Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet Ep. 10: No collusion!

Romio has only been doing very cool and very legal things! Witch hunt! 

— Again, I want to reiterate that you can’t look cool with two lolis by your side.

— Airu has pretty much figured out that his younger brother has been gallivanting around campus with a female member of the White Cats. At first, Hasuki tried to cover for him, but that idea quickly went up in smokes as soon as she saw Char’s bra. Whoops, should’ve thrown that away.

— Over and over, we’re told that there’s real beef between the two factions. Bad enough that Airu threatens to expel his brother if he continues to mess around. Bad enough that he’ll even kick his brother out of the family. Apparently, he has the authority to do so. Y’know, I don’t think we’ve met a single teacher or administrator at this school. We clearly haven’t met the two brothers’ parents.

— Anyways, Airu tells Romio that the latter will be under surveillance for a week. Basically, he’ll end up missing Juliet’s birthday if he doesn’t find a way to weasel out of this conundrum.

— Elsewhere, Juliet continues to live a carefree life. She’s even managed to bake edible cookies! It only took her multiple tries!

— She quickly notices, however, that Romio is not being himself when she spots him following Airu like a pathetic puppy. The older Inuzuka is apparently not that mean. He’s just abusive to his own family! Y’know, if that makes you feel any better. How abusive? Well…

lol casual child abuse

— Man, Romio’s going to need some major therapy later in life.

— Still, our hero has been keeping his mouth shut for the past few days, so Hasuki thinks she can breathe a sigh of relief. That’s where she’s wrong. Romio is only laying low because he thinks that his brother will eventually let his guard down. Hasuki tries to convince him that this is a bad idea, but he’s not going to miss Juliet’s birthday for the world.

— And honestly, I can’t really disagree with the guy. Enough is enough. Then again, I’m the kind of person who wouldn’t hesitate to cut family out of my life. In general, most people will tolerate almost anything for blood. That’s crazy to me, but that’s how the world works…

— After Romio leaves, it turns out Juliet had been listening in on the conversation. As a result, she demands to know why Romio will get expelled if he doesn’t fall in line. You can already tell what’s going to happen next. Hasuki will reveal everything and thus make Juliet feel terribly guilty. She might even want to break up with Romio for his sake!

— Later that night, Romio tries to sneak out of the dorms in order to see Juliet. He figures that he’ll have at least an hour before he needs to get back to his room. Naturally, Airu is just waiting outside the gates.

— So the older brother dares his younger brother to fight back, and Romio happily obliges. Good, he has courage. Unfortunately, he still gets his ass handed to him on a silver platter. Whoops.

— Airu then proceeds to lock the guy in a shed. Again, this is supposedly a prestigious school. Sounds to me like the students have free reign to do whatever they want.

— Romio shows, however, that he’s slightly smarter than you think he is. We soon see that the lolis are here to the rescue. Why? Because Romio knew that his brother would beat him up. He also knew his brother would lock him in a shed. So of course, he told the lolis to rescue him! Duh!

— Why would the lolis defy Airu? It’s not that they want to. But sadly, Teria is already heads over heels for Romio, so she convinces her sister to lend a hand. Too bad she doesn’t realize that he’s doing this all for another girl.

— I feel like I’m missing something, though. I feel like I’m missing that crucial step that explains why Teria is in love with Romio. As far as I know, all he did was spend some time goofing off with the lolis during that festival.

— Anyways, Romio takes off to go see his lover, but he underestimated the severity of his injuries. First, the vision goes blurry, then the guy quickly collapses to the ground. Haha, just casual family abuse between siblings.

— Luckily (or not so luckily), Juliet is here. Hasuki told her everything, and now she’s crying because she doesn’t want to see Romio like this. She never wanted him to hurt himself in order to be with her. She even starts apologizing, so I really thought she was going to officially break up with him. That doesn’t quite happen, though. Maybe not yet.

— And just like that, the episode ends on a sad note. What an odd episode. 99% of this series has been silly nonsense. There is barely any plot as we shuffle from one silly joke to another. Naturally, the characters barely have any significant development. Then out of nowhere, we have to this super serious story where Romio and Juliet might actually break up, because his older brother is a jerk.

— A similar premise occurs in Snow White with the Red Hair. Izana doesn’t abuse Zen at all, but he does try to test his younger brother’s love for Shirayuki. And y’know, we are emotionally invested because that series is a proper romance. There’s an overarching plot, and characters slowly grow over time. Meanwhile, Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet goofs off the entire time, then suddenly begs us to take it seriously. Well, I can’t. It honestly wouldn’t tear me up at all if Romio and Juliet have to break up. Considering the show’s light-hearted atmosphere, however, it’s not like anything bad’s going to happen anyways.

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