Everything Else & Weekly Rankings Pt. 3 (Summer ’18)

I would much rather be playing Octopath Traveler right now, but instead, I’m watching hours and hours of anime just for you guys. See how much I care?

Angels of Death Ep. 3

Rachel wants to be killed, and people want to kill her. Win-win, right? Sadly, no. Unfortunately, our heroine can only be killed once. That’s the tricky part about murder; you can’t keep murdering the same person over and over again. And since multiple people want to kill Rachel, what can she do but choose just one lucky winner to end her miserable existence? In this week’s episode, Eddie tries as hard as he can to convince Rachel to give him the honor of taking her life. Unfortunately, she feels that if she doesn’t let Zack kill her, then he’ll never escape this building. Y’see, this is important, because…? Also, something about God. Yeah, God is really important in this week’s episode (and probably future episodes to come). But don’t ask me, because I don’t really know jack shit. As you can probably tell, I’m not too fond of this anime. Maybe if you don’t take its story at face value, you might appreciate Angels of Death. But after three episodes, I still find it both equally dumb and boring as hell. Minutes after minutes of “I’ll totally kill you better! Trust me!” Gimme a break.

Oh yeah, the girl is probably responsible for her parents’ death. The story keeps flirting with this revelation as if it’s some earth-shattering secret, but I think our little “plot twist” is painfully obvious already.

Cells At Work! Ep. 3

Another episode, another all-out battle against a pathogen. This time, a naive T-cell has to learn to stop being such a wuss, because a fast-replicating influenza virus is wreaking havoc. But honestly, I think this gimmick is starting to wear thin. I know Cells At Work! isn’t supposed to be a serious anime, but if we’re going to focus on nothing but combating illnesses, then we’re really wasting the show’s fullest potential. Unfortunately, next week’s episode is going to be about food poisoning, so it doesn’t look the formula will change very much. Personally, I find that terribly disappointing, but your mileage may vary. I think some people are happy as long as they get a new waifu to drool over.

Chio’s School Road Ep. 3

Chio’s CQC stuff was simultaneously cute and amusing. The kabaddi nonsense was also funny… up until Madoka refused to stop molesting Yuki. Just because they’re both girls doesn’t make it funny or acceptable. It’s too bad, ’cause I was enjoying the episode too. The ending just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Grand Blue Ep. 2

I must be missing something, because I don’t find this show funny at all. I cracked a smile once during this week’s episode, and that was when they plastered Chisa’s face all over Iori’s room. Everything else, however, just fell flat. I found it even sillier when the anime suddenly tried to put on a serious face by taking Iori to the aquarium. See, you gotta realize how wonderful diving is! You just gotta first endure a bunch of juvenile dick jokes and drinking enough alcohol to turn your blood into wine.

Happy Sugar Life Ep. 2

Same shtick as last week: Satou is deranged, but it could be worse. She could be an adult, then she’d truly be a fucked-up individual. In this week’s episode, she finds herself being stalked by her rapey teacher. So y’see, the reason why her concept of love is so unhealthy is because everyone around her is so sinful! Nurture over nature, man! Satou never had a chance to be normal! Anyways, like with her manager, the girl gets the upper hand on the perv and threatens to expose him unless he does whatever she wants. As a result, Satou manages to find someone to help her dispose of some evidence. The basic theme of the show right now is that adults suck. Adults suck, and as a result, their children are messed up. So even if the children err, you can’t help but feel bad for them. They never stood a chance! Hah, well, fuck that.

Near the end of the episode, we learn that Taiyo, the guy who was being raped by the manager in last week’s episode, is now weirdly obsessed with Shio. He’s never even met her. He’s only seen her picture on all those missing person posters. You can imagine why he’s infatuated with the little girl, though. She seemingly represents childlike innocence in this mad, mad world. And since his body and soul have been tainted by his manager, he now has a sick fixation with childlike innocence. Maybe he thinks his love for Shio can help him forget his traumas. Sigh.

Speaking of those missing person posters, the kid who’s been putting them up found himself in a bit of trouble. As a result, Taiyo tries to protect the him. While the kid is sleeping in the backroom, however, he starts murmuring those same marriage vows as Shio. This triggers Satou’s psychotic impulses, so she wants to murder him. Unfortunately, the episode ends on that cliffhanger.

Holmes of Kyoto Ep. 3

This show is like a poor man’s version of Hyouka. If Hyouka is Jeff Bezos, then Holmes of Kyoto is, well, me. What I find funny is that I dodn’t even like Hyouka! Unfortunately, Holmes and Aoi have nowhere near the same chemistry as Oreki and Chitanda.

In this week’s episode, the mystery concerns three hanging scrolls. They’re cheap reproductions, so they don’t actually have any monetary value. Nevertheless, someone went and burned the three hanging scrolls anyways. The client would like Holmes to figure out the culprit’s motives. It’s not the most compelling mystery, but Holmes employs a bit of art interpretation in order to solve the mystery. Kinda. Basically, the theme of the week is unfaithful lovers. Aoi’s boyfriend left her for her best friend. Holmes’s ex-girlfriend left him for another guy. And to everyone’s surprise, the dead man’s wife had a child with another man. Granted, I watched this episode at like 7am, but I found it very difficult to stay awake from beginning to end.

Overlord III Ep. 3

All Enri, all the time. This shit put me to sleep, man. It really did. Sorry, but I don’t give a rat’s ass about her, her goblins, or her boyfriend with the stupid bangs. Lupisregina looks and acts like a sadistic sociopath, but I highly doubt she’s going to spice up the story by killing anyone. Ainz wouldn’t forgive her if anything happened to Enri anyways. God, I’m so sad.

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Ep. 2

Yeah, I knew this show wasn’t for me. It just doesn’t engage me at all on the emotional level. That’s all I kept thinking as I watched the second episode. Like… what am I supposed to care about? Oh well, at least the anime’s pretty to look at?

Steins;Gate 0 Ep. 15

Good lord, I get to watch Daru go on a date with Yuki not once but twice. I also get to hear his goofy confession in his even goofier voice. It’s just too much, man. Could you imagine this guy trying to talk dirty in bed? Like making love to Barney or some shit. Anyways, the emotional underpinnings of the episode is solid. I just hate the execution. I mean, I do feel bad for Suzuha. Really, I do. The mental toil of her mission is getting to her. She’s been at this for so long, but there’s no end in sight. The whole Kagane business is unsettling, too. Most of all, it doesn’t help that her childhood memories are full of bad memories. Hell, she had to hold her mom’s lifeless body in her arms. So yeah, Suzuha just needs an emotional pick-me-up. What’s better than playing matchmaker for her future parents? I totally get this part. I totally feel for the girl. But I still didn’t enjoy the episode at all. I guess I’m still just waiting for the plot to really kick into gear, and it feels like we’re spinning our wheels with a Daru sidestory. Then after a feelgood crying session with Suzuha, the anime suddenly cuts to a tweaked-out Kagane. Sorry, but I couldn’t help bursting into laughter. That is such a ridiculous juxtaposition.

Oh well. In other news, it was funny to see Maho being dwarfed by her suitcase.

We Rent Tsukumogami Ep. 1

Not a terribly exciting show. According to Japanese folklore, certain tools can develop lives of their own after they’ve spent enough time with humans. It also helps if you love and cherish them. This is kinda like Toy Story, I guess. The difference here, however, is that our two protagonists — a brother-and-sister duo — are well aware of the fact that these knick-knacks can talk. The two sides are simply never allowed to communicate. Why? Beats me. So how do they actually help you? If, say, the brother needs crucial information, he simply listens to the group of tsukumogami talk amongst themselves. They’re quite chatty, so they’re bound to reveal useful information.

Anyways, the first episode is about an arranged marriage that might fall through if a certain frog tsukumogami isn’t recovered within a reasonable time frame. It’s apparently an important family heirloom. And in the process, we learn all about how humans tend to discard their precious possessions once they are no longer useful to us. Well, duh. What else am I supposed to do? I’m sorry, but unless I have empirical evidence that I’m hurting my stuff’s feelings, I’ll dispose of them away as needed. But I digress. Like I said, the show’s not terribly exciting. I also found the choice of music to be very strange, especially the OP.

Oh yeah, our sibling duo are not actually blood-related. This is apparently important, because even though he wants to compliment her for her beauty, he can’t find the courage to do so. What can I say? That’s anime for ya.

Yamishibai 6 Ep. 3

Cute cat. As for the episode itself, I know people don’t like jump scares, but I could’ve really used one.

Quick & Dirty Weekly Rankings (That You Should Totally Take Seriously)

  1. Asobi Asobase
  2. Sirius the Jaeger
  3. Banana Fish
  4. Persona 5 The Animation
  5. Chio’s School Road
  6. High Score Girl
  7. My Hero Academia
  8. Hanebado!
  9. Harukana Receive
  10. Planet With
  11. Overlord III
  12. Happy Sugar Life
  13. Shichisei no Subaru
  14. Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight
  15. Phantom of the Twilight
  16. Grand Blue
  17. Steins;Gate 0
  18. Dude of Red: The Red Dude
  19. We Rent Tsukumogami
  20. Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs
  21. Cells At Work!
  22. Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi
  23. Island
  24. Yamishibai
  25. Holmes of Kyoto
  26. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord
  27. Angels of Death
  28. The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar

I know in yesterday’s post, I awarded “Worst Harem of the Week” to Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, so you might be wondering why I have it ranked higher than the other three shows on this list. I haven’t changed my mind. Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs still is the worst harem of the week. I just honestly enjoyed it more than the other three shows. Think about it. Let it percolate in your grey matter.

I thought about watching Attack on Titan, but meh, I’m pretty down on the story after catching up with the manga. I really don’t care to see the rest of the adaptation. I have too many shows as it is.

5 thoughts on “Everything Else & Weekly Rankings Pt. 3 (Summer ’18)

  1. Advaris (@Advaris2)

    Octopath Traveler, huh? Tried the demo. The story is so far interesting. The gameplay is boring just like the standard gameplay of JRPG and I’m also kinda disappointed that each character don’t get a completely different path action, just four same actions with a little variation, but the story is more than enough to keep me interested so far. The personal stories of each character seem fine based on the promo, but I am kinda doubtful about how the game is going to entwine all of them and conclude it. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be another sealed evil god attempting to free himself and bring the end times. I’ll find out all about it once I can try the real thing later. Lol

    Back on topic, most of these anime are meh to me, so I’m not watching them. I’ll just talk about Steins Gate. It keep getting worse and worse with each episode. I’m pretty sure the creators of that anime know the only thing noteworthy about that anime is the interaction between the two main characters, so why the f*ck they make an anime that doesn’t have that? Heck, they even take the interaction between the Rintaro and Amadeus. Who the f*ck give a shit about Daru? Everything about him feels like a parody and can’t be taken seriously.

    1. Sean Post author

      Eh, the gameplay’s fine. It’s harder than your average turn-based JRPG, which is still not very hard but I like what they’ve done to spice things up. The stories so far are a mixed bag. Tressa’s opening bored the hell out of me. Charming girl, but that was just lame. Primrose was great, though. The script does a good job at hinting what she had to endure as a dancer without spelling it out completely.

      1. Advaris (@Advaris2)

        Each to their own about the gameplay I guess. Tressa’s opening is underwhelming, eh? I thought after how the game presented Olberic and especially Primrose. The developer can do something interesting about Tressa. I mean there is a lot of potential with her story. Oh, well.

        I guess Primrose is indeed the highlight of this game. Not to mention how rare it is for JRPG to handle someone with her background.

        1. Sean Post author

          The writing is pretty generic all around. Primrose’s story works thanks to the emotions it manages to evoke, but it’s nothing particularly original or refreshing. Olberic is just painfully generic. Tressa’s tale so far is uncompelling.

          1. Advaris (@Advaris2)

            It’s definitely not particularly original, but it’s kinda refreshing to me because the story (in the demo so far) avoid the annoying anime tropes that tend to kill the mood for me. It’s both refreshing and nostalgic to me somehow. Of course, I haven’t tried the real game, so my opinion on the story might change later. To conclude thing, I guess I’m just sick of the rampant anime tropes in JRPG and want a JRPG that isn’t doing that.

            It’s indeed generic and the game seems to doesn’t have the balls to do something that can surprise me or do something interesting with its characters and story, but at least it’s just generic fantasy story, not generic anime story. It could be much worse. The conclusion part of the story is definitely going to be meh, though. Lol


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