That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 17: Do you like diplomacy?

If yes, then boy, do I have an episode for you! Personally, I don’t feel as though there is really all that much commentary to offer with regards to this week’s episode, but I’ll try and give it a shot.

— Like the dwarves, the humans wanna see if Rimuru is an ally or a foe. As a result, Fuze undergoes a mission to meet the slime ruler himself. This also means that these three dorks are back.

— Meanwhile, Vesta’s research proves to be fruitful. Unfortunately, the full potions are apparently too effective to go onto the market, so they end up deciding to dilute them into low potions instead. What’s important here is that Tempest now has an established trade with Dwargon.

— All of a sudden, a huge explosion goes off back in town, which can only mean one thing: Milim is up to no good… kinda.

— I actually don’t think that the demon lord did anything bad. Under the orders of Carrion, yet another demon lord, troublemakers came to Tempest and immediately attacked Rigurd. All Milim did was teach the ringleader a lesson. Nevertheless, slime boi doesn’t approve of her actions. I know he’s thinking about the big picture, so he doesn’t want to stir up any unnecessary bad blood between his new, fledgling nation and all the various factions that surround him. Nevertheless, when someone does this to one of your own, you can’t let it slide.

— What follows is the usual: people don’t take Rimuru seriously, because he’s just a “lowly” slime, blah blah blah. Slime boi eventually dismisses his visitors, telling them that Carrion should contact him directly. Afterwards, Rimuru pumps Milim for info on the other demon lords. Basically, it just sounds like they’re bored assholes wanting to create trouble for trouble’s sake.

— Milim claims that she’s besties with slime boi, but she’s rather subservient to him when push comes to shove, huh?

— Afterwards, we meet yet another new face: Youm. He and his gang are here to investigate the Orc Lord, and along the way, they bump into Fuze and his three idiot adventurers. They are about to face off against a knight spider when Gobta shows up and defeats the giant monster singlehandedly. Basically, anyone who is important in Tempest is super strong. Even Gobta could be a hero now in his own right. We should do a spinoff series.

This seems more like a crab than a spider…

— So now that the humans are here, it’s time for more diplomatic discussions.

— Again, people take Rimuru lightly because he is a slime. But thanks to that full potion nonsense from earlier, the established trade with Dwargon is now paying dividends for our slime boi. He can show that his nation full of monsters isn’t a threat to the humans, because look, they already have friendly relations with the dwarves.

— But slime boi goes even further than that. Since most people still don’t know how the orc lord was defeated, he wants Youm to take most of the credit. Rimuru simply helped. This way, everyone will think that slime boi is friendly, but also not too powerful that they have to fear him. I guess that’s sorta clever. For a second, however, I thought that maybe Youm wouldn’t accept the proposal. After all, if you’re a man of a certain character, you might not want to take credit for something that you didn’t do. I know that personally I would feel uneasy with that.

— But after spending some time in Tempest and getting to know its people, Youm tells Rimuru that not only will he take the job, he’ll even now serve slime boi and refer to the guy as master. Christ, when this is all said and done, who won’t end up bending the knee to Rimuru?

— Finally, the episode ends with Clayman plotting yet another evil plan. Not only do we meet another dumb-looking jester character, apparently some super strong monster is about to revive and thus stir up trouble. Shrug.

— The pacing was pretty swift in this week’s episode, so it wasn’t boring like previous ones. I do get the feeling, however, that a lot of details might have been cut out. Nothing too important, hopefully.

3 thoughts on “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 17: Do you like diplomacy?

  1. Elior Levi

    about the end of your review few things were indeed cut but not lot compared to the previous 2 episode but nothing very important that will ruin the progress of the show

  2. il-Palazzo

    Everyone keeps saying that slimes are weak, but we never see actual weak slimes, did we?

    Maybe it would sound a lot less dumb if the forest is littered with regular, weak slimes that can be easily defeated by the three dorks or unenhanced goblins.


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