Mob Psycho 100 S2 Ep. 4: Trapped

Mob enters a girl’s body in order to try and expel the evil spirit possessing her. What he doesn’t realize, however, is that he has stumbled into a trap. Luckily (or perhaps unluckily depending on your perspective), Mogami Keiji has taken an interest in our boy hero. After all, he used to be the world’s top psychic, so he can see the potential lying dormant in Mob. He can see how the kid can only unleash his true powers when his emotions max out. Game recognize game. So what are Keiji’s intentions? Well, up until now, Mob has been able to rely on his powers in order to make his life a little easier for himself. But this means he can’t fully tap into his negative feelings, which is where true power can be found… or so Keiji claims. He’s trying to Sith Lord this joint up something hardcore, but I find his claims dubious. Sure, when you give into your negative emotions and lash out at the world, it can feel liberating. But like with the Force, the path that Keiji is trying to force upon Mob is simply quicker, easier, and more seductive. Not all accomplishments are born from negativity. Throughout history, a lot of good has been done when people pull together and utilize their feelings of compassion and love for their fellow man.

Having said that, I don’t think Keiji is lying to Mob. He’s just vastly mistaken. His views are just warped by his own life experiences (i.e. he had to become a killer in order to try and save his mother). Nevertheless, you can already tell what the evil spirit is trying to do next. All of a sudden, we see Mob wake up in his own room and go to school as if he’s back to his normal life. Keiji’s disembodied voice soon informs us, however, that he’s going to let the kid live out his normal life except without his powers. From the screenshot up top, it’s obvious that Keiji intends to break Mob’s spirit. He wants to let resentment seep into the kid’s very core. Like Emperor Palpatine, he will attempt to lure Mob to the dark side, and in doing so, our hero will see things from his perspective. So of course, I have to assume that none of this is real. It wouldn’t make sense. How would Mob have ended up back in his room? Why would Dimple not be there to explain how everything unfolded? So instead, I gotta assume that our hero is still trapped within the girl’s body, and he has fallen pray to Keiji’s tricks. As to what happens next, your guess is as good as mine… unless, of course, you’ve read the manga. If that’s the case, please be courteous and don’t spoil anything. Even hyping up what’s to come is too much.

Stray observations:

— When Arataka stumbles upon a room full of psychics in silly costumes, he immediately calls them “shady-looking people.” That’s amusing, ’cause you could argue that he’s the shadiest of them all. At least they have powers. He’s taking advantage of a little kid. Poor Mob has never even received a bonus.

— What I didn’t really understand was how Keiji is this super powerful evil spirit, but simply strapping the girl to the bed was all her father had to do to get a hold of the situation? If he is that strong, why does he need to trick one of the psychics into freeing him? He couldn’t use his powers to undo his own restraints? Am I missing something? Or was Keiji just playing along so that he could meet a powerful psychic?

— Not only does the shadiest dude somehow manage to be the best at rock-paper-scissors, he beats out a room full of psychics. Imagine if Arataka put this much effort in the rest of his life.

— But to be fair, he was the only one who realized that the girl was actually being possessed. Maybe they’re a bunch of softies at heart, but these so-called psychics easily fell for Keiji’s cheap routine. And of course, Arataka still has the power of common sense on his side.

Well, just because you’re a psychic doesn’t mean you are actually good at your job.

— Somehow, this was the funniest joke out of the entire episode for me.

— I’m going to be so mad if the girl’s father somehow manages to survive being impaled through the chest. Look at the gaping hole in his torso! Look at that! You can’t survive that!

— In order the save the girl, Mob concludes that he would have to get rid of the spirit from inside the girl’s body. But a human can’t possess a human. As a result, the kid will have to induce an out-of-body experience. This is a trick that he picked up in the second episode. Stalkers might be creepo, but they sure have a lot to teach us!

— So while Mob is in spirit form, he wants Dimple to possess his body and keep it protected. Arataka doesn’t think that this is such a wise idea, but the kid tells his master that he trusts Dimple. Look at the spirit’s disappointed face. “Aw shucks, the kid believes in me. Man, now I gotta live up to his expectations.”

— Keiji was able to fool Mob into thinking that he had won. Even though they’re both spirits currently inhabiting a girl’s body, Keiji looked as if he was all bloodied and maimed. It’s gotta be a visual trick, and this is another reason why the kid mus still trapped in the girl’s body.

— On the plus side, it is nice to finally get an arc. Y’know, a story that won’t resolve itself in a single episode.

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