Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Ep. 7: Sidetracked

When a series gets this many episodes, you know what that means! Yay, inane side stories!

— First up, Naofumi finds himself needing to clean up Spear Dick’s mess. His totally trustworthy trader friend informs of a village down south that is in desperate need of herbicide. The place has been overrun by vines.

This is what you get for going outside. NEETs win again.

— By now, we should be pretty used to Naofumi’s shtick. Rawr, being falsely accused of rape means I no longer have a heart! If you want help, pay me!!! The end result is the same: the hero completes and a quest and gets his reward. The only difference here is that our Shield Hero can pretend that he’s different.

— Anyways, the village elder reveals that Spear Dick had recently been through the area. That empty chest that we saw in last week’s episode? It had apparently contained a dangerous seed mutated by alchemy. Nevertheless, Spear Dick irresponsibly brought it back to the village, claimed that it would solve all their famine-related woes, then rode off into the sunset with Malty.

— Naofumi proceeds to get snarky with them. God forbid these generic JRPG villagers put their trust in the prophesied heroes of legend. Not me, though! I trust nobody! Why? ‘Cause I was accused of rape! Get woke, people.

— Plants with eyes, teeth and tentacles? Gosh, I know where this is going.

Exactly! What…? What did you have in mind instead?

— Anyways, at Naofumi’s command, the girls try to use the herbicide directly on the overgrown plants. Unfortunately, one of its mutations is extremely fast regeneration. Plus, teamwork between the our two “sisters” is not too hot at the moment.

— Here’s a thought: don’t wear a skirt into battle.

— In the end, however, our hero comes up with an ace plan, so the evil tree is subdued. Yay…

— This was probably the only funny moment in the entire episode for me:

— In the aftermath, our hero tweaks the seeds so that it would no longer grow out of control. Not only that, the new plant will bear enough fruit to feed the entire village… presumably. I mean, you can’t live on just apples, but since this is a made-up fantasy world, just pretend that the villagers are now saved.

— But of course, our virtuous protagonist requires recompense for his efforts…

— In a twisted sort of way, you could make a case that Spear Dick and Shield Hero are a good team. Spear Dick found the seed and handed it over to the village. Shield Hero then proceeded to iterate on the seed using magical gene editing powers. Spear Dick can’t do that. At the same time, if Naofumi had found the seed first, do you think he would’ve bothered to hand it over to the village? Probably not. Spear Dick has good intentions. He’s just terribly, terribly misguided.

— Naofumi returns to his trader friend, and gets a job to deliver some goods to a hot springs town. Our hero is surprised that such a thing would exist in this world, but again, what generic JRPG is complete without a hot springs town? Ask the Tales team all about it. What isekai/harem anime is complete without a hot springs episode?

— The focus now shifts over to the girls. More specifically, their efforts to try and have more than a father-daughter relationship with Naofumi. And oh yeah, no sharing. That’s how you get rabies and bird flu.

— Needless to say, sex education is woeful in this world.

— Every time Raphtalia tries to bond with Naofumi, she finds him doting on Filo instead. From a parent’s perspective, Filo is the younger child, so of course, it makes sense to pay more attention to the chicken loli. Raccoon girl is all grown up, so she should be able to fend for herself. Y’know, if wholesome father-daughter relationships are what you’re after. But that’s not the case.

— Unfortunately, both girls want to screw their dad. Yeah, even Filo.

— So they set off on a quest to find a gift that would impress Naofumi. Raphtalia thinks that he would like a rare gem, because he’s into crafting and all that jazz. Meanwhile, Filo wants to fetch him rare eggs for… what? An omelette?

— Through their trials and tribulations, the girls end up having to put aside their differences. Yay, now they can seduce Naofumi together!

— In the end, Raphtalia and Filo don’t manage to get those rare items that they were looking for, but if you’re resourceful, then you should know how to pivot!

— So by slaying an important pig, the girls acquire enough money to buy Naofumi an expensive crafting tool. At first, I thought that the girls might have gotten in trouble because maybe the pig is sacred to this town or something, but I guess not. All’s well that ends we–…

…a grown man wrote this. A grown man put pen to paper, and with his wild imagination, came up with a story in which his raccoon and chicken daughters desperately wants his dick.

11 thoughts on “Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Ep. 7: Sidetracked

  1. lensman (@l3nsman)

    I had a problem viewing this episode, mainly because I was checking every five minutes to see if the FBI was arriving to knock down my door. So much for “not lewding the chicken/racoon loli”. Also Raphtalia is chronologically ten and Filo is practically still under a month old…

    …Oh, god, we’re all going to jail aren’t we?

    To the manga’s credit the inane onsen subplot was completely omitted and it had a scene Naofumi outright states to Raphtalia that even though her body matures quicker due to leveling up, she is still technically a ten year old, and that she shouldn’t pursue him in a romantic way.

    Really didn’t know why they chose to go this way about adapting things.

    1. Sean Post author

      I had a problem viewing this episode, mainly because I was checking every five minutes to see if the FBI was arriving to knock down my door.

      We’ve seen worse. For me, this episode was just boring.

  2. shionkenobi

    And people keep overpraising this generic isekai, and getting passive-agressive over those ones who point out how gross a slave-daughter-jailbait-harem setting is…anime community was a mistake.
    Notice how most of the “EEEEEDGEEEE” of this series ended mostly by episode 4. Now, is just the protag gathering moar lolis who age fast, and getting into sidequests typical of any MMORPG setting. Literally the only differencial is how the author tries (and fails) to make Naofumi looks jaded cuz false-rape accusation trauma (and all he manages to create some sort of tsundere-heroism).

  3. Dewbond

    I kinda really dug this episode, those calm moments before the plot kicks in again. Maybe it’s the great OST or that endearing characters. These slow episodes really help a series like this, but that’s just my view.

    Six episodes in, you are either on the bus or you aren’t when it comes to the show’s premise. It doesn’t forgive the sloppiness of the first episode, but this has been a gem in an overall lousy season.

      1. Dewbond

        *shrugs* I think it’s a good show that so far has been above average for a genre that is apparently very content to just jog in place.

        I get that someone people don’t like it, that’s cool, but I find the cast and the dynamics quite interesting so far. Will that hold for the whole series, or will it start to fall apart like Slime has? Don’t know yet so we’ll have to see.

  4. Narrator 1 (@Narrator1)

    Naphtalia’s and Filo’s little quest reminded me of that stupid Final Fantasy XV quest wherein the party had to fetch ingredients so that one of them could make the perfect cup ramen. Frustratingly enough, this was one of the handful of quests in that game that had actual choice and agency; you could either fight high-level monsters for their meat or infiltrate a treacherous mountain pass dungeon to steal the egg of a bird about ten times your size.


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