Banana Fish Ep. 16: Prison break

No one can keep Ash Lynx caged up! No one! 

Vents are always big enough to fit an adult. You also never have to worry about sheet metal cutting you up. Last but not least, sheet metal is the quietest material known to man. I can assure you that you won’t make any noise crawling through one!

— Hmmm… I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what bothers me here.

— Oh lord, every episode is the same. Every episode goes on and on about how awesome Ash is.

— Honestly, there should be surveillance cameras in every hallway and room. Hell, even my company has that, and we certainly don’t dabble in top-secret government experiments. At least… I don’t think we do.

— That’s one hell of a bullet hole.

— While this is all happening, Golzine refuses to lend a hand, because he feels deeply insulted by the Foundation. Oh well, he wants to pleasure of capturing Ash on his own anyways.

— So not only is Ash trying to break out of this mental facility, he’s going to try and sneak Alexis Dawson out with him. At one point, Ash has to slide Alexis under metal shutters that is rapidly coming down. If he had miscalculated, the scientist could’ve been seriously injured if not outright killed. But hey, that’s why our hero has an IQ over 200. It’s for the calculations! *taps head*

— Meanwhile, Max and Shunichi want to help, but they don’t even know where they’re supposed to look. Hell, by the time they even get far enough into facility, Ash might already be free.

— This elevator shaft looks big, but I wouldn’t really know. I’m not actually familiar with how large they are supposed to be. Still, I feel like the action in this episode is really, really over the top.

— I love how it’s the nurses who keep spotting both Ash and Max.

— Nevermind what I said earlier about Max and Shunichi. Instead of missing Ash entirely, they’re actually making it harder for the kid to escape. Whoops.

— Ash’s only weakness: smelly garbage.

Yeah, I’m sure the dudes doing weird, twisted experiments would never kill us.

— When Ash finally realizes that Max and Shunichi had come for him, he makes this silly face. This is my other beef with Banana Fish: at times, it suddenly wants to be goofy and light-hearted. The show about an abused kid trying to uncover a massive conspiracy involving a dead drugs and pedophiles wants to be goofy and light-hearted.

— I mean, c’mon, what is this? I know Halloween is less than a week away, but what is this?

— Ash then proves that all blonds are tsundere. He totally doesn’t want to help Max and Shunichi… but ugh, he’ll do it. It’s not like he wants to or anything! Don’t get the wrong idea!

More goofiness.

— So Max and Shunichi attempt to carry Ash sideways out of the facility. As soon as they bump into a pair of armed guards, however, the two men drop the kid…

…who then hurtles himself forward…

…does a forward flip…

…then lands and takes out both armed guards in two efficient shots:

Amazing. Simply amazing. This is what an IQ of 200 will do for ya, kids, so make sure you eat your Wheaties!

— Shortly afterwards, the trio stumble onto a doctor and a nurse having sex in a supply closet or whatever. This thus gives Max a bright idea: they can escape unnoticed by dressing up as a doctor and a nurse! Who’s going to be the nurse? Ash, of course.

— And immediately, the buxomy Ash can’t help but accidentally seduce an unsuspecting doctor. Look at the creepy doctor kabedon our hero! He just can’t turn off his sexiness! Everyone wants Ash. Even you want Ash!

— Do nurses even wear such sexy outfits? I thought they just wear scrubs.

Elsewhere, Golzine whips out a gun and shoots the Baron or whatever the new guy is called. Doesn’t matter. Ain’t so new if you’re dead. And I guess Golzine won’t face any repercussions for this. Eh, so I killed a man and damaged some government equipment. Whatever.

— Anyways, Ash and his buddies make their escape by stealing an ambulance. Don’t ask me where they got the keys to the vehicle. Don’t ask me why the guards don’t find it fishy at all that a doctor would be driving an ambulance. Just accept it!

— Ash would love to celebrate his newfound freedom, but he quickly gets the bad news from Shunichi: Eiji is still missing. Needless to say, our hero is going to stop at nothing to make sure that his buddy is found.

Man, can we not joke about a 17-year-old kid’s body? This same kid was also raped repeatedly and forced to do child porn. Within context, these jokes are in extremely poor taste.

— Even though he’s now disguised as a doctor, Ash still looks very much like himself. You’d think he would’ve thought to change his appearance by now. Maybe change his hairdo, dye his hair, or whatever. Oh well.

— Short post this week, ’cause there wasn’t really much character development to discuss. 90% of the episode was the “prison break,” so yeah…

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