That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 6: It’s destiny

Welp, we finally get to meet the generic isekai heroine. 

— Oh hey, the three schmucks that let Rimuru out are finally back from exploring that dark cave full of nothing (’cause slime boi ate everything). And uh, they don’t look so hot. What exactly happened to them?

— Fuze, the guild master, then assigns those three to investigate the surrounding forest. The adventurers look unhappy with their new mission, but hey, the goblins in the forest are totally friendly! You guys lucked out by joining the right anime!

— A three-day break is plenty. Unless the days are short in this isekai, I’m not sure what these guys are complaining about.

Shizu, the new girl, looks like she just stepped out of a Zelda game or something. Shrug, her mask just reminds me of the Sheikah. Anyways, she wants to come along with these three adventurers. She’s probably one of the main characters are whatever.

— We cut to the forest where Rimuru is showing his pet dog a new trick. Better have some doggie treats on hand.

— Meanwhile, the artisans are working their magic. Watching the dwarf guffaw heartily, I wonder if they have dentists in this world. I mean, how do they keep their teeth looking so perfect?

— Like in Overlord, it sounds like our hero will be greatly praised by his followers in every single episode.

— Anyways, more goblins have joined the village, because they want slime boi’s protection. Like 500 of them, in fact. And he can’t really turn them away, because it’s kinda his fault that they need protection. ‘Cause y’know, no dragon means rowdy mobs. Rowdy mobs mean danger. It’s just funny, ’cause you usually think of goblins as one of the bad guys in a traditional RPG world. But here, they’re pretty much Rimuru’s helpless children.

— The goblins are even wearing clothes now.

— It turns out Gobta did get left behind in last week’s episode. Luckily, this forced him to learn how to summon a tempest wolf. I’m not sure how a wolf helps you break out of a jail cell, but whatever.

Other logistical changes if you care.

— Anyways, Rigurd soon informs Rimuru about suspicious humans being seen around the forest, but I doubt the adventurers are much of a threat. Look at them running away from that giant ant. They’re kinda like The Three Stooges. Shizu ends up defeating the giant ants all by herself, so you kinda wonder why she even played along and ran away with them in the first place.

— Shizu almost gets a badass introduction. Almost. All of a sudden, she’s out of juice, and a giant ant threatens to hurt her badly. Look, the girl always has to be saved from danger. That’s just how it works. As a result, Rimuru shows up in the nick of time with his Black Lightning spell.

— The spell also knocks off Shizu’s mask, so we can see what she looks like… but I mean, it’s a generic anime character. They all pretty much look the same. All we need to know is that she’s the same girl who had appeared in Rimuru’s fortune-telling session. She’s the one that he’s “destined” to be with. But of course, he’s a slime so… I guess they can just be friends for now.

— So the four humans get to visit the goblin village, and somehow, Shizu is eating with her mask on.

Uh, how does this work?

— Apparently, Rimuru made a Dragon Quest reference, which Shizu actually understood. I thought she came from a Japan that existed before video games…

— The Three Stooges don’t think that the Guild would have a problem with the goblin village being built up, but I doubt they’re really qualified to answer that question. I mean, you never know. They might see the goblins as a burgeoning threat. It’s pretty common for humans to be prejudiced in these stories. Still, if the Guild was so important, you’d think they would send a less bumbling group of adventurers to do this job.

— Plus, we already know that Gazel has his guard up when it comes to Rimuru.

— When Rimuru speaks to Shizu privately afterwards, she clarifies that she had heard the line from someone else who is also Japanese. Yeesh, I guess this isekai is only for Japan.

Would a slime even be attracted to humans? Same way he’s attracted to elves, I guess.

— Man, everyone is so friendly in this anime. Sure, we’ve met a few bad eggs like the minister from last week’s episode. But everyone else is just so trusting.

— Apparently, Shizu wasn’t reincarnated into this world. Instead, she was summoned to it, so she has a master whom she cannot defy. Would that be Gazel? Or someone else who serves him? Well, we don’t get to know for now, because Rimuru thinks he shouldn’t pester her with too many questions.

— Rimuru wants to show Shizu something amazing, so he proceeds to let her glimpse through his memories. Like, y’know, how he got his fetish for elves from the eroge he plays. He then shows her a bunch of other boring stuff.

— Rimuru then tells Shizu that he wants to make his new world a peaceful one too, but shh, his old world wasn’t really peaceful either.

— All of a sudden, Shizu doubles over in pain, so… she’s got something afflicting her that our hero will probably have to find a cure for.

— After Rimuru leaves, Shizu can’t help but think back to the day she was summoned to this world. Apparently, some blond dork was responsible for that. The guy then proceeds to stuff Ifrit inside Shizu’s body. The demon is probably the cause of Shizu’s pain. In any case, it’d be nice if we have finally been introduced to a villain.

12 thoughts on “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 6: It’s destiny

  1. Pinchimon

    So despite being a piece of gelatin, will have your own group of haremettes? It was too much to wish it was not OP, I thought that being a totally different non-humanoid creature would at least present a different plot, I do not know if the writers of these stories have at least another work to copy that is not SAO

      1. Elior Levi

        @sean i not like op characters but to tell the truth this is what i think about remiru. so far remiru met weaklings and simplistics monsters. There are many entities in the world currently that could obliterate him with a snap of their fingers as he is right now, especially since he is still ignorant about many thing in this new world, especially in the regard of what “kinds” of attacks are possible. I mean the whole naming issue should have made that very obvious. His ignorance put him into a completely defenseless state for three days, in which probably even very weak opponents that would normally be no threat to him could have easily killed him

  2. Cozy Rogers

    Missed opportunity to surprise me by having the three stooges step up and save Shizu… or at least put up a valiant effort before OPMC arrived with the bails. Oh well — relegated to the purgatory of comedy relief, they are.

    My money’s on Shizu’s use of Ifrit’s fire magic bringing it closer to taking control of her body. Would explain why her first reaction was to run from the ants instead of frying them, and the post-power migraine.

    I also now suspect some mask-related shenanigans. First time we saw a girl wearing a mask like this, she was sealing Veldora single-handedly. Now we see that Shizu is barely able to handle these ants, and even needs to be saved in the end. Either she got massively nerfed between then and now (alternate, stronger personality when controlled by Ifrit?), or we have a case of two entirely different people wearing matching masks. Maybe one is the daughter that got abducted, and the other is the mother who vanished in front of her?

    RIP dwarf king. End of last episode made it look like he was scheming something, but then we cut straight back into to a full episode of ‘village grows, new friend-o’s appear’, ticking time-bomb waifu, and a nagging suspicion that the stooges are wrong about the Kingdom’s policies on goblin villages. Are we trying to set up a 4-way simultaneous conflict between GobTown, the drawves, the humans and Ifrit-possessed Shizu? Plot is all over the place, trying to cover a dozen different threads all at once, and I have no idea where it’s headed.

    Oh, and I’m guessing the blond dude is the demon lord.

    1. Elior Levi

      i not reading the novel but if you look at the ending and the opening shizu not showing up when the group stand on the hill at the end. by that i can already guess what will happen

    2. Leivinia Birdway

      I think that it is more interesting to have several simultaneous plots pending that happen at the same time, so the story is more dynamic, even more considering how slow it was in the previous episodes, this part of the construction of the new goblin town with rimuru can be taken very calmly and at the same time see how a future conflict develops so as not to feel so stuck with the protagonist

      1. Cozy Rogers

        I don’t necessarily disagree… I’ll need to wait for the stories to all start coming together and hitting their stride before I make a judgement. But the slow start you’re referring to is, imo, a direct consequence of this show trying to progress a ton of different stories all at once — there’s only so much screentime available, and splitting it evenly between 5 different plot threads means making only 1/5 of potential progress on each of them.

        I will say though, that these episodes feel like they fly by really fast, despite how little is actually happening. This show is far and away more lovingly crafted than the standard popcorn-Isekai. I’m just waiting to see what kind of story convinced them to pour this kind of high production value into it… but we’re 6 episodes in now, and I feel like we’re still in the prologue, building up towards the start of chapter 1.

        1. Leivinia Birdway

          in fact if this is the prologue, they are still in the first volume of the novel which should end at the most in 2 episodes, the true form of the story would begin in the next arc Ijust say that both the novel and the manga were of the most sold in their respective magazine has a huge fame that got by the content itself and not by filling the waifus covers or for constantly adding new girls to the party

  3. Leivinia Birdway

    The forest is full of more active monsters because of the absence of the dragon that’s why the adventurers are very fucked, maybe the goblins they are not a big deal here, but the rest of the creatures they are, even the spiders are dangerous and I doubt very much that rimuru has devoured all the creatures of that cave only one of each species to acquire a new skill.


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