Harem Something or Other Pt. 5: Where owning slaves is no big deal!

Another fun-filled post for all ages! 

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ep. 6

Plot Content:

— I thought we had a potential war against the Elven Kingdom to deal with, but instead, Diablo and his harem find themselves visiting a nearby slave market. Why? Because who else would know how to remove Rem and Shera’s slave collars?

— Let’s just cut to the chase: we’re not going to remove those collars. The entire premise behind this anime lies within those collars. Yeah, sure, Diablo is a demon lord, but nobody cares about that. Demon lords are a dime a dozen. The audience only wants to see what he does with his two harem slaves.

— So why can’t Diablo remove the collars? It’s, like, a complicated, man.

— Afterwards, Shera’s brother shows up and pretends to play nice. He claims that Shera will be allowed to do whatever she wants to do with her future. So if she wants to be an adventurer, by god, she can be an adventurer! Sure, sure. I bet you anything he’s got some weird brainwashing magic that he’ll cast on her in next week’s episode.

— When they both think that Diablo is asleep, Shera and Rem share what is initially a touching moment. Essentially, the elf considers the loli to be her precious nakama. That means friend, teammate, or what have you. This is all going according to keikaku. I’m sorry if my Japanese is poor. Gomen-na-sorry.

— Meanwhile, Shera’s brother acts like all anime brothers are wont to do: stand under the moonlight and proclaim his intention to impregnate his own sister.

— I left out a few minor plot details from this week’s episode for the sake of brevity. Nonsense like how Shera wishes to open a cafe one day with her nakama. Trust me, you’re not missing anything.

Harem Content:

— Leave it to anime to make slavery look like a good thing. When Diablo and his girls arrive at the slave market, all you see are girls happily drinking tea and eating sweets!

— Not only that, slave owners are really just big titty madames. I guess it’s A-OK to buy and sell humans as long as you’re a hot babe!

— I love how isekai stories are full of slavery. It’s like they are obsessed with the idea of owning another human being. Not only that, the harem lead’s female slaves never take an exception to literally being owned by another person. I have no autonomy? Aw well, that’s just how the cookie crumbles!

— So in order to remove the slave collar, you have to be able to see someone’s magical flow. This, of course, translates to Shera wearing nothing but lingerie and these conspicuous beads around her crotch “for some reason.”

— Obviously, there’s a lot of magic in a woman’s breast. You can’t even disagree with that. Those things are made with pure miracles.

— And just by groping one of Shera’s breast, Diablo is able to send the elf girl into a state of pure ecstasy. Sure, boobs can be sensitive, but good luck trying to give a girl an orgasm just by awkwardly fondling her breasts. Give it a shot, buddy.

— But we need to go lower! Get your mind out of the gutter, though. The show really just means Shera’s oh-so-sensitive belly button! Uh-huh.

— According to anime, the entirety of a woman’s body is an erogenous zone. Touch her anywhere and she’ll scream loud enough for the neighbors to call the cops.

— Anyways, Diablo wussed out at the last second and was unable to finish the job. So much for an almighty demon lord. There are pills for that, y’know.

— There’s one more significant harem-y scene in the episode: after Shera and Rem bond with each other, the elf girl decides to get a little more intimate. Again, unwanted touch between girls is A-OK in anime!

The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar Ep. 6

Plot Content:

— There’s not much plot in this week’s episode. Everyone wants Yuuto to relax so that he doesn’t burn himself out. After all, they want him to serve as their patriarch for decades. Too bad he’s been insisting over and over that he wants to return home sooner rather than later.

— Ah yes, nothing like a stylistic log cabin.

— Yuuto teaches Ingrid how to make dinky glass cups, which in turn rakes in a ton of money on the market. He then uses all that profit to provide free education for all the youths in his kingdom. This way, the Wolf Clan can cultivate its own talent. Common sense, right? Plus, his country is full of idiots, and you kinda want to avoid that. Just ask the US what idiots have done to their country.

— Unfortunately, Felicia is not happy. She sees this stunt as yet another way for Yuuto to lay the groundwork for his eventual departure. Yeah, to hell with them kids and their education! I want the harem lead to stay here forever!

Harem Content:

— Basically, a child slave is forced to watch as a grown man is assaulted by his own harem.

— They even planned it out and everything. This was not an action of pure passion! It was premeditated, Your Honor!

— As the girls formulate their dastardly plans, Mitsuki (Yuuto’s crush) gets a bad premonition. This only proves that women have a hive mind that can transcend time and space.

— Look, I’m not gonna offer commentary on yet another uninspired onsen scene. Just peruse these screenshots at your leisure pleasure:

— All I can say is that these Nordic girls sure do act like generic Japanese girls in anime!

— Oh yeah, Yuuto gets assaulted a second time in front of Effy. Poor girl is being groomed right before our very eyes.

— And did I mention that Effy is a slave? But of course she is! This is an isekai anime, and as a result, it’s necessarily full of slaves! Yuuto bought her and her mother two episodes ago. But do we see her mother anywhere in this week’s episode? Without even needing to watch the episode, I think you already know the answer to that question.

Island Ep. 7

I’m gonna drop this show from this series of posts. It’s really not harem-like enough to bother. Sure, you have one guy surrounded by three girls, but Island is trying to tell a serious story. “Trying” is the operative word. For instance, in this week’s episode, Rinne recovers more of her memories. She and her Setsuna had washed up on a deserted island, and they tried to live blissfully together. But not only was the guy suffering from soot blight syndrome, he also became somewhat unhinged. He eventually convinced her to leave the island without him, and this was how she ended up back on Urashima. And now that she’s recovered her memories, she feels an immense amount of guilt. She wants to return to her Setsuna at all costs. This is assuming that her memories are even accurate.

What makes this complicated is the whole time-traveling nonsense. Rinne disappeared five years ago when she was 17. That should make her 23 now, but she still looks and acts like she’s 17. Plus, when she washed up on the island, she was wearing her school uniform, which had looked untouched. Rinne then overhears Sara suggesting that perhaps a wormhole connects the past to the present every time there’s a massive storm. As a result, she recklessly takes a boat out to sea, hoping that she will find herself back in the past. Rinne wants to reunite with her Setsuna. Obviously, our Setsuna doesn’t want the girl to obsess over the past, but I love how the girl always manages to give him the slip. Just watch him every single time she tries to run away. Despite wanting to protect her, Setsuna always gives Rinne a headstart.

Anyways, there’s some additional stuff about how Setsuna keeps bouncing back and forth between the past and the present. My point, however, is that Island is not like the other three shows, so I’m just wasting my time here. I’ll just stick it in the “Everything Else” series instead.

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Ep. 5

— This show is the direct opposite of Island in that it has almost no plot. Seriously, the first half of this week’s episode is just Yuuna and Chisaki groping each other for minutes and minutes on end. On the bright side, this makes it a relatively easy watch, because I don’t have to pay close attention to what the characters are saying.

— It all started when Chisaki got curious about Yuuna. The two of them eventually discover that they can communicate through writing. Naturally, they just end up talking about the harem lead anyways.

— For some reason, Chisaki offers to let Yuuna grope her in the school’s library. Sure, our ghost girl is curious about Chisaki’s school uniform, but here’s a sensible alternative: let Yuuna look at your uniform in the privacy of your own home.

— But nah, that makes too much sense. So instead, Chisaki stands in one place as Yuuna slowly strips her down. Anyone can walk in on them. Anyone. But this is a harem anime, so the only person who’s gonna walk in on them is Kogarashi.

— Afterwards, Yuuna offers to let her friend grope her in return. Fair’s fair, I suppose. Girl code is all about equality.

— In the end, Kogarashi finds the two girls in a compromising position, so they do the generic harem anime thing and throw stuff at him in anger. Yawn.

— So what did this get us? Well, Yuuna now has a new outfit to wear even though Kogarashi is the only person at this school who can see her. Really, what’s the point of fashion if you can stunt on your enemies?

— Chisaki finally convinces her ghost friend to take a selfie, but everyone soon discovers that Yuuna looks like a cartoon ghost (even though she’s already a cartoon) in photos. Still, Chisaki tries to make the best of a bad situation, and this at least gives us one somewhat amusing moment out of the entire 24-min episode.

— In the second half of the episode, Kogarashi learns that Nonko is not just an author — she’s a mangaka. And like all mangaka, she needs help to finish her latest chapter before the next deadline. Fortunately, Kogarashi was once possessed by the ghost of a mangaka (Miura Kentaro?!), so he’s totally qualified to lend Nonko a hand!

— Nonko is usually very happy-go-lucky, but when she’s facing a deadline, she becomes incredibly stressed. Maybe she shouldn’t leave things to the last minute. It’s also not healthy to down a bunch of energy drinks in a short period of time.

— Like all anime female mangaka, Nonko insists that she can only finish her work if she has reference pictures. Very, very suggestive reference pictures that she and Kogarashi will have to act out. The pornos write themselves.

— We eventually get to see Kogarashi pretend to sexually assault Nonko. He acts as though this is really difficult for him.

— But it’s not all fun and games for our harem lead. Afterwards, Nonko and her editor also ropes the kid into cross-dressing for some reason.

— We eventually delve a bit into the oni’s backstory, because the show wants to assure us that it isn’t just straight up hentai. As a result, we learn that Nonko used to be a youkai hunter, but she wasn’t very good at her job. So after a long journey of self-discovery, she finally settled on drawing trashy shoujo manga instead. Life always finds a way, I guess.

— Anyways, to make a long story short, Nonko is able to finish her work on time. To thank Kogarashi for all his help, she lets him motorboat her in front of all the other inhabitants at the inn. Sagiri gets mad and everyone else is shocked. The end.

Worst Harem of the Week:

Always and forever The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar. Everything about it is just so bad.

Your moment of zen:

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2 thoughts on “Harem Something or Other Pt. 5: Where owning slaves is no big deal!

  1. A Library Archivist

    These harem shows are what used to be the majority of anime back around 2000-2005. They are a blast from the past, and kind of nostalgic, even as they cross lines they probably shouldn’t, even in a culture like Japan’s where parental consent marriages still happen with teenagers. The arranged high school marriage trope exists in anime because it exists in life. To be fair, that happens in the USA too, under similar legal loopholes. I went to high school with Hmong from Laos who grew up here in the USA after the Vietnam Boatlift and were married at age 12, perfectly legal even though it was disruptive to their educations. It feels like pandering to see in anime, and its more squicky than moe.

  2. Pinchimon

    Diablo hasn’t used his position of power to abuse the girls and is actively trying to help them out of their situation. Which would be an Ideal world action

    However the Slave Trader/Slave Market scene depicted the ‘slaves’ to be in good spirits. While some may see this as somehow glorifying slavery, its not. Its actually a more modern depiction of ‘white slavery’ where the slaves are forced into prostitution and appearances affect price value. This is a more Realistic depiction.

    But since the series hasn’t decided to go more in-depth on the subject I haven’t felt the need to do so as well. It is a Comedy so I’m willing to see where this Slave collar MacGuffin goes.


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