SSSS.GRIDMAN Ep. 5: Not quite a beach episode

But it might as well be one. Too bad the hot one is so crazy. 

— So the kids are going rafting, which is a first…? I honestly can’t remember if I’ve seen anime characters go rafting in any other show. It just seems so random.

— Do they really not notice the thick fog? Is it scenery to them like the giant kaiji?

— When Yuta closes his eyes, he sees what appears to be memories, but whose memories? This looks like someone beating defeated by a drill, so I expect Gridman to be able to pierce the heavens in no time flat.

— Lately, Yuta has been staring at Rikka a lot. She’ll notice him and stare back, but nothing ever seems to result from these interactions. Like I said in last week’s post, we’ll probably have to wait until the last or second-to-last episode before the guy finally confesses to her (again?).

— I like how Sho’s physique is considered pudgy. All “curvy” Americans are like, “Hold my beer…”

— What’s happening here? Oh, just buddies rubbing lotion on each other. Skinship! It’s called skinship! And of course, the girls have to do the same.

It’s almost like touching a boob! And in a way, Sho is a boob! In the end, Rikka abstains but Akane gets a turn, so he’s suddenly okay with all the bad touch.

— Again, rafting just feels so random.

— Also, these scenes practically have no animation to them. We get nothing but still shots accompanied by a chorus of giggling girls. Oh, don’t forget Yuta blatantly staring at Rikka at every opportunity. I guess Trigger needed to save time and money with this week’s episode. Then every once in a while, they sprinkle in some fanservice to placate the viewers.

Akane is not a fan of any sort of physical activity. Hell, she’s probably not even a fan of going outside. But I mean, what is she going to do? Use a kaiju to murder nature? Actually, I wouldn’t put it past her.

— During a lull in the action, Yuta and Akane get the chance to have a conversation. He thinks they’re just having small talk, but in actuality, she’s really complaining about Gridman. At this point, she pretty much knows that he’s been the persistent thorn in her side. I’d be surprised if she didn’t. Too bad Yuta and his friends are nowhere close to figuring out who they’re up against.

Oh come on, how do you hide your bulky phone in there without arousing suspicions?

— We haven’t even reached the halfway point of the episode, but Akane is already unleashing her kaiju. Unfortunately, Yuta is nowhere near Rikka’s junk shop.

— It looks like someone’s about to murder nature all because she was forced to go outdoors. Still, the fact that our kaiju is a big mountain means we already have a solution for tackling it: a drill.

— Rikka’s mom’s voice is kinda annoying. But anyways, the Neon Genesis Junior High Students, a.k.a. Gridman’s weapons, are still chilling out at the woman’s junk shop. It looks like they haven’t been alerted about the kaiju attack at all.

— Once again, Rikka finds herself caught between two worlds. Yuta needs to call Max to bring the computer all the way out here, so he and Sho are going to risk their lives by running to retrieve their phones. Yuta even tells Rikka to evacuate with her friends. The girl ultimately decides to accompany her team, i.e. the Gridman Alliance, but at some point, she might give up. She might feel as though she doesn’t really contribute all that much to the team and ultimately decide to become yet another bystander.

— Hell, she and Sho are arguably just bystanders these days. Remember when Sho assisted with the battle strategy, and Rikka had to relay those strategies by typing them out to Gridman? As silly as that was, I’m kinda bummed that those two don’t have much of a role to play anymore.

— Elsewhere, Akane is surprised that Gridman hasn’t shown up yet, but gathering information is probably her primary aim today. Sure, she would love to defeat Gridman right here and now, but let’s be reasonable: it’d be far more prudent just to focus on studying your enemy for now. So first up, Akane need to figure out how Yuta even manages to transform into Gridman in the first place. The obvious conclusion here is that her rival can’t easily show up in the middle of nowhere. Hell, Akane might even figure out that our hero needs the computer to go to battle.

— The boys eventually come across a payphone, but they don’t know the number to Rikka’s junk shop. Luckily, she had been following them. She’s surprisingly out of shape for someone who doesn’t look out of shape. I guess she’s what you call “skinny fat.”

— Even though there’s an emergency, you can’t steal. As a result, Max offers to buy the computer before dragging it all the way out to Yuta. But c’mon, there’s no way that hunk of junk costs 37,429 yen.

— When Akane’s path is blocked by a landslide (of her own making), she kinda just pouts and gives up. Luckily for her, Anti had followed her all the way out here for some reason. He then offers to give his master a piggyback ride. Convenient.

The boys are also cut off from the main path. They need to take a detour, but poor Rikka can barely keep up as it is. She finally decides to throw in the towel… at least for this week’s episode. But I get the feeling that the story is trending towards her quitting the Gridman Alliance at some point. Oh, I’m sure Yuta will convince her to return, but even so…

Interesting angle, though. This isn’t the first time Rikka’s butt has taken up a good chunk of the screen.

— So uh… I’ve been meaning to ask… is that character all the way to he right a girl or a guy?

— Despite taking a tumble, Yuta still manages to make his way to the train station. He’s just half-naked and covered in scratches.

— Gridman unfortunately informs Yuta that he can’t make himself as large as the kaiju-of-the-week, but this is where… um, this guy/girl comes in. Hey, it makes sense. Make the twintail character a drill. Two drills, actually.

— This isn’t your dad’s power drill either. Borr comes equipped with fire-extinguishing missiles. Amazing.

— As soon as Gridman appears, Anti lets Akane down so that he can go and pick yet another pointless fight. He gallantly hands his scarf over to Akane, but too bad it stinks.

— The kaiju-of-the-week really does dwarf Gridman. I also don’t know why he’s fighting without Borr, but I guess we have time to kill until the episode ends.

— Anti just does the same goddamn move every week. Luckily, Borr helps out by gluing Anti to the ground with sticky missiles. We pretty much have a missile for every situation.

— Finally, Gridman combines with Borr and gains two massive drills. Our hero isn’t the only person here with new toys to play with, though. Anti soon shows off his own ability to copy Borr’s missiles. It’s all about missiles this week. We have a hard-on for missiles this week. Anti’s missiles don’t manage to accomplish anything, but it’s the thought that counts.

So, uh, the drills don’t actually get to do any drilling. Lame.

— And just like that, the kaiju-of-the-week is defeated. Anti is still throwing a tantrum, but a giant clump of dirt quickly shuts him up. Even Akane is just nonchalant despite eating yet another loss at the hands of Yuta and Gridman. It’s as if she expected to lose, but again, it’s okay because she got the information that she needed. She quickly runs off… probably to rejoin her class and pretend to be innocent.

I’m disappointed too, Borr. I’m disappointed too.

— In the aftermath, when Rikka goes to meet up with Yuta, she spots Anti staring at them in the distance. I guess we can expect these two to interact in future episodes. I wonder how that’s going to play out.

— Rikka’s friends suddenly show up just to tease her for running around with the boys. As for Sho, he is worried about Akane. Meanwhile, these rocks continue to just float there. We have some cleaning up to do.

— On the train ride home, Max wonders why these incidents seem to revolve around the three kids at the center of the Gridman Alliance. Well, we know why. Their classmate Akane is psychotic. But man, this sure is one slow-developing show for something that is only going to be one-cour long. We’re still no closer to understanding why Akane is so mad, why Alexis is helping her, Alexis’s true aims, how the powers that be keep managing to cover these incidents up, the cause of Yuta’s amnesia, whether or not it’s possible to bring back all those lost lives, so on and so forth. Maybe I need to watch other Gridman-related media to understand everything? God, I hope not. That would be lame.

3 thoughts on “SSSS.GRIDMAN Ep. 5: Not quite a beach episode

  1. animewarcrimetribunal

    I was expecting Yuta to be a little more proactive about figuring out what’s going on, where the kaiju are coming from, and what happened to him before he lost his memory. The reason why it feels so slow to me is that they’re content to just sit back and wait for the next kaiju to show up. At least Max is doing the bare minimum amount of thinking.


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