Other Wednesday Shows (17/10/18): Siscon Ep. 2’s tragically hilarious animation quality & RErideD – Tokigoe no Derrida Ep. 7

Yo, who even cares about the plot? The animation by itself is funny as hell. 

It’s been years since I’ve seen animation this bad. Anyways, if you’re curious about the story, it’s just your basic harem nonsense. All the girls will flock to the harem lead, because they think he’s some brilliant author. Even the most popular girl at school wants his dick now, because y’know, that light novel about boning your sister is so goddamn good.

RErideD – Tokigoe no Derrida Ep. 7

Aw man, I can’t believe you’ve done this. Of course Mage is still “in love” with a guy she hasn’t seen since she was eight. And of course Yuri has conflicted feelings because she also likes Derrida. Anime storylines can be so ridiculous. Yeah, sure, both girls are adults now, but that won’t make me shake my head any less. Anyways, the good guys get Yuri back, and this spurs the girl to confess everything to Derrida. He promises her that he’ll find Mage at all costs, but this doesn’t really mean what she thinks it means. She thinks it means that she can’t possibly stand a chance against Mage in a battle for Derrida’s affections, but… well, this conversation is a non-starter to begin with. He shouldn’t have any feelings for either of them.

In the after credits scene, we see Mage getting ready to do something that she knows Derrida wouldn’t approve of, so I guess that’s your cliffhanger. Also, what’s up with this show’s insistence that a patch file can’t easily be duplicated? Have… have you guys ever used a computer? Last but not least, there weren’t any time-traveling shenanigans in this week’s episode, which was disappointing.

Conception Ep. 2

So it turns out you don’t even need to screw to give birth to a child. Wow, talk about wussing out. The show can’t even follow through on its own dumb concept. Anyways, he meets the rest of the girls, immediately starts seducing one, then finally allows his two newly born children to get zapped in the dungeon. Father of the year right here, folks. I didn’t list this show in the title above, because I’m gonna stop following it here.

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