That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 11: Inching closer to war

“Inching” is the operative word. Boy, are we inching. 

— Oh man, they now have houses and everything. But at the end of the day, I would never want to live my life in any of these high fantasy isekai because 1) no modern toilets with a plumbing system and 2) no internet.

— Just another show where all the girls love and adore the main character. In fact, they’re even fighting over him. Yawn. Nothing ever changes about the fact that these shows are shameless escapism. It’s especially sad when you remember that Satoru was a middle-aged nobody. It’s like, “So this is what you fantasize about, huh?”

Shion’s cooking is bad. Is this important information? Nah. Not gonna stop the episode from focusing on it, though.

— You don’t get brownie points for being self-aware.

This is not what simulacrum means. This is not what the word means at all. “Pareidolia” would have been a better choice.

— But more importantly, how long is this gag going to take? Don’t we have a story to tell? Why are we throwing away minutes at some bad cooking joke?

— Well, it finally ends with Rimuru poisoning Gobta.

— Elsewhere, Gabiru’s underlings continue to shower him with praise just because he can convinced scared goblins into serving them. I guess they don’t have much of a choice. Either die to the rampaging orc army or capitulate to the lizardmen… and probably still die anyways. Well, they could always ask Rimuru for help…

— I can’t imagine the lizard hero escaping from this arc unscathed. When a story sets a character up like this, they always end up being incredibly humbled when the dust settles. He’s only here to contrast Rimuru and make us like the main character even more. It’s really quite apparent.

— Lizards riding lizard mounts, huh?


— Gabiru finally drops by Rimuru’s village and does his arrogant, little dance. Obviously, no one here is going to drink the kool-aid.

— Good lord, I’ve lost count on the number of times this episode has zoomed in on Shion’s cleavage. It’s also good to see that the love for boobs is universal. Even cold-blooded lizards are interested in them. Why? Because they apparently have breasts themselves. Why? Uh…

— It would’ve been nice to have a Don Quixote-like character. Y’know, someone who is incompetent, but still has pure intentions. But I feel like the show doesn’t want us to root for anyone but Rimuru.

— When Ranga shows up to talk, Gabiru is the only person who isn’t cowering. Does that mean he’s brave? Or is he just too stupid to be scared? Who knows!

— Gabiru can’t believe that everyone here would willingly serve a slime. As a result, he challenges Rimuru to a duel. Well, we already know how this is going to end. We’ve seen the slime tackle enemies way tougher than this dork.

— So to humiliate the haughty lizard, the good guys volunteer to have Gobta fight him instead. I actually don’t mind this. At least I get to see someone else in action instead of Rimuru all the time.

— Unfortunately, Gabiru can’t even put up a fight. Gobta uses shadow movement to appear right behind the lizard, then proceeds to take him out in a single kick to the head. Weak, dude. You can’t even tilt at windmills.

— Rimuru actually thought Gobta would lose. For shame.

— Anyways, the slime does the nice thing and tell the lizardmen that he’s willing to team up with them. He just won’t serve them. But despite just seeing their hero get owned by some random hobgoblin — which implies that Rimuru would be way, way stronger — Gabiru’s followers act all offended. Oh well, that’s lizard brains for ya.

— Finally, we cut to the orc army, which is just mindlessly marching without rest. Maybe they’re under a spell. The thing about having a huge army is that it also has an equally huge upkeep. But I guess this show isn’t going to delve into that kind of logistics.

— So the group sits around a table and speculates about the possible existence of either a demon lord or an orc lord. Hell, why not both?

— All of a sudden, a dryad wants an audience with Rimuru. The first thing that comes to the slime’s mind is, of course, a hot forest babe. I’m hoping for something a little more plant-like.

— Meh, still too much of a babe. Just a modestly dressed one.

— Treyni, the dryad, proceeds to ask Rimuru to defeat the Orc Lord. Okay. We kinda already knew about the existence of the Orc Lord, but at least it’s confirmed for the good guys now.

— And that’s our episode. Still as boring as ever. No character development to speak of. No interesting characters to speak of. Just people either fawning over Rimuru or Gabiru. We all know who the false idol is, though. Way too much time spent on one gag, too. Oh well..

14 thoughts on “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 11: Inching closer to war

  1. Ti0☆♡

    Also, all of those house have holes on the top! Do you see that! And when it rains, it will be soaked inside! And I can’t live without internet. Or a modern flushing toilet.

  2. Giant lizard annoying

    The characters are not deep or complex, but they are not deprived of characterization have show how rimuru is prankster, relaxed and somewhat innocent but quite expressive to connect with the people around him, it would be very difficult for him to reach this point if he were so shy like the rest of the protagonists of light novels that basically depend on another character more active such as a magic girlfriend fallen from the sky charge of pushing the protagonist out of his status quo.
    This episode also showed part of Shion’s personality being useless for any kind of basic tasks such as cooking it’s basically a musclebrain.

  3. Redgeek

    Think this show treats its reincarnated main character like an all-powerful stud? For your sake, I hope Re:Monster never gets turned into an anime. Your head will explode.

    I wasn’t crazy about this arc in the manga. But I liked the stuff after it.

  4. Fede 5000

    These episodes are totally slice of life, during these it is not necessary to have a large argument or artificial obstacles is simply to enter into their daily lives, in my opinion with this approach at least invalidates any problem related to the OP powers of the protagonist because are irrelevant.

  5. Karandi

    I’m with you in not giving it points for being self-aware. The cooking joke went way too long for too little payoff. It isn’t dreadful but it also isn’t particularly compelling viewing. I did enjoy the encounter between Rimuru and Gabiru and I liked the fight with Gobta. Overall, Slime remains amusing enough but mostly unremarkable.

    1. Elior Levi

      the one i most intrigued about and might make this show intresting is the one who fight rimuru near the end of the opening. he also showed up aro in the center of pepole with white clothes. i know openings can be deceiving but they both look equal in power

  6. Martin Dick

    In the light novels, the toilet plumbing issue is thoroughly addressed and you might be surprised about the logistics, but alas Rimuru hasn’t yet implemented the Internet, but I’m sure he will given time :-)

    1. Elior Levi

      since you been reading the novels. without spoiling do you think the one fighting rimuru near the end of the opening will appear in this season based on the pace right now?

  7. Cozy Rogers

    I’ve stopped watching these episodes live. Pacing is way too slow. I figure I’ll enjoy it more if I wait until something actually happens, then marathon through all the filler at 2x speed.

    1. Elior Levi

      i suggest you wait for all the 24 episodes to end then marathon it since this show goes with slow pacing most of the time

      1. Elior Levi

        what excuses are you talking about?also i hope the opening is not deciving us about the fight near the end since it looks like that one who fight near the end of opening looks equal to him/her in power

  8. Leivinia Birdway

    Sure that having friends and spending time with them is sad and a waste of time since having been an old man in a past life means can’t to share with them just for be girls, I guess with the dog it was okay that only this can show him affection.
    Neither it is not as if they adore him for anything, it is logical seeing everything he did for them as giving them a new home, a name and the plus that gives this, and all this in exchange for nothing.


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