Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi Ep. 11: Another kiss does the trick

The cold opening reminds us that Philip is still out there somewhere. Like Jeanne, she is also sad about Montmorency, but the twist here is that her creepy father also wants her to defeat the new, evil god. Apparently, this will give her good PR. But in all likelihood, she’ll just help Jeanne pull Montmorency back from the brink. Light and dark, yin and yang — it’s pretty much expected at this point. Alright, let’s get on with the rest of the episode.

— Right after the OP, we see once again that Jeanne will be burned at the stake in some distant future. Maybe not this future, but y’know, multiple timelines and all that jazz. Still, this is enough to spook Montmorency. Maybe he doesn’t think that the world is worth saving anymore, because his precious loli saint will be vilified by the very people she’s trying to save.

— I guess it shouldn’t shock anyone that anime in general is obsessed with the mythos of Jeanne d’Arc. This culture loves the idea of tragic, self-sacrificing maidens dutifully serving the greater good. Stir in some weird romanticization of Paris, and you’ve got yourself a meme — a real meme.

The animation is still bad.

— The baddie introduces himself as Enlil, ruler of utopia, king of gods, blah blah blah. It’s not like Jeanne even cares. She just wants Montmorency back.

— Meanwhile, we see Philip wake up back in the real world. When she isn’t wearing that ghastly helmet, she instantly morphs back into being a loli. It’s magic!

— For now, she still acts as though she’s going to defeat Enlil. Y’know, use Jeanne as a decoy, then kill the god for good. But I doubt that’ll come to pass. Both girls love Montmorency too much. Why? Beats me. Well, I guess Jeanne kinda has a good reason. He saved her life, they’ve been traveling together, they’re partners in crime, yadda yadda yadda. As for the rest of the girls, I have no clue what they see in the guy. Hell, he pretty much abandoned them for years and years before showing back up with a new waifu in tow.

— It’s hilarious: as soon as she puts the helmet on, her ass literally enlarges in front of our very eyes:

Let’s not forget her boobs either:

— Back with Jeanne and La Hire, the former tells the latter that they can’t stay as Ulysses for much longer. But then again, we were told in last week’s episode that the rules don’t matter, and you can’t just become a Ulysses again for no good reason.

— Even La Hire is telling Jeanne to finish Enlil off by destroying Montmorency’s head. Does nobody believe in love anymore?!

— Watching La Hire jump into action does kinda remind me that both Richemont and Charlotte kinda got the shaft. I thought that they would be important characters, but they’ve pretty much been sidelined.

— Neither Jeanne nor La Hire are a match for Enlil. With them pretty much defeated, the evil god spawns a bunch of… something. Don’t ask me. Blame the animation.

— The animation is so bad that it looks like this thing is trying to hump a fort. I only wish I could make gifs. Too lazy for that, though.

Yup, that’s what you should be worrying about.

— Enlil then rants about how he’ll wipe out humanity and create a whole new race of complete thralls. We’re so far removed from the Hundred Years War. So, so far. This is like playing one of those strategy RPGs that starts out with a thrilling political tale full of deceit and intrigue, but then all of a sudden, the final act turns into yet another generic “save-the-world,” man vs god story. Looking at you, Final Fantasy Tactics. What’s worse is that we didn’t even get the political part with Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi!

Astaroth has good intentions, but she’s just wasting her energy. Yeah, sure, the evil god will pass up on wiping out humanity just to toy with her instead. Makes sense. Like c’mon, he’s an evil god. Surely, an evil god can multitask. Surely, he can torture her and wipe out humanity.

— Oh yeah, there are spaceships orbiting Earth. How could I forget? I didn’t know Trigger produced this show!

— All of a sudden, Noire (which is just Philip in case you’ve forgotten) restrains the evil god and tells Glasdale to fire his shot. It’s that easy!

— But Jeanne won’t let Montmorency die! Y’see, Philip loves Montmorency, so she’ll avenge him. But Jeanne loves Montmorency more, so she’ll believe in him! This does, however, screw Noire over.

— Afterwards, even Noire has to admit that Jeanne is top waifu, so she sacrifices herself to protect the girl. But we already know that her helmet means she’s practically immortal, so this isn’t really all that tragic.

— So how do you deal with an evil god possessing your boyfriend? Just kiss him, duh.

— So we do the cliche thing and delve into Montmorency’s memories. But now the tables have been turned! He’s the shota, and she’s the predator!

— I have no idea why Jeanne thought a younger Montmorency would recognize her.

— As for these flashbacks, they’re not really all that effective. We pretty much learn why Montmorency threw himself into alchemy, but I mean… we kinda already knew why. This just feels redundant.

— Jeanne finally manages to find the Montmorency that she knows and loves, but he shows her what he has seen. He shows her how she’ll end up dying. He tells her that this fate is completely unavoidable… but they’ll be fine if they stay here in this false paradise. So which is it?

— Nevertheless, Jeanne tells Montmorency that she’s totally okay with being vilified, because she can’t give up on the real world. She tells him that they’ll forge a better world together — a world in which the weak can survive along with the strong — and that way, her legacy will allow them to be together forever. Sure, that sounds nice on paper. But it’s hard for me to see it as much of an improvement if the masses end up killing their savior anyways. She says she’ll live on in people’s smiles, but at the same time, her reputation will be so tarnished that everyone sees her as a witch? It doesn’t make sense.

— But whatever, none of this is really all that important. After all, next week’s episode will be the last, so we won’t even have to deal with this bad end that Montmorency keeps talking about. I’m more than positive that this adaptation will end on a good note.

— Last but not least, Jeanne successfully convinces Montmorency not to give up on the world, so back in the real world, she literally manages to extract him from Enlil. I thought the evil god needed a host body, but now they’re two separate entities. Montmorency even tells Enlil to get out of his body. Sigh.

— The main couple then repels an attack while Enlil screams “BAKANA!!!” over and over. And with that, the episode comes to an end. I have no idea how you come back from this and refocus your energy on the Hundred Years War. But again, I guess we won’t have to worry about that. This adaptation will end next week, and I doubt it’ll get a sequel. There’s obviously no way in hell I would waste my time reading the light novels (even if they were translated).

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    By any chance, does anyone know where the translated novels of this anime can be read? I want to see if the story unfolds differently.


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