Harem Something or Other Pt. 11: Enslave everybody

Two shows finally come to an end, so this Harem Something or Other feature can probably end here as well. As for Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, I dunno, I might write a one-off post for it or something.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ep. 12 (Final)

Plot Content:

— It turns out Edelgard and Alicia had been thick as thieves this entire time. Right now, they’re just waiting for the barrier around Faltra to go down before they lay waste to the city.

— Meanwhile, Diablo has to keep Krebs-whatever busy so that Shera can dump potions after potions down Rem’s throat. This is probably the most video game-like thing about this show. In any other series, Rem would probably be dead by now. Blood loss, shock, organ failure, so on and so forth. Just take your pick. But here, all you gotta do is drink some Robitussin!

Emile shows up outta nowhere to get the girls to safety. Yep, that’s pretty much all he gets to do here.

— Once the girls are out of the way, Diablo can finally unleash his biggest attack on Krebs-whatever. It doesn’t kill her, but that isn’t the intended goal anyways. You never want to lose a haremette.

— Krebs-whatever’s weakened state allows Shera and Rem to approach the formerly out-of-control demon lord. This is enough to bring Klem back from the brink of insanity. Well, that wasn’t so bad, now was it?

— Having failed once more, the Fallen army are about to turn on Edelgard. For some reason, the girl wants to protect Alicia from danger. Why would she start caring about a human, especially one that is as suicidal as the imperial knight? Ah well, I guess they’ve become close friends offscreen.

— In the morning, Sylvie drops by to tell Diablo that although the immediate threat has been quelled, they still don’t trust Klem. And hey, who could blame them? Every time you piss the loli off, there’s always a chance that she’ll go nuts and lay waste to the city.

— So Diablo comes up with a plan: if Klem becomes his slave, then everything will be A-OK! Look, you can’t let these women run around all willy-nilly. They need to belong to a man!

— Later that night, Diablo and his three slaves try to go to sleep, but Alicia suddenly bursts in and takes Shera hostage. Oh boy, does she want to revive Krebs-whatever again?

— Nah. Since Edelgard risked her life to save Alicia from the Fallen army, she took a good beating. Being a demon lord, Klem can supposedly heal Edelgard in a blink of an eye.

— Being a huge softie, Diablo tells Klem to heal the Fallen girl. Once that is done, Alicia lets Shera go. She also tells us why she hates mortal races so much, but it’s stupid. Oh no, people around me sucked and I was oh-so-lonely, so I must kill everybody. Yeah, makes sense.

— Nevertheless, Diablo somehow identifies with her. Sure, he was a loner too, but to his credit, he never attempted genocide. But whatever, a harem lead is going to protect his haremette. No big surprise there.

— After her sob story, Alicia tries to commit suicide, but of course, our softie prevents her from doing so. Everyone then proceeds to basically tell the imperial knight to keep living, atone, blah blah blah. It’s totally okay that you were psycho enough to wipe out humanity, because you can totally change!

— And, well, that’s it in terms of plot. The authorities will continue to keep a close eye on Diablo, but since he’s the savior, they won’t bug him. Klem and Edelgard are… maids? Whatever, they’re enjoying their dumb biscuits. As for Alicia, she has to return to the capital for now. Last but not least, Diablo continues to hang out with his two original slaves. Unlike similar isekai anime, it seems as though our protagonist doesn’t even care about ever returning to his former life.

Harem Content:

A guy kissing a loli? Yep, just harem anime things.

— Near the end of the episode, Diablo feels weak because he had to expend so much energy against Krebs-whatever. As a result, all of the girls strip naked so that they can get him all charged up. Yep.

–Rem and Shera argue over what to eat. They want Diablo to be the tiebreaker, but he has to choose by kissing one of them. As you might expect, our mighty demon lord chickens out.

Final grade: D+

The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar Ep. 12 (Final)

Plot Content:

Yuuto and Mitsuki embrace in her room, but all is not well back in Yggdrasil. Both Loptr and Steinthor are unhappy that their opponent has disappeared, they also realize that the Wolf Clan is now severely weakened. As a result, they are on the march again.

— Back in the 21st century, our protagonist gets to do all sorts of fun things like go shopping and have picnics. He’s been gone for three years, though. Shouldn’t he be visiting his family? Also, the government probably considers him either missing or dead.

— In Yggdrasil, everyone’s freaking out. Sigrun has to return to the frontlines, but they no longer have Yuuto’s modern strategies to aid them.

— There is, however, one shining light at the end of the tunnel: since Leafa is such a powerful mage, she can actually summon Yuuto back to Yggdrasil. He still has to willing come back, though. Will he actually ditch his true love in order to return to a wartorn land?

— Yes, yes he would. Apparently, all of the fighting happened offscreen, and the Wolf Clan lost badly. Sigrun even has her left arm in a sling. Still, all is not lost… yet. As long as Yuuto returns to lead them, they’ll be fine. He just has to make his decision soon.

— Mitsuki realizes that Yuuto can’t possibly ditch his precious Wolf Clan, so she decides to make one humongous sacrifice: she will go with him this time. Yep, just leave everything behind to live in a strange, exotic world you know nothing about.

— Yuuto can’t bear to Mitsuki with him, but she insists. As a result, he also compromises by proposing to her. Apparently, he can’t ask a girlfriend to sacrifice so much for him, but it’s okay with a wife. Shrug, whatever you say, man.

— The girl happily accepts, and we soon see both of them in Yggdrasil as the credits roll. And that’s it. Yeah, not much of an ending, huh? The climax is literally Yuuto proposing to his childhood friend. Hell, that’s the only major change in the entire series. In terms of character development, we barely got any. Getting hitched is all we get.

Harem Content:

— Well… Yuuto ends up taking Mitsuki as his wife, so on the surface, that sounds pretty anti-harem. But I’m sure they practiced polygamy back in the day, so eh…

Final grade: F

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Ep. 11

— To recap, a couple of guys in Kogarashi’s class accidentally unsealed an evil spirit. Instead of beating it up, however, our harem lead apologizes in his classmates’ behalf. The evil spirit realizes that Kogarashi is too strong to fight, so it just willingly reseals itself. Literally “this guy is too strong, better not mess with him.” Welp.

— So what reward does our hero get for saving the day once again? He gets to “accidentally” grope Chisaki once more.

— Afterwards, the guy climbs 10 floors with his generic male best friend on his back just to sneak into the girls’ room. That’s some dedication to tomfoolery.

— When a teacher drops by to check on them, however, Kogarashi ends up in a futon with essentially the three main haremettes of the show. Yes, it makes no sense for Yuuna, a ghost, to also hide.

— As you should know by now, every time Yuuna gets to close to Kogarashi, her poltergeist powers act up. He tries to quell them by holding onto her tight, but this just delays the inevitable. Still, the guy avoids detection by jumping out of the window with his generic male best friend. Remember, they’re on the 10th floor.

— The next day, Kogarashi hilariously dances with Yuuna in front of everybody. Because most people can’t see her, he looks incredibly silly. Still, the guy doesn’t mind being laughed at so at least there’s that.

— In the second half of the episode, the harem lead is busy studying with Sagiri and Yaya. Unfortunately, they just keep getting one distraction after the other.

— First, Oboro shows up and tries to seduce Kogarashi in the middle of his studies. If you want his love, I doubt making him fail his classes is gonna do the trick.

— Afterwards, Nonko shows up in a micro-bikini and starts suggestively eating her popsicle for no other reason than to amuse the audience.

— Last but not least, Oboro turns to drugs to try and seduce Kogarashi, but Sagiri ate the spiked bowl instead. The poor ninja girl tries her best to resist, but she ends up going topless and motorboating the harem lead anyways.

— When the effects finally wear off, all the girl can do is hide in shame. Date rape is wrong, folks. Don’t do it.

— Next week’s episode should be the last, I think. Since the manga has eleven volumes with over a hundred chapters, we’re nowhere even close to the finish line. So y’know, just expect some non-ending ending.

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3 thoughts on “Harem Something or Other Pt. 11: Enslave everybody

  1. A Library Archivist

    The harems this season are pretty cringe-worthy. It makes me appreciate Konosuba more, for being the anti-harem parody show. There’s better programs in the past which pulled off the harem genre better, and shows which mocked the harem genre, and shows which started the harem genre (like Tenchi or Love Hina) which are probably a better use of time. Shows like the above ones this season mostly just motivate a good rewatch.


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