My Hero Academia Ep. 57: Slow-paced rescue mission

This was not the most exciting episode. There are some funny moments here or there, but I felt like the story spent too much time explaining what the kids needed to do.

— Again, the field has now been turned into a mock disaster zone, and it is full of crisis actors pretending to be civilians needing to be saved. After what happened in Kamino, they want future heroes to be especially adept at handling this exact scenario. Everyone’s going to have to work together to pull off this rescue mission as efficiently as possible. As the episode reiterates over and over, this isn’t about ego. Rather, this is about fulfilling your role in a crisis. For a lot of students, this wouldn’t be an issue, but we have a few wannabe superstars who might lose sight of the primary objective.

— While the kids wait to get out there, the usual suspects start gossiping about Deku and Camie. Again, everyone insists that she was naked. Maybe she was, but her skin color was so odd, I was under the impression that she had on some weird beige body suit. But hey, if they insist she was naked, then sure, whatever.

— And of course, the guys get on Deku’s case. Camie adds fuel to the fire by waving to our hero. She’s obviously having fun with this, but what was her deal during the first exam anyways?

— This whole time, Uraraka is just staring at Deku, but I’m really getting tired of this nonsense. I like romance in my shows, but I know I won’t get romance here. This is what will happen: after confronting her feelings for Deku — to herself, mind you — Uraraka will just tell herself to focus on her studies. This happened last time, and this is going to happen again. Then every 30 or so episodes, this tired song-and-dance will repeat itself. Would it be cute and heart-warming if these two got together? Sure. But will it happen in my lifetime? Probably not. If the series is about to end, they might do some stupid movie where these get married (cough cough).

— This hairy boi walks up to Bakugo and apologizes for Shishikura’s behavior. He also adds that Shiketsu and UA should have a good working relationship, but Deku and Todoroki are justifiably skeptical.

— Right before Shiketsu can walk away as a group, Todoroki confronts Inasa. The latter immediately reveals that he is no fan of the former. Why? ‘Cause his eyes are the same as Endeavor. That’s stupid. Judge a man by his actions? No, his eyes.

— And now, Uraraka stares at Camie. She clenches her fists and everything, asking herself why she feels so bothered right now. She’s then about to say something to Deku when an alarm goes off. Bleh.

— To look at this from another angle, it’s one of those things where people will only act if they are compelled to. Like if she doesn’t say something, she’ll lose him for ever. At the moment, however, no one is really a threat to Uraraka. No one’s really going to steal Deku away. She might sing a different tune if Deku actually responded to someone’s attention, but Camie was and still is just toying with him. Likewise, Mei isn’t a real rival, since she’s more about her “babies” than anything else. You also have that crazy chick in the League of Villains, but she’s obviously a bad guy. That won’t work for Deku either. Uraraka’s only competition for Deku’s affections is, well, All Might.

— Anyways, the second exam has started, and right off the bat, Bakugo wants to work alone. Or maybe he really doesn’t, but he has trouble communicating his actual feelings. Either way, his two buddies are gonna follow him everywhere. Still, this rescue mission is supposed to be a group effort, so I’m going to be kinda cheesed if Bakugo does well. Should he fail? I dunno, maybe he’s matured enough to eke by. We’ll see, though.

— Also, that beef between Inasa and Todoroki can’t be good, but if they just shut up and work together here, it won’t be so bad for them either.

— The rest of Class 1-A amusingly waste their time and energy by trying to rescue one victim, which is ridiculous. The crisis actor then lecture Deku for not doing all the right things like being positive, assessing the kid’s condition, blah blah blah. It’s funny… I’ve never seen UA teach them what to do in these situations. Maybe I just don’t remember it, but all I can recall is the kids learning how to fight and control their Quirks.

— Hairy boi has such a stupid power.

— Not everyone has to be out there, actively searching for victims. Some people will hang back, establish a safe area, and treat the injured. That’s cool and all, but I can’t help but laugh at that old man pretending to be hurt.

— We then get a slightly surreal moment where Deku pretends to be as positive as All Might, so the actor gets back into his role and starts pretend blubbering. God, talk about simulacra…

— There it is: Uraraka tells herself to bury her feelings for Deku so that she can focus on what’s most important. Yawn. Sure, do whatever you want. We’ll revisit this repetitive nonsense in a few arcs. See ya there, girl.

— In the shadows, Gang Orca is lurking. He’s about to crash the party as a pretend villain. Obviously, the kids will have to be able to repel the bad guys and save victims at the same time. The problem will be whether or not they can coordinate properly. Maybe a few individuals will be too in love with fighting to give a damn about the victims. I can already think of a couple people who might fit that bill.

— At this point, however, the episode gets really boring as we just watch different people employ their different Quirks. Inasa tries to rescue people with his wind powers. Yay.

— Momo hilariously generates a giant beam out of her chest. It just looks bizarre.

— Laser boi uses his sparkle powers to provide light.

Froggo heads over to the river where she thrives best. Alright, you guys get the point. This is all boring to me.

— Meanwhile, Bakugo tells a couple of lightly actors to help themselves. On the one hand, he isn’t wrong that they don’t need his assistance to get to safety, but on the other hand, he’s still a jerk. The kid needs to be humbled. Maybe failing this exam might just do the trick.

— We also see a short scene where Shishikura is told that he needs to be less ideological. Sure, but who cares about this dude? I’m over him already.

— We are also told that Camie has disappeared again. Hm.

— Finally, Gang Orca reveals himself to the kids. Apparently, he’s perfect for this role. Unfortunately, as soon as he shows up, the episode ends.

— And it looks like we might have to wait more than a week to see what happens next.

3 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Ep. 57: Slow-paced rescue mission

  1. DerekL

    “Why? ‘Cause his eyes are the same as Endeavor.”

    I interpreted that as metaphor… Like Endeavor he has a strong “prove myself streak.

    And yeah, it’s O-Bon week in Japan. A lot of shows take a hiatus week during O-Bon.

    1. Sean Post author

      Maybe, but even then, wanting to prove yourself isn’t inherently wrong. If that’s what he meant, I wish he’d give a more compelling argument.


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