That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 18: Taking it easy

Just another setup episode. 

— Deep in the forest, Phobio can’t let go of the fact that he was humiliated by Milim and has to return to his Demon Lord empty-handed. He even admits that he handled the ensuing talks with Rimuru all wrong. So, uh, the slime is a friendly enough “dude.” Why not just go back and establish those friendly relations that you want so badly? You and your stupid buddies even agree that this is what you should’ve done to begin with.

— But of course, cooler heads can’t prevail. Instead, Phobio insists on getting his stupid revenge. This guy is as dumb as rocks, I tell ya.

— As a result, he falls prey to one of those dumb-looking jesters.

— This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!

— The two Pierrots claim that they can help Phobio by turning him into a Demon Lord. That’s pretty much this anime in a nutshell. Everyone gets to be a demon lord! That blade of grass over there? Also a demon lord candidate!

— Our idiot “Beastketeer” is spurred on by the fact that they never should’ve gone with an Orc Lord to begin with. They should’ve picked him! Yeah, him! Sorry, but I just don’t know why you would trust what two clowns have to say. Never met you before. Can’t even see your face! But say what? You think you can help me subdue this super terrible beast? Sure thing!

— So yeah, the idea here is that Phobio will take on Charybdis’s powers all just to get his revenge on Milim, who was just getting revenge on him for nearly killing Rigurd. These beings are super powerful, but again, they’re super dumb.

— Speaking of Milim, she’s having a breath-holding contest with the other two girls. Life has never been better for her.

— Meanwhile, Rimuru has a conversation with Fuze. Nothing too important here. The slime wants to create a road that connects his country to Blumund. Fuze has already help spread the word that Youm is a champion. Yawn. This is a real page-turner.

— So we’re back to Phobio and his dumb ass. He’s finally informed that he’ll need to take Charybdis into his body. He can still back out, but Tear, the female clown, goes on and on about how Charybdis will be uncontrollable if the seal breaks on its own. Durr, I guess I’ll just believe whatever you say.

— Back in slime town, one of the dryads show up to deliver the bad news. It’s funny ’cause I’ve always known Charybdis as a sea monster. But for some reason, it is a flying monster in this series. They should’ve just used the name of a mythical sky creature instead.

— What ensues is a silly exposition about the impending threat itself. Apparently, it is born from Veldora. Much like Shizue, I thought Veldora would have a much bigger presence in this story. Well, they’ve both pretty much disappeared into slime boi.

— Milim isn’t all that concerned. In fact, she wants to take this opportunity to do something nice for Rimuru and take care of Charybdis on her own. Apparently, she always has her old outfit on. She just needs to rip off her current outfit in one motion. It must be a magical demon lord thing that us normies can never hope to understand.

— But then both Shion and Shuna both chime in and insist that Charybdis is Tempest’s problem, and as such, Rimuru doesn’t need Milim’s help. On the inside, slime boi wants Milim’s help, but he ultimately agrees with them. Uh, okay. I don’t see what the big deal is. If she wants to help, then let her help. Whatever. If only they knew that this whole situation is kinda her fault.

— Oh no, here comes Charybdis! Kinda looks like a giant penis with wings from the distance.

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