My Hero Academia Ep. 50: Time to switch arcs

Alright, let’s pick up the pieces. Time to ganbatte it up and try super hard! 

— In this meeting with the top brass of the police department — and they are apparently all men — everyone begrudgingly admits that they took a big blow from recent events. The Symbol of Peace is dead, the League of Villains only gets stronger with every defeat, blah blah blah.

— Apparently, after Nana’s husband died, she put her own son into foster care, because she didn’t want to get him involved in the hero world. Ugh. Ugh. That’s so terrible. I’m not going to say that it wasn’t a hard choice for her to make, but holy shit, how could you abandon your own kid? This is why a lot of superheroes in other stories often disguise their true identity. Since they also want to have a private life, it just makes sense. But this concept seems completely alien to the MHA universe. As a result, these selfish heroes — yeah, they’re selfish — keep pumping out children even though they’re neck deep in super villains. Of course, one has to give, and from a utilitarian standpoint, it makes sense to choose the good of society over your own kid… but ugh.

— If Shigaraki is going to be redeemed, I doubt All Might will be the one to do it. If anything, I expect any attempt at this to cost him his actual life. Look, someone important’s going to have to die at some point in this series. This can’t be child’s play forever.

— Oh look, it’s Todoroki’s sister. We’ve seen her before, but since she has a minor role, I have almost forgotten what she looks and sounds like. Everyone in the family has silly hair.

— Todoroki peeks in on his father, and this looks stupidly reckless. I don’t doubt that his dad doesn’t want the number one hero position by default. Setting fire to your own home and smashing stuff out of rage, though… dude, you’re an adult. Grow up.

— Christ, all of the father figures in this show are kinda… yeah…

— Three punches in his muscle form is all that All Might can handle nowadays. Luckily, the blood here is mostly for comedy.

— Anyways, in this highly-charged moment, All Might reiterates his desire to raise Deku properly. I mean, what else can he do? He set the kid on this path, so he’s got to see it through to the end. He’s got to make sure Deku is ready for the same career that he just had to endure. The kid is, however, a million miles away from filling All Might’s giant shoes. But hey, that’s why this show is a shounen! I bet we have hundreds of episodes to go before Deku and his friends become full-fledged pros. I’ll probably throw in the towel long before then.

— Apparently, Best Jeanist will be out of commission for a while. As for Ragdoll, she may as well retire. We hardly knew ye. But seriously, they should’ve had this happen to a more notable character. It would’ve been more tragic. Unfortunately, bad stuff only seems to happen to unimportant nobodies, so the emotional impact is blunted.

— So Nezu wants to convert U.A. into an all-dorm school, but since they keep fucking up as instructors, they’ll need to go and meet the parents face-to-face. It’s kinda fun to see some of the kids’ parents.

— Oh hey, it’s Bakugo’s mom. Most people will drool over her MILF status, but I can’t help but focus on how she likes to communicate with her son by yelling. We now know where the kid gets his shitty attitude from. It doesn’t help that her husband looks completely spineless.

— Afterwards, Bakugo wants to know more about the relationship between Deku and All Might, but the latter is not forthcoming. Oh well.

— So far, it has been smooth sailing for both All Might and Aizawa. Unfortunately, Deku’s mother is naturally protective of her son. I’m more surprised that the other parents don’t seem to have more issues with Nezu’s latest stunt. In any case, she’s changed her mind and no longer wishes to have Deku attend U.A. It’s too dangerous (it is!), the teachers can’t protect the students (they can’t!), and if Deku wants to be a hero so badly, he could attend a different school (he should!). Her worries and concerns are all understandable. My only quibble is that she didn’t discuss this privately with Deku beforehand. Sure, she changed her mind overnight, but it’s not as if All Might showed up out of nowhere. As a family, she had time to discuss this with her son before his teacher arrived. She shouldn’t have sprung this on him.

— Deku is determined to be a hero, so he’ll do whatever it takes. If this means he can’t attend U.A., then so be it. This impresses All Might greatly, so he goes into his muscle form even though this would hurt him. He then bows to both Deku and his mother, promising that he’ll do all he can to raise the kid properly. Uh huh.

Um, phrasing…

— In the end, Deku’s mother relents, so the status quo won’t change at all. But boy, wouldn’t it have been interesting to see the kid in a whole new environment, learning from whole new teachers, and making whole new friends? It would’ve been bold. Unfortunately, most shounens are not known for their boldness. It’s no surprise at all that his mother would eventually fold.

— But yeah, we’ll get to see the kids move into the dorms next week and bunk up with their buddies.

— After the credits, there’s a short scene with All For One, but… screw him. He sucks and his successor sucks.

7 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Ep. 50: Time to switch arcs

  1. Redgeek

    Time to butt heads again, Sean.
    I agree Nana giving her son up is messed up but what else could she do? Heroes don’t have secret identities like classic superheroes. They’re registered. BUT, an exception or extra security could be made for Nana, so I think her main reason was AFO. Who knows how many OFA users he’s taken out. She probably knew it was coming at some point.

    I do agree MHA needs to take more risks and not hurt just lower supporting characters. And, yeah, the all male AND all human looking government meeting took me by surprise.

    Momma Deku has concerns and now Deku has to take them seriously. He can’t be an All Might clone, he has to fight smarter and both he and All Might must get their crap together. Glad it was addressed.

    I’m looking forward to Shigaraki’s development more than Deku. He has to become the new top baddie at some point. Seeing that should be fun.

    1. ~xxx

      there has been one user of All For One since All might has stated once that he might have gotten immortality at some point, and also because his knowledge is far greater than any normal living being in the planet.

  2. Redgeek

    Giving up is out the question. AFO would still track her down and people don’t always plan on kids. Or, maybe Nana thought she could take down AFO but got a rude awakening that put her on the path of giving up her son. It sucks, it’s horrible and, really, she should’ve sent him to a relative but her husband died, she probably wasn’t thinking straight or put his survival above everything else.
    Telling All Might and Gran Torino not to contact was just as bad.

    1. Sean Post author

      Shouldn’t have had the kid in the first place then. All notable heroes should just give up on the idea of having a family. If you ever run the risk of abandoning your child, then that’s the sacrifice you have to make. It is absolutely unconscionable to me that any hero would give up their child and still call themselves an agent of justice. How do they think most immoral people come about anyways? Shitty childhoods don’t help.

  3. Redgeek

    Hindsight is 20/20. Saying that now makes sense but back then it probably didn’t. Well, I’ll leave it at that. Gotta start shadow boxing for our fight next week.

    1. Sean Post author

      Heroes were not a new concept during Nana’s time. When she knew that she was capable of being a hero, she should have given up on having a family. All of them should. In fact, U.A. should teach both 1-A and 1-B that right now. You forfeit certain privileges to uphold justice. Unless, of course, you want to potentially be a shitty parent and abandon your kid. Like poor Kota.


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