Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Ep. 7: The wiener conundrum

The show is already low on both character and plot developments to begin with, but I get almost nothing this week.

First Short Story

That dude is back for more relationship advice, and despite being completely inexperienced with the matters of the heart, Miyuki is all too happy to obliged. Even Kaguya is back in her original position. Anyways, there’s nothing wrong with being a virgin (especially when you’re still a kid), but it is pretty foolish to talk authoritatively about love when you don’t even have the guts to confess to the girl you like. Oh well. So what’s the problem now? Well, the dude that needs advice has been dating his girlfriend for a month, but they still haven’t held hands. That’s it. No, really. And to nobody’s surprise, Miyuki’s advice is too impractical. The student council president is literally telling someone to rent out a boat just to hold a girl’s hand. Can’t afford a boat? Get a job! Have sweaty hands? Get a job… for surgery? It turns out Miyuki’s just desperate to recruit someone to work with him.

The simple truth is that holding hands with a partner is not all that glamorous. If you’re walking together, you could come right out and ask them if the two of you could hold hands. Hell, if you’re bold enough, you could just grab their hand with confidence. The disappointing truth is that you’re probably not even going to remember any of this in a few weeks or months. C’mon, who the hell remembers the first time they held hands with their SO? But that’s not romantic enough to tickle our youthful fancies. We’re always daydreaming about the perfect moment. We always want it to seem magical. Even a chance encounter has to be fate. So y’know, you draw up fanciful scenarios like renting a boat, taking her out on the lake, watching the sunset together, then finally reaching out to hold her hands. We want it to be so grand that it becomes imprinted in our memories forever. We want to remember the first time we held our SO’s hand even though nobody ever really does. Still, these fantasies are pretty normal. What’s not normal is being crazy enough to try and carry them out. I guess Miyuki is just the type of person to do that. He’s got the drive and gumption to achieve 99% of what he wants. Too bad he’s got other (mental) hurdles preventing him from just swallowing his pride and confessing to Kaguya.

To make a long story short, Chika eventually shows up and gives everyone a much needed dose of common sense. As a result, the kid manages to achieve the impossible as far as anime is concerned: hold hands with his girlfriend. I guess if we want any sort of progress, don’t look at the main couple. Look instead to the side characters.

Second Short Story

Miyuki wants Yu to help him manage the budget for all the clubs at the school, so we end up learning that the latter is kinda bitter. First, this is one bougie-ass school… but we probably already knew that. Second, Yu is mad at all the popular jocks for just having girlfriends, but being too busy to go out with their girlfriends. But I mean, that’s why they have girlfriends, right? Most girls don’t want you to devote all your time and energy to them. That’s kinda pathetic. Plus, it’s probably a safe bet that these guys are attractive because they are passionate and dedicated to whatever sport they happen to be playing. This is Yu’s fundamental misunderstanding: it’s fine if nothing is more important to you than your girlfriend, but that doesn’t entail that nothing but your girlfriend should be important to you. So in the end, it’s apparent that the only person who is holding Yu back is, well, himself… but again, we probably already knew that, huh?

In the middle of their conversation, Yu somehow segues into a topic about Kaguya and Chika’s breasts. Needless to say, this is not a smart move.

Third Short Story

Kaguya used to be cold and standoffish with everyone (even the president!), but now she’s comfortable enough to smile around Chika. As a result, the latter wants to try and make her friend roar with laughter. It turns out that Kaguya is currently in that phase where just the mere mention of the word “wiener” is enough to make her laugh. Do all kids go through that phase? Hm, I dunno. I can’t remember if I ever did. Oh well. Kaguya does her best to hold back her laughter, but Chika eventually realizes her friend’s weakness. This leads to her she torturing Kaguya with a bombardment of wieners. Just a verbal bombardment, thankfully. When Miyuki eventually shows up, he gets roped into the girls’ weird game, and to nobody’s surprise, he completely misunderstands the situation. And that’s it.

So yeah, we don’t even get 5 μm of progress this week. Just three silly stories. After seven episodes, I don’t think I underestimated this show at all. It’s exactly what I expected it to be. Funny, huh?

5 thoughts on “Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Ep. 7: The wiener conundrum

  1. ndqanhvn

    If I were the main guy, I would prefer Chika. She seemed to be a nice and fun person to be around. And she has some common sense too. But I guess it is the matter of taste.

    1. Sean Post author

      Well, I just can’t imagine myself with someone like Kaguya to begin with. That level of affluence seems so unnecessary.

      1. ndqanhvn

        I think they want to use that to excuse her (even more unbelievable) innocence about anything wordly and sexual. Like, a princess in an ivory castle. That is my main problem with Kaguya. I just could not see her as a real person. I could easily imagine somebody like Chika (and actually know some girls sharing some similarity with her.) But Kaguya? She seemed to be nothing but the concept of the ideal girlfriend to…somebody, I guess.

        1. Sean Post author

          I think it’s hard to really judge these characters’ realness, since this is a romcom with very little character or plot development. We don’t really get to know them. For instance, they never go through any hardships, which is when people really show you who they are as a person. The episodic format keeps the audience at arm’s length. I just feel that my engagement with these characters is very shallow. It’s not a bad show, and its execution is decent. It just has a very low ceiling as a result of its storytelling.

          Nevertheless, I just can’t stomach the idea of dating someone who has butlers and maids.

  2. Dewbond

    I was going to drop this series because I didn’t care for the episodic nature.

    Then I got over myself and realized that is what makes this show fucking amazing and now I can’t get enough.


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