Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Ep. 8: Y-yeah, who even likes parties!

N-not me! 

— Right off the bat, we see that Max used to have long hair, but she felt the need to cut it at some point. For what it’s worth, I think her current hairstyle is cool.

— After the OP, we see Doug and Kirill investigating a series of attacks on prom queen candidates from a nearby academy. A victim (not dead, thankfully) laments that prom’s just days away, but she obviously won’t be able to make it. The attacker had used some kind of poison. And of course, we’ll find out later that this is an Anthem-related case.

— Just curious: does Japan even have anything remotely similar to prom culture? I’m kinda interested in seeing how Double Decker portrays this monstrosity.

Huh… is it now? I would think graduation is more important, but I’m a nerd so whatever.

— Wow, that dude has his date completely turned upside down. It’s a good thing that her dress defies gravity!

— Deana claims that she used to be a prom queen. Sure, Deana, sure. I mean, c’mon, we know these competitions are just popularity contests, and we all know that she has a winning personality.

— When Valery asks about Yuri, the latter was about to reveal that she’s an android, so she’s never been to prom. She gets interrupted by Kirill, however, because he still thinks they need to keep Yuri’s identity under wraps. Good ol’ Doug and his trolling.

— The only person who doesn’t seem to have any fond memories of prom is (of course) Max. In fact, she apparently became a policewoman after she couldn’t go to prom. What?

— So the team wants to investigate the school to find the perp, but the administrators keep claiming that everyone in the student body is innocent. I don’t think it works that way. I don’t think you can just say no to a criminal investigation and thus deny access to the police.

— But we’ll play along for now, so the team needs a silly, hare-brained scheme to get on campus. As a result, they’ll be going undercover as regular policemen and pretend to teach a course about the evils of drugs! Which drugs though? ‘Cause there are a lot of drugs. Some good, some not so good.

— Travis also assigns this mission to Max and Yuri, because he has something else in mind for Kirill — something humiliating and uncomfortable.

Oh hey, this girl looks kinda suspicious.

— All of a sudden, another girl storms the stage and starts proselytizing about the evils of prom. Yeah, she can’t be the perp, because she actually hates prom. On the other hand, the perp sounds like a jealous individual who wants the prom queen title to herself.

— Still, the anti-prom thing isn’t an idle threat. We already have four victims. How many girls have to get hurt before they cancel this prom?

— “Lookism,” hah.

— Christ, it must cost like tens of thousands of dollars a year to go here.

— The interior looks rather cold and sterile, though.

— Afterwards, two cheerleaders immediately come forth and try to argue that the anti-prom girl from earlier must be the perp. We have Elle, who likes to talk in third person, and Camilla, the girl who had looked suspicious during the anti-drug assembly. Hannah is the anti-prom girl. Anyways, Hannah being the perp wouldn’t make sense. Plus, Max probably sympathizes with the girl, so you’d have a hard job persuading her.

— So instead, Max turns around and starts questioning Elle. After all, she would have the right motive. Actually, this is true of both her and Camilla. They’re in the same competition, after all.

— Afterwards, Travis kinda gets on Max’s case for being so harsh, but not really. He seems like one of those chill bosses who never yells at his employees.

— Most of the students hope that the prom doesn’t get canceled. People even seem to think that Hanna is just trying to make herself the prom queen in order to dance with Chris, the hot guy. He’s not just hot, actually. He’s the school quarterback and he has top grades. Yeesh.

Yeah, that’s what teenagers do. They just sit there do the sign of the horns 24/7.

— All of a sudden, we hear a girl scream. Welp, I don’t think Hannah is the suspect anymore.

— In fact, it’s the hot guy who ends up being the primary suspect. Of course, nothing’s conclusive just yet, but it always looks bad when you flee the scene.

— For some reason, Camilla is also here, and she continues to act scared. Max narrows her eyes at the girl, though. I’m sure she feels something is off about Camilla. After all, this week’s episode is all about Max.

— During his interrogation, Chris reveals that he actually agrees with Hannah’s anti-prom stance As a result, he met up with her in order to sign the petition. I think it would be too obvious if he’s the perp, so yeah…

— …then again, I think Camilla is the perp, and that’s plainly obvious. So whatever, don’t even mind me.

— Travis informs his team that the school won’t let them back on campus until at least after prom, which everyone obviously disagrees with. But in the meantime, they’re stuck in limbo, so we may as well take the time to address Max’s backstory. We’re halfway through the episode anyways. That’s how these stories are usually paced.

— So we learn that Max just looks cold on the surface, but she’s a whole lot nicer than, say, Deana. A whole lot nicer. She’s also quite the chef.

— She and Yuri live together, but the show isn’t explicit about the status of their relationship. Maybe they’re just close friends. Maybe they’re something more. Considering how things played out in Tiger & Bunny, I doubt we’ll get any concrete answers. It’s not like it matters anyways. When has this ever stopped fans from believing whatever they want?

— Max then comes up with a plan to investigate all of the students without stepping foot on campus. The next day, we see her talk to Camilla. The girl looks unsettled when Max says that they’re not so sure that Chris is the bad guy. Geez, way to make yourself look guilty. Max knows how to push the girl’s buttons.

— So what’s the brilliant plan? Pretend to drug test everyone right before prom. Most students don’t mind going through with this, because they don’t take drugs. But Max reasons that the perp would start getting desperate and try to flee.

— As a result, we soon see Camilla try and drag Elle off of campus, but the latter turns nasty. Elle doesn’t care about prom anymore, because all she really wanted to do was to dance with Chris. It sounds like Camilla is jealous of Chris. It sounds like she just wants her bestie to herself.

— We soon find out that Camilla started taking Anthem just be pretty. She wanted to fit in with the cool kids that badly. She attacked the other four victims to ensure that she and Elle would be at the top of rankings. She then attacked Hannah and Chris because they were anti-prom. Yeah, this prom culture is pretty crazy.

— Welp, the girl decides to overdose on Anthem. She then turns into a bee and kidnaps Elle, ’cause y’know, bees love their queen…

— As Max chases after Camilla, Yuri tells the rest of her partner’s story. Max used to be in love with a boy, and they were going to go to prom together. But it turns out that he’s transgendered, so Max cut her hair to match her date. Unfortunately, the rest of their classmates rejected them, which is why the girl continues to hate prom even to this day. Even so, I’m glad that she didn’t cut her hair because she was traumatized or whatever. It’s always a cliche when characters adopt an “alternative look” in order to rebel against social norms or whatever. But that isn’t the case here. She cut her hair as a sweet gesture of love and acceptance. It’s just too bad what ended up happening to Connor.

— In the end, Max convinces Camilla that prom isn’t really what girl truly values. Rather, what she values is her friendship with Elle. Well, there isn’t much of a friendship left. Elle’s a nasty person.

— Still, at least Max wrapped this case up with nobody having to die.

— The team even has a surprise for Max. Kirill basically threw a prom for her.

— I think Double Decker! is one of the best shows this season. It’s just too bad you don’t get much attention unless you’re an isekai or slaying goblins. Maybe Kirill needs to show off his thighs or something.

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