Sirius the Jaeger Ep. 2: Broken families

Aw, that’s cheating, PA Works. You can always tearjerk with a little girl. 

— Do you know what I love more than flashbacks? Blurry flashbacks. Of course, this isn’t a mistake on the animators’ part. They deliberately wanted this to be vague. Keep watching if you want to know more about Yuliy! But that’s the problem, isn’t it? Right now, Yuliy doesn’t really stand out. Of course, we know he’s the hero of the story because the focus is glued to him most of the time. In a short, one-cour series, however, I just think the main character should’ve grabbed our attention right from the get-go. Hopefully, this week’s episode can rectify that.

— We finally get to peep the OP this week. Generic pop song. Par for the course.

— Ooh, we’re going to get a Frankenstein-inspired mofo in the near future.

— When Yuliy finally regains consciousness, he finds himself in a stranger’s home. This kind doctor has taken our hero in and treated his wounds. He also has a precious, little daughter by the name of Saki.

— The doctor soon leaves to get back to his work, and already, the little girl is crestfallen. Looks like her dad is often too busy to spend any time with her. As a result, she looks for companionship in any shape or form. This is going to end poorly for her, isn’t it?

Willard drops by to check up on Yuliy, and they have a brief talk about our hero’s nature. Basically, his werewolf instincts are a double-edged sword. Sometimes they aid him, and sometimes they don’t. Therein lies the dilemma. At some point, his humanity needs to be able to overcome his bestial nature and call the shots. Especially if someone dear to him is on the line. Who might that be, though? I’m sure Ryoko will have a large role to play as the story unfolds.

— As the commander leaves, he tells Yuliy to stay put until his injuries are fully healed. I do like the framing of this scene. For now, our hero is a caged beast. That’s his punishment for disobeying orders and being reckless in the last mission. Sure, it’s a simple shot, and the subtext here is painfully obvious. But at the same time, you’d surprised how often anime shows won’t even bother to do the bare minimum.

— And since Philip often likes to butt heads with Yuliy, the blond guy gets to stay behind and keep an eye on his werewolf buddy. It’s like trying to make two people get along by locking them in the same room.

— Later that night, we see something rather ominous. Oooh, tenchu. I liked those games.

— I’m glad nothing bad happened to this black cat. I also have one, so it always hurts when animals are randomly killed in films or TV shows.

This guy looks like a video game character.

— His allies like to wear silly masks. These guys must belong to that infamous Hyakko Party.

— While that is happening, Saki pays Yuliy a visit at night. Again, a child at that age needs love and nurture. Unfortunately, the father can’t oblige. As for the mother, well… she’s dead. And ever since she died, her father has been busy tinkering away in his lab. You’d think her death would make him realize that he needs to cherish his loved ones before they disappear from his life, but humans are rarely logical when they are deeply traumatized. Let’s just say I doubt he’s gotten any grief counseling. More importantly, his research is probably not on the up-and-up.

— Afterwards, we see a bunch of reporters gathered around a smoky room. This show really loves the early 20th century, ’cause I feel like this is the exact sort of thing you would see from that time period.

— The men suspect that a foreign group must be funding the Hyakko Party and their terrorist actions, but they don’t know anything about the evil vampires. As a result, Willard and V Shipping have unfortunately become the prime suspects.

— Meanwhile, Willard visits a bar just to confirm that there is another rival foreign company, and of course, they have ties to the evil vampires.

— The next morning, Yuliy continues to spend more time with Saki as Philip listens to the gossipy housekeeper say too much about the family that she works for. The doctor’s wife died from a heart disease. Hmm. Also, his assistant has gone missing. Double hmm.

— As for Yuliy’s brotherly relationship with Saki… well, I guess I can buy it, because the little girl is lonely. As a result, she’s desperate for any sort of positive attention from her family. Since her dad can’t help her out in that regard, I guess she can pretend that Yuliy is her brother. On the other hand, I just can’t help but wonder why she took to him so easily. She trusted him as soon as he woke up. Isn’t that a bit too sudden? Maybe since he’s a werewolf, he kinda gives off that friendly man’s best friend feel. Who knows!

— And again, gardening is a recurring theme. The plants are wilting because they don’t have enough support. Yuliy asks if he can lend a hand. Hint hint: this is a metaphor about the girl.

— Y’know, Saki sounds a whole lot like Mayuri from Steins;Gate, especially when she exclaimed, “Yokatta!”

— So Yuliy reveals to Saki that his mother has also passed away. He also perplexes the girl by randomly dropping cryptic remarks about how we have to heed the words of the dead. Um, okay. Huh… I wonder if that’s why he gets reckless. It’s not that he loses control, but he trusts his instincts. If his mother is always telling him that he can do it, he would always have the utmost confidence in himself.

— Elsewhere, we see that Ryoko still has a strange fixation on Yuliy. She’s barely spoken to the guy, but she wants to visit him. Willard pretty much dismisses her request.

— She would later, however, get information about Yuliy from her master in… kendo? Shrug. I don’t know the names of these arts. The thing with Saki, I can understand somewhat. But Ryoko? I don’t understand the girl at all. What’s so special about Yuliy that makes her so drawn to him? Is it love at first sight? Really? And I guess that’s the largest gaping hole in the story right now. I’m kinda intrigued by the whole vampire business, and I’m enjoying the setting. Unfortunately, Yuliy’s getting so much attention, and I don’t see how he merits it at all. He’s not a bad character. Rather, he has yet to even establish a character.

— The rest of the Jaegers continue to look into the possible connections between the Hyakko Party and the vampires. For some reason, the Japanese group aren’t just targeting the elites in power. They’re also going after researchers… researchers who are currently working on developing artificial organs.

— Oh look, Agatha is pissed that she lost to a werewolf. The head vampire is pissed at her too. Guys, guys… we’re all monsters of the night. Can’t we just get along and prey on humans instead? No, apparently.

— Looks like she’s going to get some fancy augments.

— As for the doctor… yeah, his pet project doesn’t look kosher.

— But I mean… hasn’t Saki’s mother been dead for quite some time? Even if you manage to invent an artificial heart, what are you going to do about the rest of the body? That brain’s a goner, yo.

— Leave it to a kid to confront prejudice. Why does Philip hate Yuliy so much? Because a werewolf had done something terrible to his parents. And that’s basically it. It sounds simple and illogical, but racism is the same way. I hate you because your people did so-and-so! Also, economic anxiety. Can’t forget that!

— The doctor suddenly emerges from his lab to deliver the good news: he’s done with whatever terrible project he’s working on. He and his daughter are happy, but it’ll be short-lived. Not because I want it that way, but it’s obvious that he has a big fat target on his back.

— Oh boy… get ready for some feels.

— Man, that housekeeper sold them out. And of course, she dies for this.

— Agatha went and got a fancy blade to replace her missing leg. Neato.

— Meanwhile, we see Ryoko slowly making her way to Yuliy with a fruits basket. What’s your deal, girl? Do you really want a puppy that badly?

— The rest of the Jaegers realize that the doctor is in trouble. And if the doctor is in trouble, then Yuliy is also in trouble. Unfortunately, Willard and Dorothea are unable to leave, because they are stopped short by Tada.

— At the doctor’s house, the power suddenly goes off so the bad guys’ operation has begun; they’re here to extract the artificial heart. And at the same time, I guess they may as well kill everyone in the house.

— Even with a better look, I can’t warm up to these vampires. They’re so ugly. I don’t want to say that vampires are supposed to be seductive. After all, this is what storytelling is all about. There are no set rules. There is no authority on vampires or any character for that matter. We, the readers, can always claim authorship. If you read, say, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and you decide to tell your own story about Dracula, that’s perfectly fine. So I don’t want to say that vampires should be sexy. Buuuuuut I still think they’re better that way.

— The problem, too, is that it’s not even consistent. Agatha gets to stay sexy! And now she’s going to take a big bite out of the doctor!

— While the doctor is busy transforming, it’s time for capoeira-inspired combat. Maybe the story will never live up to its potential, but at least the action is enjoyable?

— Oh no, I don’t wanna see this. All the gore in the world means nothing to me. But this hurts my heart.

— Even better, Ryoko is just steps away from the house!


— In the end, Yuliy gets the upper hand on Agatha again. But to be fair, it’s not like she got super strength or super speed. All she got was a prosthetic leg, and it probably weighed her down.

— Our hero is also able to save Saki in the nick of time. Unfortunately, the little girl got front row seats to her father being put out of his misery. She may not have died, but she’s going to need a lot of therapy.

— And there goes Agatha. Wow, we’re just two episodes in and she’s already down for the count. I thought she’d be an annoying pest for the whole series, but she’s already done for. And she was the only notable female villain too. Unless they introduce a new character, that’s it for the bad ladies!

— Aw c’mon, do I really gotta see the doctor’s ashes slip through Saki’s fingers. He was a heart surgeon, and yet, my heart is in so much pain. Ironic.

— I thought Ryoko would get herself in trouble, but instead, she’s just able to witness everything. So are you still on Team Yuliy or nah?

— An explosion goes off, so Yuliy tries to chase down the bad guys. Unfortunately, he is cut off by his soon-to-be rival/foil. Well, not just his rival but his brother as well.

— So last week’s ED wasn’t the real one. This is the real one, and it’s full of happy memories — happy memories between Yuliy and his brother. Ah, family makes everything so complicated. Let’s hope big bro doesn’t also go for Ryoko.

This must be them in doggo form.

— And next week’s episode will delve more into Yuliy’s past, and maybe even how he came to join the Jaegers. Might as well. What’s going to happen to Saki though? Who’s going to take her in? Both her parents are dead, and even the housekeeper. Yuliy obviously can’t. The nature of his business is way too dangerous, and even if you could ignore that, the Jaegers travel around too much. Maybe the little has distant relatives, but it’d be kinda lame for the story to destroy her family in one episode only to make her disappear at the drop of the hat. Maybe Ryoko’s family could take her in. I mean, she did see everything.

— So two episodes down, and I gotta say that Sirius the Jaeger is very competently made. For the most part, it doesn’t have any real flaws. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying the anime. It’s just not special. And I guess it’s a bit unfair of me to put too much expectations on the show, but I’m desperate for something to emerge from this summer of mediocrity. Yeah, yeah, you guys are busy fawning over Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight (or so I’m told). Hey, more power to ya, but it’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t care for all the singing, and I’m not a Utena fanatic. I’ll still check out the second episode (I’m waiting for better subs), but I’m confident that I’ll leave the show to other, more enthusiastic bloggers. I really don’t want to analyze the anime if my heart isn’t in it. But I digress. All I really hope is that Sirius the Jaeger can pull something out of its hat. Right now, it’s like solid C+ territory if it continues to maintain this course all the way to the end of the season, but it needs a stronger Yuliy to pull it up another letter grade.

2 thoughts on “Sirius the Jaeger Ep. 2: Broken families

  1. Mana Language

    Yuliy is attractive and Ryoko wants a boyfriend. I’d say that adequate character motivation. But really is pretty lame for a heroine in a supernatural action show. But the main focus is on the dog bros family/vampires plot so I’m not expecting anything too fancy for her.
    But if Ikuhara stuff isn’t your thing it’s understandable to not be into revue starlight. I think at least the “audition battle” is worth a watch for the amazing animation. I like Ikuhara style but too much of this show has banal character interactions to hold my attention. I want to hope it gets better or get some stakes to what they are doing.

  2. secondarytarget

    “Unfortunately, Willard and Dorothea are unable to leave, because they are stopped short by Tada.”

    I can’t stop myself from laughing from this statement.

    Story-wise aside, I think the animation from P.A works is alright so far. Not on KyoAni level, but still entertaining to watch


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