My Hero Academia Ep. 54: Don’t believe your lying eyes

‘Cause sadly, this is not the dokidoki moment that we’ve been waiting for. But before we get started, please don’t post spoilers of upcoming arcs in the comments. I don’t wanna know. I want to react to the story as it unfolds. Anyways…

— There’s not much to say at the very beginning of this week’s episode. Parts of it rehash what we’ve already seen or know. Parts of it show off the plethora of new Quirks that we haven’t seen before…

— …like this odd chick whose body can fold in on itself. Freaky. If you think about it, Quirks can also allow people to indulge in their wildest fetishes.

Gosh, you’re such a jokester, Ms. Emi!

— Eventually, the other schools get smart and realize that they need to split Class 1-A up. After all, as long as Deku and his friends stick together, they can cover for each other’s weaknesses. There are downsides, of course. Ashido protects Mineta when she really should’ve just let Perv Boy go down.

Yeah, this is my reaction to the start of this episode too.

— Elsewhere, a guy from Shiketsu steals everyone’s balls. Yep, you read that right. With his ability to manipulate the wind, Yoarashi takes out 120 people all by his lonesome. The story is making a big deal out of him. He supposedly turned down UA even though he was highly recommended or whatever. Uh huh. It’d be pretty funny if he ended up failing this exam. Whatever happens, maybe he’ll be the “last boss” of this arc.

— When Deku finally gets his bearings, this girl comes out of nowhere and hits one of his targets with a rubber ball. Camie has an odd interest in our hero. A very odd one even though they’ve never interacted with each other before. I like how our hero is kinda dweebish, but he gets all of hot babes. None of the other male characters get anywhere near this much play. It’s kinda ridiculous.

— Speaking of babes, maybe Uraraka will finally get to do something cool in this arc. Maybe. It’ll be so maddening if all she does is realize that she has feelings for Deku, though. Why do I think that even though I like romances in my story? Because 1) she already realized them and 2) she’s just going to bury those feelings anyway.

— Deku is having a lot of trouble with Camie because she can apparently hide her presence from others by simply holding her breath. It definitely has a time limit, but if you train yourself, you can honestly hold your breath for a surprisingly long time. She ain’t Hagakure, but it’ll work in a pinch.

— Uh… she’s talking like a villain. C’mon, heroes don’t talk like that. This is totally villain speech. Is Camie an undercover bad guy?


— Unfortunately, Deku and Camie’s little tryst is quickly interrupted by a gang of nosy interlopers. And Deku has yet to really go on the offensive. He’s constantly on his back foot.

— Uraraka suddenly calls out to him, but she quickly gets into trouble. Um…

— As Deku goes to save Uraraka, he starts beating himself up mentally. Because he broke his arms, he couldn’t save Bakugo. Because he couldn’t save Bakugo, All Might had to sacrifice the last ounces of his powers to fight All For One. Because, because, because. Basically, he puts everything on his shoulders. I think most of us will agree that he’s being too hard on himself. If we wanna play the blame game, there are a few adults I could point my finger at. UA’s constant fuck-ups are the biggest culprits in recent arcs.

— Anyways, Deku has to save Uraraka and get out of town. What’s interesting, however, is that he doesn’t put the girl down. He keeps running with her in his arms. Is she useless? No, she’s not useless. Not the real Uraraka anyways. It seems that our hero realizes this as well.

— He turns his back to Uraraka for a second, and she starts going for one of the targets on his body. If you hadn’t already realized that something was up with the girl, you should realize it now. Like I said, Deku already saw through the girl’s actions, so he’s able to defend himself.

— Then… this happens. Jesus Christ. In anime form, it looks whatever. But just imagine if someone started melting in front of you. Goddamn body horror shit right there, man.

— Fake Uraraka eventually shapeshifts back to Camie. She then continues to go on and on about how she wants to know more about Deku. But how do we know it’s even Camie? If someone can shapeshift, they can take on any form. We can’t assume she was going from Uraraka back to her original self. Maybe she was just shapeshifting to another disguise.

— Oh come on, this counts as naked to you?

— Well, whoever she is, Camie has dropped all pretenses. She’s not even going after Deku’s target anymore. She’s flat-out fighting him. Deku also notices that she doesn’t have any targets on her body. Luckily for the kid, Sento and the real Uraraka show up, and this makes Camie run away for now.

— Sento is asking the important questions.

— We finally get to see what Todoroki is up to, and he’s still biding his time. This is why I’m not really interested in those battle royale games. There’s nothing fun about hanging back and hiding until most of the participants have thinned themselves out.

— Unfortunately for Todoroki, he’s been discovered by a gang of colorful ninjasColorful ninjas… that sounds self-defeating.

— Initially, he’s able to defend himself against all ten of his opponents, but things get a little hairy once everyone starts unveiling their Quirks. One guy has the ability to make things larger, so he starts throwing oversized nuts and bolts at Todoroki. Dude, fuck being a hero with that power. I’m going to go end world hunger by enlarging some vegetables.

— But look, even if his Quirk doesn’t work on anything that used to be alive, he could pretty much quash all scarcity, no? What are we running low on? Just bring it to me. I’ll make it bigger. Easy-peasy. I’m just saying… just because you have a Quirk doesn’t mean you have to physically beat up bad guys with it. There are so many ways that these kids can help the world with their powers. Use your imagination.

— Anyways, the episode just kinda ends there. I guess we’ll see what happens to Todoroki at the start of next week’s episode.

4 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Ep. 54: Don’t believe your lying eyes

  1. Jz

    It’s easy to forget, but Deku is pretty ripped from all his training to be able to handle One for All. And, I’m not gonna say all the girls’ interest in him is shallow, but they are all high school kids…

    Also I agree shapeshifter Camie maybe not be the real Camie. First she can make herself invisible/unnoticeable, then she can shapeshift? They don’t quite seem like the same quirk.

  2. sonicsenryaku

    Did you forget ep 39’s collage of ripped young boys Jz? If it was a factor of physical attraction, well there’s plenty of koi in the pond

  3. Quorwyf (@Quorwyf)

    Just wanted to remind that part of Uraraka’s reasoning for becoming a hero is that she wants to use her quirk to help with her family’s construction business, so some of the other characters may have non-hero plans for their quirks also.


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