help. Yep, this is what Maria-sama looks like in real life. She targeted Gekkou because he apparently has a special power. Meh. Nothing is imaginative anymore. Afterwards, she tells him to go and look for Kiyo. Yay, another new character!

— Or is it? When Gekkou gets to the specified location, all he finds is Ryuuou and Zero. At the mention of Kiyo’s name, however, Zero’s personality suddenly shifts dramatically. Zero and Gekkou engage in a mock duel, then afterwards, Ryuuou tries to issue a command to Zero. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Why? Because Zero is Kiyo now. Yep, having a split personality means you can regain your autonomy. That… that sure is something. Kiyo then takes Ryuuou hostage just as Chuo and Taiju arrive.

— Unfortunately, Gekkou is useless and can’t even take a punch from Taiju. As a result, Ryuuou is able to free himself from Kiyo’s grasp. Nevertheless, Maria-sama arrives just in time to save both Gekkou and Taiju.

— If you can see one of Zero’s eyes, then Kiyo is in control. If you can see neither of his eyes, then the pathetic Zero is in control. Yep…

— So what’s Maria-sama’s deal? She went to jail one day and met Kiyo. They became fast friends, but tragedy struck and she died in an accident. That’s it. That’s the grand ol’ backstory.

— Shortly after he lost a duel to Chuo, Zero shows up at Maria-sama’s apartment claiming to be Kiyo. At first, the lady doesn’t believe his words, but it doesn’t take long to convince her that her dead BFF is still alive. Amazing, isn’t it? According to Kiyo, the SCM somehow surfaced her from within the depths of Zero’s psyche. But nevermind that, because if Maria-sama was so close to Kiyo, how come she never knew that her best friend had a son?

— It sounds like Maria-sama is still in love with Kiyo.

— In any case, the two women hatch a plan to free Zero from Ryuuou. Honestly, I have no idea what to make of this subplot. Forget having a compelling backstory, because they barely even have one. I don’t care about any of these characters. I just want the focus to return to Eia. Actually, I just want this whole series to be done and over with. It’s not even remotely fun to watch anymore.

— Oh look, Kiyo is about to turn back into Zero.

— Aaaaand… bam… Zero’s back. Both eyes covered!

— This whole time, Creepazoid is watching everything unfold from the numerous cameras that he somehow has installed all over the place. Like how?

— Also, Julia is losing her grip since she refuses to wear her SCM, but again, I don’t care about her and her sick shota fetish at all. This show is just full of characters that we have no reason to give a shit about.

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