Bad Animation Wednesday (24/10/18)

I now look forward to this show every week, because it’s just so high quality. For instance, I love it when rooms magically change in size within the same scene:

Or how her legs reach down to the ground on the first screenshot, but not the second. The main character’s stubby little arms are an added bonus. Also, the two screenshots above make it seem as though he and his sister are the same height. Hell, she might be slightly larger than him now that I look at them again.

But they’re clearly not the same height.

Or are they?

Well, at least these two are roughly the same height…

…maybe not.

But wait, maybe they are!

Or maybe Ahegao Double Peace-sensei is actually ginormous. What say you, Suzuka?

Mmm, good point. What about you, Yuu?

Oh wait, the baby with his now stubby legs is sleeping. Let’s not bother him. Let’s talk instead about how this episode just kept showing the girls off sideways:

Why? Pfft, your guess is as good as mine. Last but not least, here are some scenes that just look bad in general:

RErideD – Tokigoe no Derrida Ep. 8

The problem with covering shows like RErideD is that they have barely have any character development. Instead, we just get non-stop plot development, so I don’t really know how to talk about any given episode without providing a dry and boring recap. I don’t want to sit here and tell you that Donna attacks Derrida and company and fails again because of x, y, and z. It’s just not fun for anyone. This is also one of those shows where it feels like our hero never seems to get any closer to solving his problems. I never get the sense that the plot is building up to anything big. Rather, it’s just one revelation after another as Derrida continues feeling helpless and overwhelmed by his time-traveling ability. This time, we learn that Mage was the one to unfreeze him. What does this ultimately mean in the grand scheme of things? Beats me. We also learn that she’s continuing his and her father’s research. What will this ultimately entail? Shrug. Last but not least, Derrida alters the past so much that the world is now in danger of being blown to smithereens. Not only that, he supposedly can’t undo his mistakes. Like I said, our hero seems to accumulate more problems than answers with each passing episode.

P.S. Oh yeah, the bad animation. Here you go:

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